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  1. STONED in L.A. Anniversary

    I knew making this post was a bad idea ..... Now I can't access that video ....
  2. It's pointless to even entertain AFD5 when the PERFECT opportunity came & has now passed ... If it did happen, sadly it wouldn't even matter because Axl has completely checked out ... Izzy & Adler wont change a single thing except make the '87 for lifers happy .. For their sake & for the fans sake they should leave that mythic lineup where in belongs ... In the far far past
  3. I don't believe AFD5 will ever reunite .. & The fact that they've dropped Adler & Izzy's skulls & have added the rest of the band is telling ..
  4. NITL is over, finito?

    2018 is when I consider NITL to be over .. This year & anything in the future I will consider "NITL 2: The Quest For More Money"
  5. Slash’s Playing is SIC Right now

    He just sounds very automated to me now .. which is really sad .. his live performances '16-'19 lack all of the soul emotion & attitude of the '86-'93 performances ... I don't understand ...
  6. Copyright Strikes....

    My friend's Instagram video of him dressed as Slash for Halloween playing the outro of November Rain on guitar with the track in the background has now (2 years later) been mysteriously removed from his account ......... How far can and will this go ????????
  7. This says it all .. Axl just gave up .. Which is really sad timing given the reunion .. We never thought Axl & Slash would get back together but we also never thought if that did happen it'd just be a gravy train ... Sad!
  8. Copyright Strikes....

    What caused Fernando to come on here last year & attack a bunch of forum members? You'd think this whole ordeal would warrant a return ...
  9. Likelihood of Alt songs this leg.

    Yes I'm caught up with Part 8 (: Axl Ro was a crazy surprise
  10. Likelihood of Alt songs this leg.

    Hello fellow JoJo fan (: Interestingly the Tokyo '92 performance has like 7 million views on YT .. It would be good live today ..
  11. I just don't understand why there was even an issue playing this song it's a rather simple song musically & Ya'll can blow all the excuses up Axl's ass you want but it's pretty pathetic & embarrassing to mess up a single part of the lyrics or timing on your own song that you're bringing back after over 2 decades ... And wtf was that Slash solo? Weird! And then during the outro it looked like Duff & Richard just gave up & stared at Slash in confusion ... Awesome that they played this .. I loved every second of it ... But all-around just a weird performance!
  12. Axl seemed really into Dead Horse .. Hope they start bringing out more deep cuts ..
  13. Copyright Strikes....

    Last year Frans N' Roses was the greatest thing I've ever experienced as a Guns fan ... Every day after work I looked forward to what new GnFnR upload Frans had in store ... I used to have a playlist of a bunch of HQ full shows to listen to provided by Frans of course but now we're left with scraps