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  1. That wasn't me i am enjoying these leaks must have been someone else?
  2. Some people are staying up all night waiting for something else to leak that's what the big deal is
  3. They are talking about the old checkmate Jackie Chan leak that happened years ago
  4. Rick is this a prank or legit what you have said
  5. Don't give them attention they just live in their parents basement hide behind their keyboards and have never had sex with a woman in their life and love attention
  6. We just want to hear new music not re released music we have heard of for over 30 years and try to pass it off as new music
  7. The guy that helped leak house of blues 2001 apparently knows what this guy has and is trying to convince the guy to leak all of the material
  8. Do you think this is bullshit attention seeking or legit information?
  9. He should leak it then delete his account after he leaks it so team Brazil don't get the FBI on his arse
  10. Nice to see a fellow Scot who is also a leak enthusiast and obsessed with gnr I'm from Glasgow