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  1. Thank you for bringing some grey into the black and white - honestly!
  2. Hmm ... John 5s’ guitar might be the singer...
  3. You are right: With Izzy and Steven on board they will be far away from any nostalgia ...
  4. The question is not who wants to hear new music - its quite clear most of us (including myself) want to hear new music from this lineup. The question is how to survive until day X is comming (if ever): feeling frustrated? feeling fine? feeling betrayed? beeing curious? Not all hardcore fans are frustrated, some are just curious ...
  5. No new music - Im fine New Music - Im pretty fine
  6. Their always will be GNR music out there in the universe - its timeless
  7. Why should I? They make their own decisions: some I like, some I dont - some I understand, some I dont. I dont put so much feelings into the band, the emotional connection to me is their music.
  8. You might speek for a majority but not for ALL. Still there are fans seeing the gray between black and white - and thats not a matter of time following a band or forum ...
  9. ... the brazilien vodoo has come over Slash ... there wont be any album ever ... the shity setlist on Jan 31. ... if only Izzy would have come back ... the world has come to an end ... Come on guys and gals... its just music we all LOVE!
  10. Honestly, I allways thought CD area Songs without Buckethead wouldnt have a special kind of vibe. But thats not true, this CD has its own vibe and flow - amazing!
  11. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    Havent found that but another interview with Duff in 96 (Hard Rock France). He was talking about rehearsing with Guns and kickboxing and Benny the Jet (very similar to the titel on the alt setlist) HR: Does it mean that the Duff McKagan of 1996 is clean?Duff: Yes. I do kickboxing every day. It's popular in France, uh?HR: Uh… yes.Duff: Do you know Benny The Jet?HR: NoDuff: He was a world champion during 20 years! He's my teacher! http://www.a-4-d.com/t2672-1996-dd-mm-interview-with-duff-in-hard-rock-france
  12. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    The whole story is getting freaky: There is a man who worked (how many ?) years for the band and left some disks in a locker - well knowing the magnitude of the stuff inside ??? However the disks have seen daylight again and find their way to some hardcore fans leaking song for song - without any reaction of TB, the band nor any media ??? Hardschool appears on the alt setlist - just by accident??? Come on! At least someone of the inner or outer circel of the band reads the stuff on these pages... Whats next ?
  13. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    Are there still aliens in the band?