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  1. Now, I'm not sure where this goes, in discussion or all that. But I've just decided to tell you a wild story, a bit sad in some places, but still wild. I have Autism, Tourettes and OCD. Now, here's the thing, so my sister and I are massive GNR Fans. So my sister, who got me tickets to the London 2017 Concert said that she got the tickets. So here's the thing, I was very, very nervous at the concert, because it was on June 17 and it wasn't long after the Terrorist Attack at Manchester Arena. And I was scared someone was going to come into the Stadium and blow it up. Anyways, It started getting really unnerving, Axl Rose said something like "Are you having fun" but I thought he said "There's a Bomb", even though I know now that if there was a Bomb they'd cancel the whole concert. I did not feel good throughout the Concert, I went on the train and there was someone banging on the train to be let in, and I thought it was something else. Anyways, I did not enjoy that concert. Next up is the story of the June 9 2018 GNR Concert at Download Festival. So my Sister got me Download Tickets for Christmas 2017, and at least I got to see Avenged Sevenfold. And I thought I'd be able to see GNR without the fear of Terrorism, anyways, I wanted to see them up close, but my Sister's friend was somewhere doing stuff, so I missed the opening and it started making me get really upset. Then I got more upset because the Crowd's at the Concert were too big. And I couldn't get through to find a good position. I was extremely sad about it, I left back to camp. And I was in tears. Just Tearful because I wanted to see Guns N Roses. Then came the aftermath of it, at College the next week on Friday, I tried tweeting GNR but my Teacher started getting concerned about my Mental Health, but I got very angry about it and although she didn't know it, I thought she thought I was Mentally Ill. I am with Autism, but she said it in a way that I really didn't like. Anyways, I started getting into tears again in July when I started getting upset about it again, my sister's Partner, who is normally quite cheerful was even worried about me. And it's because I wanted to see Slash at his London Concert in 2019. I started getting really upset and started slagging off Slash and Axl Rose and I said some really mean things about them(Not Online Luckily). At College I started saying some mean things about Axl Rose again so my Teacher stepped in last week and told me, "It's not nice to do that" and my mother told me the error of my ways. And after listening to a Crush 40(Band behind Sonic The Hedgehog) song from the NASCAR game that sounded like Sweet Child O Mine, I decided I like Guns N Roses again. I wish I could share with Slash and Axl my story. But it was very Wild.