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  1. This is such a fun song to listen to, I love it. Just when I lost hope we'd hear it anytime soon... boom.
  2. Melody of the 14s clip kind of reminds me of course of Duff's 'Cold Outside'.
  3. World Of Warcraft Classic

    I was planning to, but WoW is just soo time consimung I decided against it.
  4. I really like it, although the previous, 20s leak was a pretty much accurate 'summary' od the whole song.
  5. This is really depressing to read. Not just in GNR context, in general. I have no opinion, but I hope you're wrong.
  6. Ticket gone, BTW thank you Admin/Moderator (or whoever it was) for changing the topic name, I think it helped This board is amazing.
  7. Umm no? I just bought 2 tickets and lost my partner in crime, any other questions?
  8. I know it's probably late, but I have an extra ticket for Duff's show in Warsaw on Thursday (also free) if anyone's interested.
  9. Songs about GNR

    w00t? Like "who's to blame" for GNR breakup? I always thought it was like "who's to blame" for my killing myself with booze. Well, like I said, music is subject for interpretation.
  10. Ask Staff Anything!

    I already mustered the strength to upload it to YT, but thanks, will be useful next time
  11. Songs about GNR

    We'll never know what a certain song is really about, unless the author points it out specifically, which rearly happens. Music is generally up for interpretation. For me, Duff's "Who's to blame" sounds like something that might be about "the band", not any individual member in particular, but it might just as well be about something else entirely (like fame for example).