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  1. "It's January 10th, as far as I know, nothing has changed regarding 2020.Not sure why some seem disheartened after seeing a social media update not meaning what they thought it meant.Instead of focusing on that, remember that, as of now, the upcoming tours aren't labeled as Not In This Lifetime. That surely must mean something?"
  2. Of course 2004 and 2005 were better.
  3. Still doesnt make it a good opener. The first song of a cd has to either be an intro or to kick ass.
  4. The T.V. Show Thread

    Epic show
  5. You fucked it all up with the first song already. How can Madagascar be an opener?
  6. You serious? He didn't call all polish people that but the scum who was on the street.
  7. Don't need your religion, don't watch that much TV
  8. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Yes two stadium runs but with different cities. That's very obvious. Just like they did in Europe. I don't get the need to belittle the band all the time.
  9. Some people think they know the whole story and are quick to blame the ones they don't like anyway
  10. Cool interview. Love Duff. The interviewer dodged away from the album question but that's cool. I guess we'll hear about that soon enough
  11. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    There won't be concerts in stadiums during the NFL season
  12. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Dude, when they tour in the winter, they're not gonna play stadiums, since its pretty cold then. So they go to arenas. Every band does that.