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  1. Who wants to bet one of the "new songs" is "Aint Going Down" ....
  2. Idk, I feel like Axl is a special case where GnR is such a massive brand with a long record-breaking history he can basically do whatever he wants, which was kinda what he was doing since the 90s haha
  3. It seems by the time 2008 rolled around he didn't really care about anything ChiDem related
  4. I've only listened to my vinyl a few times, and I'm not knowledgable enough to explain specifics issues, but there were many moments that just sounded ... off ...
  5. Pretty bummed that they cancelled Philly ... Looks like I'm driving to East Rutherford ...
  6. Calling it now ... The 2021 shows will be more or less the same
  7. I have questions that need answers!

    LGBT people never stop projecting ....
  8. I have questions that need answers!

    This is officially the weirdest topic I've seen started on this forum ..... And I thought the investigation into Izzy's 35+ year old relationship was the peak .....
  9. Isn't "Benny & The Jets" the song that inspired Axl to become a professional singer?
  10. GNR music played at Trump/Epstein party

    Donald Trump was always a fan of the band, even going as far as calling Axl the "Donald Trump of Rock N' Roll."
  11. GNR music played at Trump/Epstein party

    Trump was/is an admitted big fan of GNR
  12. I'm here for GNR & that's it ... I have FB & Twitter for politics
  13. No, I understand what you're saying. I won't answer your question however because I don't want to get into a serious discussion about our civil war on the social media thread for GNR lol & also based off what I see posted here on average most of the users of this forum are very liberal and I don't want to be ostracized & attacked for my opinions on such a touchy subject.
  14. The thought police Well considering the 80s was closer to the Civil War (and return of that flag in the 50s) than the 2010s I'd say yes? lol Nazi Germany & the Confederated South is in no way shape or form a proper comparison to make ... At all ...