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  1. Has Izzy retired?

    So the title of thread is has he retired? He is not part of GNR and wont be. He does not do social media. He ghosts fsns and personslly, I dont think he is that close with Duff, Slash . Stradlin doesn't put out his hobby of songs anymore.Clearly, he is just living a good retired life at 57 going on 58. I think it is kind of neat to have ended his story his way.
  2. Has Izzy retired?

    Axl's vision? WTHell. What vision? Following Izzy out to CA. Izzy befriending this guy, Axl, in high school for a garage band. Fsst forward. Izzy and all 4 guys living on the edge, hand to mouth, barely existing. Slash and Stevie ,friends from school. Some blond, skinny called Duff. These 5 guys meeting up who were the perfect mix. Ok. More like the perfect storm, but perfect. It was 5. Izzy was a huge piece of songwriting AFD to UYL. I dont get the put downs around here for Izzy and Steven too. Both men are long gone doing their thing living their own lives 2019, 2020.
  3. I wonder how each of The Big 3 earned on their highest grossing tour. Up to 100 million each.At least 50 million each. Deduct costs and the biggest share to TB3 was the greatest expense. Agreed. The old hits are the hits. Axl and Slash are iconic.
  4. Whatever song was first released on MTV and my major city , U.S rock station. WRNO. I was in college. I cannot remember the song.
  5. I read your point. However, It is the entertainer and the personal side and both sides are related. Axl, the Emperor has no clothes Duff, Slash are not surrounded and cocooned by yes people. They have children, lol. Try getting them to agree to everything you say and do. They have independent music taste and things to work on. Axl only ever had GnR. They have strong, independent wives, Susan and Meegan.Really, Izzy made his own life separate since 1990 and even Steve does of ALL people.Now you gotta laugh there. I saw on his instagram a pic of him and his lovely wife at dinner with another couple. Real world, real kind of normal, typical thing.
  6. Because you live in a real world. I do. Many of these entertainers dont. Friends can tell you, me, that was dumb or you look funny. We still good. When on payroll, you thread lighlty. Prince did not take his own advice that friends are not on payroll. Truth is he had no friends and no family which are friends too . His world. His bubble. Yes people all around.
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    This is GnR Women's Discuss. Sorry for changing to another subject. Regarding Perla.No Perla jokes here. Always, these guys, all of them in all bands, are never as good as fans think and their ladies are never as bad either. Go look at her Instagram . She has rashes, reactions to implants she got years ago which are now implants on recall. Obviously, these are making her sick. She is going to get them taken out. Now here is where her story gets crazy. She had her breast tissues removed and implants inserted. What da fukc? Hey, a multimillionarie Beverly Hills woman. Plastic surgery capital so of course. Omg. She is , was a natural DD. Ok, gravity, 2 kids, all she needed a few years ago was a breast lift. She had crazy, invasive plastic surgery. So now, no breast tissues? What? She will have to have implants, ones not on recall list, inserted...I guess. She is really candid in her Instagram. Best to her, but Omg. What trouble. Susan, obviously has implants which is no big deal, not a bad thing, but hopefully she did not have her breast tissues removed. Hopefully her implants are not on recall. While at, Meegan looks like she got face work done. It looks good. Smooth. Subtle. Good for her.
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I am out of reactions. I agree about Axls boots. I agree biker boots would be better. He is older, bigger, and falls are not so much fun . He is just jumping and running across a huge stage. Slash fell. Good thing he was fine. He seems to be in good shape. He can do his jumps and handstands. Lisa Bonet and her husband, Jason M. , are friends with the McKagens.
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Video is now....wait for it....drum roll please,.....GONE. Ba da bing.
  10. Who Do You Want in the Rock Hall of Fame Next Year?

    The Bay City Rollers. Why are you kidding? Excellent choice. Modern frontrunners for big , boy band or group marketing. The Monkeys yes. GnR Axl Rose borrowed Davy Jones sway. I love, JanetJackson's music. I love and always was a big fan of Whitneys. The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame needs to be called The Music Hall of Fame. It is not a big deal. Janet and Whitney were not RnR. Yes, Pop music, yes. RnR is not White boys with guitars. It is rooted from Ryhtm n Blues. How does Little Richard say it? This RnR Hall of Fame , a joke. Janet and Whitney are not RnR. I am huge fans of theirs. Hey this must be the only genre or award Taylor Swift has not received so put her in just because. Regarding some unknown singer from long ago.....well, they were pioneers of RnR. All of Motown should have been put in in the 1990s. All those groups and singers from the 1950s RnR should have been put in during the 1990s. Laura Nylo is in and good because there would not have been Pat Banatar, Heart Ann and Nancy without pioneers like her.
  11. Duff's issues after alchohol

    But some of us dont know or did not read his book. My opinion, time will tell what health issues Steven, Slash. Duff will have. Izzy, the public wont know. I predict that is in spite of all the abuse they put their bodies through in their, 20s, they beat the odds unlike many in the business. Nothing significant health wise is wrong. Steven's mouth is still permanently slighted twisted. Slash and his pace maker, I think....some heart thing. Maybe Diff cannot eat spicy foods anymore. They, my opinion, have nothing serious of lasting effects.
  12. Everyone, enjoy. Have a great time.
  13. How many years will this tour go on until they stop it? I think with the same setlist or slight changes of maybe 5 songs , selling out shows still, and the band and staff on autopilot, it will run until 2021. That is too far to say. How they can tour for example this fall, it is not months on the road away from their homes and real lives. They have some weeks of shows and then big breaks. They are touring South America for early 2020. NITLT 2016 to 2021. 5 and a half years.