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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    This is probably the most confirmation that we have had that new music has been worked on. I'd love them to release a double album, or even two double albums, just like the good ol' days. But even if they had enough material for a UYI style blowout, the general public doesn't have the attention span to absorb that much new music in one package. If new music is dished out in small doses - like an array of singles or EPs to promote the tour - I'd take that.
  2. Setlist for 2020

    They should do Get In The Ring. But updated to call out everyone on this forum who has ever talked shit about Axl. That alone would take up three hours.
  3. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I actually agree. I have a hard time believing that CD was worth more to Interscope unfinished than it was released. At least for the first few years of the project. As for Ezrin and RTB. Yes, both are famous for doing lavish productions that require hundreds or thousands of hours of studio time. But Ezrin and RTB have always (apart from CD) made sure that a project gets finished, when all is said and done.
  4. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Brain was, and is, GnR's best ever drummer.
  5. Trump once called Axl 'The Donald Trump of Rock and Roll'. I doubt that Axl took it as a compliment.
  6. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Strictly speaking - 'all new' means a completely different set list. Of course that isn't going to happen - they will play the big hits like SCOM, WTTJ and NR, and that is what most of the concert goers will want to hear. So I guess that means they could change some of the non-hit songs on the set list. Fine. Just go easy on the covers, eh lads? 'All new' probably will mean an 'all new' stage production. On that note - it's because the stage production is on a bigger scale that we won't be able to go back a scenario like the UYI tour, where set lists were changed up quite a bit. With all the lighting cues, film clips and pyro, it's harder for bands to be spontaneous on stage during a big touring show (not just GnR).
  7. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    That's encouraging, thanks. If this stadium cam deliver decent sound for a rock show, then it truly is an architectural miracle.
  8. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I know what you mean. I wasn't even going to go to one show... but I have a mate who missed out on the 2017 tour, so I am going with him. Still, I am also hopeful that they will make good on their promise of the show being 'all new'. Sure, we will get SCOM, NR, and all the hits that most casual fans will want to see and hear. But a throw in a few different original songs (Not covers), and I will be content. We may even hear stuff from this new album that Fernando swore would be out in early 2020.
  9. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I've been to the 'Tottenham Hotspur Stadium' once, for an NFL game. The playing arena is excellent - a amazing atmosphere, with every seat feeling like its right by the on-pitch action. Not sure how this will work out for a rock concert, though. The roof is designed to retain as much sound within the stadium as possible Great for amplifying the noise of a cheering sports crowd. Probably not so good for a rock band. IF we hear anything in between the waves of reverb, we will be doing well. Oh well, sound quality in stadiums is never great. Let's make the best of it.
  10. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Tottenham High Road is the place to be if you want cheap fried chicken. The catering that I have tried within the stadium was pretty crap. A cardboard burrito filled with flavourless mush for £7.50.
  11. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    A couple of different covers, and a different light show during SCOM. Oh, I've been on these boards too long. Look how cynical I've gotten!
  12. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Against my better judgement, I bought a seat for the London show at £112. This had better be an 'all new' show! Actually yeah. Surely the 'gunners' should be playing at the Arsenal stadium instead?
  13. I can see how he would clash with RTB over methods. Tommy's roots are in punk and a one or two take recording philosophy, and Roy 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Baker is the ultimate overdub and rerecord merchant. I guess their personalities rubbed each other up the wrong way too.
  14. Cool. Maybe Duff's beloved Seahawks will be there too. (Pity about Axl's Raiders though, eh?) GnR has the brand strength and the cross generation appeal that would make them perfect for the actual SB half time show. Maybe the organisers are scared that they would do something naughty?
  15. True! Also, I'd say that tickets for the UYI tour would have been much cheaper in real terms than for the NITL tour. Tours used to be used to drive record sales. Then, records became an excuse to tour. Now, bands often don't bother with new records at all, and just go for the tour. You can't deny that it makes financial sense in this day and age.