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  1. No in 2005 a instrumental version of better leaked I can remember because an instrumental version of twat also leaked from the same source
  2. He was asked a question of anything he worked that was on Chinese democracy he said he remembered better but at that time it was just a instrumental
  3. Dave Dominguez was a engineer on Chinese democracy he was there from January 98 to August 98 and he said better was a instrumental
  4. I hear better was a instrumental as far back as 1998 but was forgotten about them when fortus came in he must have had a interest in the old instrumental then the rest came together
  5. Do you think Axl monitors this board with a secret second account?
  6. But who knows maybe it is about Matt sorum Maybe also it is about Matt sorum because he was never a yes man and done things his way also but I really think that it's about Kurt cobain
  7. The to extend myself and lend you my hand part is about axl offering nirvana to go on tour and but you had to be a fool had to do it you're way had to be a fool had to throw it all away part is nirvana refusing to go on tour and I thought you could be more of a man part is kurt's suicide and axl calling him a coward
  8. Kurt cobain if you add the lyrics together it is a possibility that the song is written about him
  9. Yeah that was me that said that on the gunsnfnroses forum
  10. The guns n roses central podcast co host with the ginger beard look it up on YouTube then message me if you agree
  11. He looks like Geoff from gnr central tell the forum I found this
  12. BOTOX and dying his eyebrows that's what it is
  13. A unwell looking axl at the finals June 2001
  14. Axl rare 2004 sighting with fan