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  1. Songs about GNR

    w00t? Like "who's to blame" for GNR breakup? I always thought it was like "who's to blame" for my killing myself with booze. Well, like I said, music is subject for interpretation.
  2. Ask Staff Anything!

    I already mustered the strength to upload it to YT, but thanks, will be useful next time
  3. Songs about GNR

    We'll never know what a certain song is really about, unless the author points it out specifically, which rearly happens. Music is generally up for interpretation. For me, Duff's "Who's to blame" sounds like something that might be about "the band", not any individual member in particular, but it might just as well be about something else entirely (like fame for example).
  4. Inspired by this topic I though it would be cool if we could, collectivelly, put together a list of GNR references in general pop culture over the years, mainly movies and TV shows. From the top of my head, only Californication comes to mind, where there's a GNR reference every 5 minutes (well, not really, but there's at least several).
  5. Duff calls Howard Stern, 1991

    Ahh, I'd love to hear that. Hopefully it'll re-surface one day.
  6. Something I've dug out from my HD, not sure if it was posted before, Duff calls Stern, drunk out of his mind (so, regular Duff). It's funny to listen to. Basically he just talks some nonsense and then his date joins in. This was during mixing UYI albums. Also the recording kinda stops before the call finishes, so if someone has a full version, please share Also, I didn't know where to post this.
  7. Man, it must be exhausting answering the same questions for XX years. Almost at exhausting as listening to / reading Duff in the past couple of years, it's like he says the same thing every time, just using different words. I think he does too much publicity. Also, the family angle got so boring so long ago. That's savage
  8. Ask Staff Anything!

    Can I post a direct link (like wetransfer link) to share an old interview (Duff calling Howard Stern in 91)? I don't really feel (nor I think I'd manage to :D) like uploading anything to YT.

    This thread deserves to live The "I'm still trying to figure out my style" Duff This is easily my fav gif I know it's all of them, but I don't see those too often
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    First post, so I have no idea where to post it - but I'm a woman, so this seems suitable I've only watched a handful of UYI tour shots (full concerts), the ones I could get my hands on easily. Noticed that during band introductions Axl goes something like Gilby/Duff/Dizzy/Matt - and then there's a drum solo - did he introduce Slash at that time? I remember watching some (earlier? not sure) stuff where there's separate "half man, half beast" introduction, then guitar solo, but none of that in the stuff I've seen recently (except ocassional vid from usenet I'm watching them on YT, so they might be incomplete)