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  1. Yes. I said that and more. I stand by all my posts and all my comments. All of them. No. You added that. I do not see on sites much praise or comments about Frank, the Black Guy. it is Mattttt, oh he is great, so technical....h he really played during the best years...oh Steve , loose, grove, swing...but he only played on AFD...no he did on auYIs...no didn’t...
  2. No. You added that. I do not see on sites much praise or comments about Frank, the Black Guy. It is Mattttt, oh he is great, so technical....he really played during the best years... he saved aGnR....oh Steve , loose, grove, swing...but he only played on AFD...no he did UYIs .. .no he didn’t... same back and forth arguments. Frank is the drummer and will be until this tour is over one day, some day. and until AR retires GnR. Frank has been for over 10 years. . Steve will never be given a bone by ADS. Mr. Matt has moved on.
  3. If fairness , Frank is doing, mostly likely, as he is paid to do so. This is what and how ADS want it.
  4. I should not have said this site. All sites. You tube comments. All of it. It is always who likes Matt vs Steve. I also said complimentary great points about Frank. No comments from you to Gordon who said Frank mostly ruins everything.
  5. Reading around this morning....year 4 on The AxlDuffSlash tour,,coming up on 5 years Jan 2020, and yes, they I’ll go for it. They are gong for he longest tour record and biggest money tour ever. Congrats to them. Each of these three men might cut themselevs check for 100 million by the end of your for their total payday.,lol .They do not need or want Izzy and Steve. Again, Axl really does not need Duff . A n S are the main characters. Izzy is almost 60 and has other lives that interests him. The money was hung he said, ehhh. Yeah. Really reading around,mit seems this guy is not interested in being away from his home, wife, other business interests, traveling, his own schedule, and more. All of GnR are pushing 60 as someone said here in an earlier post. Steve, and some of you are pretty mean spirited in your posts, simply, common sense, cannot do a 4-5 year tour. The Argentina , one or two special nags, was really pitiful in that Argentina is far away to go for a song or two. They could hav him play a song or two at The Troubador date or Forum. Adler is no better , no worst, well, did no more, no worst than the rest of them. Least he never had statutory rape charges on him. Duff and Izzy both almost died. Slash is running around with a pacemaker . This is what is was since 2016 and is 2019 and will be 2020. The Axl Tour with special guests, Duff and Slash , and contracted, paid employees are the other people. WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN cool, a huge money grab, big ticket price, for Guns n Roses , Steve, Izzy, Duff, Slash, and Axl, to tour The House Of Blues clubs . You have 12 or less of them. No paid employees. A sold out show each instantly sold out. Herevin the USA and not Argentina.A mini tour within their massive tour. Split the pay five ways. HofB has x amount of tickets so people can see in the concert . It is standing up in the concert HofB. I been to shows before at New Orleans HofB. Band could play AFD end to end and a few other songs. Something for old fans, Steve, and Izzy. Short show. 2 hours max. Frank, he is the Black Guy and so I never hear fans on this site rave about him. He is great at his job to play the drums as a paid , contracted employee of material not his. Groove, swing, drum machine, technical, none of that matters. If any of you would close your eyes and not see the drummer and the band played one song right now from AFD with each drummer, I bet no one could tell. Oh that is Steve.Oh that is Matt. Oh that is Frank. The drumming would sound the same. The drummer in GnR is not impt. Motley Crue, Yes. Metallica, yes. Their drummers ARE the band as each member IS the band. GnR has had several drummers. Steve gets sentimental praise for his stuff was AFD which started the band. He was 1/5. Matt played and jumped in a band with old music. Music already recorded. All he need to do was play the notes. Frank is even more of a hired hand. Frank or Hank or Tank, all the same.
  6. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    From what I gather, Axls mngr., faithful family he chose, S.Seymous child’s former nanny from 1991 or so, housekeeper, personal staff, and more. TBTeam Brazil consists of a lady from Brazil and her now adult children. They are his everything and has been for 25-30 years now.
  7. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Yes. What I mean is that a lot of their fans are young. I do not mean it as to insult anyone older or younger. I just through that date out there. Point is GnR has many fan young enough to be their children. GnR is a cool thing for that age group. GREAT!!! A band wants to expand their audience. I see nothing wrong , again as I have said , with The Big Three raking in the hundreds of millions on this 4 year record breaking world tour.
  8. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    No necof it matters what The Big Three put out, lay in concert, etc. Enough older GnR fans are buying it up $$$$$$$ and enough people born way after say 1999 are buying this concert tour and everything, merch, everything. so , for The Big Three, run with it. $$$$$$$
  9. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Thnx @killuridols Good points @Euchre
  10. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Point 8.about Izzy . I never heard. Explain. Source if possible? I am not naive . I am shock proof. These 5 guys and all the others, females and male around them, well, this was not a Girls and Boys Scount meeting.
