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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    I just don't think a surprise release is the way to go. I think they could hook a lot more customers building up some hype.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    I want this to happen too. But isn't Eminem's fanbase way bigger these days (edit: than GNRs)? I feel like people eat up everything he makes because he's still "relevant" in modern day's mainstream music.
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    My theory is that Axl is diffident (am I using this word correctly?) towards releasing new music. I have seen ChiDem used as a meme for something not living up to expectations more than once. I'd say expectations were way higher towards new Guns music in the 00s than now though, among the more mainstream rock fans. But he might be thinking something along the lines of "why go through a potential flop" or something. I just hope all of you get what you deserve - some new fucking music!!!
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    Laughed when I read this back in October: "[...] the Guns fan community is one step removed from Trekkies in terms of obsessiveness." We're all a bunch of loonatics.
  5. "It's fudging easy" and "Double talkin' jive, get the money, motherfudger"
  6. I'm actually writing a master thesis right now about the presentation of nature and environment in fantasy literature
  7. WOW! I'm so fucking excited for this album!!! Hansi is one of my all-time favorite metal singers. He is just incredible! And Demons & Wizards is a great project.
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    Are you saying GN'R should attach their material to a rocket and launch it into space?
  9. Proshots

    fanfzero made this guide of the best versions, but download links aren't allowed now, sadly. Also, you could check out FRANSAD's work - he has done an amazing job for fellow fans.
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    My theory is that they've recorded a single, but now they're planning on making a music video. The single and the video is a direct follow-up to Estranged and it starts with 90s Axl jumping into a time machine, heading for the future, but for some reason he ages and becomes current Axl, but he's in a sci-fi future were we see him flying around on robot dolphins. Also Duff is in a flying car and Slash is playing a solo on Mars.
  11. Seriously, these captions are so f'n embarrassing. Dafuq are they trying to prove? The whole "most dangerous band in the world" might've been "cool" in the 80s, but these posts are like a parody. And could we get some interesting off-stage photos, please?
  12. 06/17/20 - Warsaw, PL - PGE Narodowy

    The people I’ve spoken with says the sound is really bad in the stands, but ok in the GA.
  13. Wonder if we’d see new headlines regarding this one😂
  14. Yeah, I hear ya. In regards to objectivity in this topic though, I wanted a good mix of objecitvity and subjectivity. I'll handle the losses if it sells badly.
  15. Asking a fans opinion is a +1 for you. That is something GN'R would never do.