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  1. Interesting analogy. On the time taken - yes, Brian only took a year, and Axl took 10 years or more on his album. But remember, a year was a very long time to spend on recording an album by the standards of the 60s. And as much as I like CD, there is nothing on there as legendary as Good Vibrations, Surf's Up or Heroes and Villians. The Beach Boys did release a box set of the original Smile Sessions in 2011. I hope we don't have to wait over 40 years for the CD sessions to be released!
  2. I found a few new interesting tidbits about the album on another forum. See the posts here by 'Key West', who claims to have worked in a studio where the album was being mastered: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/guns-n-roses-chinese-democracy-discussion.368226/page-13 I have no idea if 'Key West' is legit, hut here are his main points: - There is another song which noone is yet aware of (I think) called '100 Cuban Skies' - Something was being prepared for a release in 2006 - The poster pours cold water on the idea that a trilogy of albums was planned.
  3. GnR's business has been the subject of a hell of a lot of litigation over the years. That definitely applied to the original band era, and the Chinese Democracy era. And although I am not aware of any lawsuits stemming from this reunion era - who knows what legal issues could be bubbling away in the background? We can be certain, though, that this band has paid for a lot of lawyer's sports cars. It's possible that the lawyers' watchful gaze might be stopping people from talking about things they have seen or heard. I understand that some people who were involved in Chinese Democracy signed Non Disclosure Agreements. Roy Thomas Baker, for example. I know that the OP is talking more about official announcements than gossip or bsckstage stories. I do wonder though whether experience has made the GnR camp more reluctant to open its collective mouth.
  4. On the one hand, all that they need to do to release a new album now is to take all of the songs which are 'in the can', package them up and put them on some download and streaming platforms. On the other hand, I am sure that the label would want to give the first original GnR album featuring Slash and Duff for nearly 30 years a big promo splash - not just a 'surprise album drop'. This would include, but not be limited to, a big tour, and other promo activities which aren't feasible in these times. So I for one can see where Fernando is coming from.
  5. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    No-one with an ounce of common sense could have expected these shows to happen. But you do wonder whether anyone in GnR management actually has any common sense. There are still links to buy tickets to the European shows on their website!
  6. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    It's just been announced that, from this week, all people arriving into the UK will need to be quarantined for 14 days. So, if you still were holding out any hope that the UK dates would go ahead this month, I think that hope has just been extinguished.
  7. Axl 2 Trump Administration 0
  8. Gnr could put out all the children's books and toy trucks that they want, as far as I am concerned, as long as they were also putting out new music product as well.
  9. I reckon its because, on one of the spreads in the booklet, there is a picture of an AK47 encrusted with jewels that has a Best Buy logo. I bet that would not have been acceptable to the one chain that was allowed to sell the album! (In North America). I also wonder if the record company worried thaf Axl's essay about China would have ruffled too many Chinese Communist feathers?
  10. Don't be surprised if this reunion fizzles out like the Stone Roses reunion did. Apart from a couple of mediocre new songs and a few megabucks tours, nothing came out of the Stone Roses' run in the 2010s. The same will become of GnR - maybe with or without mediocre new songs. Actually, the parallels between the histories of GnR and the Stone Roses are quite remarkable. Both bands were even managed by Doug Goldstein at one point! But I digress.
  11. With the amount of booze and drugs Slash ingested, its a miracle that he can remember anything at all about those years!
  12. Tommy Stinson interview from 2017

    We'll probably never know how well your theory fits the facts. What is clear to me though is that turn of the millennium guns was a massive case of wasted potential. Listen to their studio recordings of SCOM and WTTJ - that was a band that could play. The final Chinese Democracy album was a lot of things, but it definitely was NOT a band recording (it was more the result of many thousands of hours slaving over a hot digital audio workstation. I still like it, though).
  13. Are there enough people who just want to get drunk and sing along to SCOM to fill multiple baseball stadiums? Guess we'll find out soon enough.
  14. As long as they are in town, I am holding out some tiny hope that they might make a surprise appearance at the Superbowl itself. Maybe while Shakira sings 'Hips Don't Lie', Axl could do his old snake dance in the background? Or he could duet with JLo? 'I' m still I'm still Axl from the block'! Or maybe Slash could fill in as the Cheifs' long snapper?
  15. Yes I saw that. They played the Ritz show on a giant screen on a continuous loop. The picture had clearly been upgraded in some ways. Seems strange they would go to all that trouble just for the sake of something to show in a pop up store....