  11. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Questions, comments. Someone please answer. Izzy sold drugs, story was he was a low ball drug dealer. I read that on line years ago. Him being a pimp ? Having a teenaged gf Geffen needed him to part ways with or dealbreaker, huh? I am not shocked by this bands past. None of it. I am not in the naive group. Some things I knew because back then it was in the news like Izzy urinating on he plane , but gosh, some stuff I never heard of like Izzy the pimp or with his teenaged Remember back way back when the sources for info were the entertainment news shows on tv, newspapers, and monthly rock magazines. So much about them was known back then and so much was not. News was not instant and unlike today, everyone was not a photographer or journalist like we all are today with our cell phones. LM, and I am not blaming in blaming or shaming victims. Whatever happened was awful. No one knows of her. I mean by name and face of today . None of these people are hardly looking up LM or are friends with her friends, know her whereabouts, travel in the same circles, etc. I mean this is not like you see some high school classmates or know their whereabouts: one is the mayor , etc. I mean it would be best for LM to peacefully not make herself known . Writing a book ...why call attention to herself. There will be nonlawsuit, investigation of some on line people talking about a closed case, charges dropped , no witnesses who will speak of secrecy meshing 35 or so years ago. What an awful period in her life whatever happened.
  12. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    You have good points. Failure by police. Etc.
  13. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Soeaking for my insomniac self as I am off from work right now, I cannot remember three days ago, let alone what happened , who, or where I was on a particular day 30-35 years ago. Can you?
  14. Good Keyservhad a good time. No HnM for he review. SoulMonster, thnx for that . So I stand corrected too. I never read this tha behind the scenes, they were waiting and waiting and gave him time.Yeah, my 55 yr. memory and reading SAdlers on line stuff, Axl axed him. STILL, pity they none knew then what was getting really known to hen and that is he needed long term , a year of detox. All of them .Well Izzy detoxed and detached himself. Drugs are just nasty. Some people can let go and others body and brain, not so easily. Steve falls in that category. The guy spiraled so downward after the firing. Too bad the band could have not put him on suspension for a year to get him to see the seriousness of it. The others, minus Izzy, all had issues. Axl s was mostly just being crazy. No one in the band or management thought of firing the lead singer for walking off stages, not showing up, or causing riots that resulted in deaths. No suspension for him and no warnings. Nothing Hypocrites too was that Slash and Duff were big drug users still then and for years after, but they were functional. Functional drug qddicts Steve was not, My parents and friends can hold their liquor. An example here. Me, nah. I learned early on I cannot drink. I have a 2-3 drink maximum and I do not go that far lol. My body cannot handle it. Vomiting, sluring words, talking out of my head....falling down.....needing my toiekt, shower, and bed. Drinking is not for me. This band did have something as that 5 original . They were in n a roll as a band. I do not know grove, technical, classical whatever. Matt, Frank are all good. Great. The drummer is not that impt as in the band is AR and Slash. The reunion is them. Sorry to post a negative here to some fans thinking a reunion will be all 5 for a few songs in some , select shows. Too bad Steve still cannot let go as in that blabbermouth interview. He is NEVER EVER going to play in that band again even as a guest for a song or two per Duff the Biotch. It is great AR, Slash , and the other night let SAdler be a cover band using all of GnR songs. I am surprise they have not legally shut him down. Was he are touring GnR a massive production, 4 year, half a million dollar tour and he is so to speak , undercutting the product. Weird, you have never seen the 5 guys together on stage. 2 or 3 off them. RnRHofF, 3 of them. They are middle aged AARP , Senior Citizen discount aged now. Let bygones be bygones. Maybe letting Steven be a GnR cover band is their way of letting bygones be bygones. Reunion is A, S and the other one. Izzy has ghosted them all, gone underground, lol. Witness protection Program , LoL, disappearance
  15. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Uhhhhh, you guys. I really do not want to say anything against her. So I’ll say again, I hope she can find peace and move fromn30-35 years ago for whatever happened to her. We here none know what happened or what was true for her,the other one, and all the groupies. I make no fun or think lightly of anyone sexually abused. If what happened , happened, then all that she can do is let fate and karma work itself out as in you reap what you sow. witnesses? There are no witnesses. Then or now. All are dead or unknown today. The living ones who were around then and still now are yes men on payroll. Ex. Dizzy. Those around then. Izzy for example was Drugged out and passed out then and saw nothing. Yes unknown whereabouts today so to speak. Case then or now. There was no case then and definite will not be one today.