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  1. DJ Ashba dislikes this

    "Awesome thread, and I'm not even talking about the title! Great humour, really, so fresh, so new! Can I now go fuck my wife while you're at McDonald'$ asking" 'Would you like some fries with it?' ?"
  2. limited edition Duff

    That's your opinion, maybe three songs to save for me, not enough to qualify it as a good record. So yeah, I'm right.
  3. limited edition Duff

    Where's the mega limited specially already remastered edition priced 1000$? And the 1000$ discount on the aforementionened edition for having bought his funny but frankly atrocious Believe in me?
  4. French rap/NTM

    1er avril. Dommage, cela aurait pu être rigolo....enfin un instant, parce que je hais le rap-hip hop-"modern" R n' B-...
  5. Sons of Apollo Live Album Coming, 08/2019

    Billy Sheehan Bass Solo Derek Sherinian Keyboard Solo Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Like Bumblefoot a lot and Portnoy rules (when he's well recorded/mixed) but it's not my shit, I'll give it a listen though (CD 2 could be fun).
  6. Bumblefoot. Matt. Brain. Buckethead. Richard Fortus even though he should have stayed in the once promising Dead daisies (well...$). DJ Ashba (I adore his solo in Beautiful creatures' song Ride, one of the best since like 1999, along with the Kennedy/Tremonti one in Blackbird and...). Izzy: he would be on top if he still gave a shit about his music (or music in general, who knows). As of 2019, I don't care anymore about anybody else (the best frontman from 85 to 92-93, the guy who hasn't put a good thing out since It's five o'clock somewhere and the dude who...whatever Mr bass player). P. S. : Dizzy, never put a solo cr... album out, never again. And yes, I'm the dumbass who bought a copy last year. P.S.: F U Del James, you leech (yeah I know he's not a member...) P.S.: Frank you szuck ass. But you seem to be a Nice guy. But you fuckin' suck.
  7. I've never thought One in a million as a racist/homophobic song. The same goes for Stone temple pilots' Sex type thing or any Bon Scott AC/DC song: never considered them sexist or whatever. But Duff Doing an #metoo song reminds me why I can't stand those guys anymore.