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  1. Slash & Izzy are GnR. That’s it, that’s my ranking. The end.
  2. Guns N‘ Roses are the most underrated band in their own forum.
  3. It depends on the larger question at hand. Are GnR underrated in terms of what? Do people consider them a great rock band? Yes. Do people consider them amongst the greatest rock bands? I believe so. Do people consider them great artist in general? Perhaps. Finally, are they considered the greatest rock band? I don’t believe most people would consider them that. Now, personally, I would consider them underrated because they are the greatest rock band. I would go as far as to proclaim them the greatest artist in rock music. I’m not of the variety to cling on the, “they could’ve been…” or “they only made a couple of records,” because what they made is great. Quality trumps quantity, always. I will gladly take AFD, Lies, and the Illusions albums over any Stones record. This idea that GnR only had so many records is always brought up meanwhile acts such as Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Cream, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin, etc., never get called out on it. Yet, these artists have less work than GnR, if not, they’re in the same ballpark. The way I see it is the bands and artist most critics consider “the greatest…” tends to be discussed from a certain time frame. Take the Rolling Stones, the discussion around them tends to focus on ’64 to ’72 (and even that is a stretch, but for the sake of my argument I’ll go with it). Now consider that they released a good amount of albums in the 70s and became irrelevant in the 80s. What does that say about the proclaimed greatest rock band of all time? Same with Zeppelin, which by many was uncool in the 80s. Point being you only discuss great artist when they’re great and that tends to be a handful of albums at most. Some have more, yet when it’s truly great they are in the discussion the none the less.