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  1. Speaking of books and the band, only these Indiana boys have not written their stories and I bet you wont see a book either in this lifetime about them by them. Axl , I think does not want to relieve things like the court cases eith Erin and Stephanie. It seems Izzy is just retired and private. People have posted on the Izzy thread here, they believe the guy just does not want to see in writing or think about his sad, desperate, and shady times 35 years ago.
  2. Then Niven is off there. Slash, Duff are only GnR from VR, their band, in GnR NITLT. Like I always say, Not Ever In This Lifetime will you see Slash, Duff, Axl, Izzy, Steven, and Matt on stage together. They could have all done a NITL tour ,even this new old tour for 2020, just House of Blues clubs. Short run. Like I always say, read between the lines. Look at right is in front your face for proof. I was just watching VR on you tube and Izzy showed up, guest for a Mr.Brownstone, during one of VRs shows. That was , of course, so long ago. Thing is you had Duff, Slash, Matt ,their band, but they invited Izzy. RnR H of Fame. No Izzy and Axl. Izzy did play as a guest for Nu GnR of Axl's years, years ago. These guys are all over 55 now. They need not one day all show up together at one of their funerals.
  3. No. A Del and Dizzy book would gas up their master who feeds them, Axl. Can they brown nose anymore than they do? Tobias is beholden to Axl for taking him out of Lafayette, Indiana at least. Most on your list are Axls people.
  4. VR had a good run. Those songs, vids, are still good, real rock n roll. ScottW was a good frontman. Unfortunately...drugs just don't work. SabastianB would have been a good frontman and he is still alive. I doubt VR will come back. Slash n Duff have moved on and have other stuff.
  5. And? So? There is a fairly recent interview of Sorums around here on this site and Matt speaks of how financially life changing his years were with GnR. Sounds like a guy who is proud, but honest and grateful for his good luck. What some of you said, he already said that. One excerpt from his is not GnR, but of him transporting cocaine on himself from CA to Hawaii and how he felt uneasy his last time doing so. His ummm, "coworker ," did Matt's job and that guy ended up serving YEARS. Matt ended serving YEARS soon after that too...serving in GnR. Sounds like a good book, not all just aboutGnR, and fairly honest.
  6. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Unpopular opinion. Nrw music talk is bullshyting Jokes on you diehard fans, there will never be new music.
  7. I understand by prime , a songwriter is not like athlete. @Nintari. I think by prime , pass his prime is that Slash had GnR NITL tour that put him way ahead financially and way in the black in his finances. Not that he wasn't secure before, the divorce was huge. My thinking of pass his prime is legal stuff. Slash can save his songs and ideas for his own band, SMC. Legally and financially, just makes life easier
  8. Axl is happy. They all are. The McKagen Family Fortune is secure for the next two generations : his 2 daughters and their children. Slash recouped crazy lawyers and CPA fees in his divorce and has Perla's future money. Axl has his money and power of his band's name and stuff i think the shows this year will sell out. I think they might have to go to states they did go to so often. I think 2020 is the last year for NITL Continuation Tour
  9. Interesting posts on ticket pricing and how tickets are priced. My .2 cents, supplu and demand, even many groups you say out for summer concerts, GnR will pull ahead . New music is not impt. and would hurt ticket sales. GnR is thee nostalgic tour of those 2 people and Slash and the hits. 568 million tour profits. I think whenever they stop NITL tour because it is really still that, they will reach 600 million. Have they ever toured Alaska?
  10. No one is saying he was be it all to end it all. Pretty much everyone has said GnR then was those 4-5 . Just talking shyt here. That Izzys solo stuff could be a good GnR new music , but it just needs Duff and Slash to add , change, and rework it. Izzy was a good blueprint. These 4 guys writing together is not going to happen. 35 years ago was then. Now is now. Truly, truth. People change friendships and grow apart because of their work and things. Move away . GnR are no different than anyone else. My opinion, they are not really friends anymore. Tour was 4 years in and out of The USA and Izzy never joined them as a guest to play a song or two. He just never went to any show to just hang out. Steven has finally even stopped groveling .
  11. I see you all have made good points about GnR, put up or shut up. Do a benefit to aide charities that deal with getting homeless back in society, rehabbing drug addicted homeless, med care, Veterans etc. It seems there are many Trump or Republicans here too. By the way, I dont care. Dumbocrats and Repulsivcans. I dont get in political wars anymore. I think this issue, like LittleM, Duff just needs to shut da fukc up. It puts him in damed if say and then damed if you don't do anything to solve the problem.
  12. The "New Album" Thread

    @Tom-Ass. @Sydney Fan. Well said. Just facts and to the point. May I add, repeating myself, there is no market, no buying audience, no radio play. They can never capture AFD to UYIs be write those kind of songs. Leave your great catalog be your work. Age, times, lifestyles, of course, are different. I think too, legally, that is just a too complicated headache so not worth it to mess up the professional vibe they have. @RussTCB @Its Tino. Well said. They should just be honest. Just say no. Not in the plans. They are not an honest 3 ,lol, as you know. I get the 568 million business and counting, but it would vastly reduce sales to no new product. I AGREE with everyone, they have enough of their own product to mix up the set lists. A must is play all radio hits. Then mix it up with everything else. Yeah I get about how song list is working lighting and sound director, time frame, etc. They still could mix it up. Have 4 concert song lists. Like football plays, elementary Kindergarten lesson plans, opps. Personal here.
  13. April 7, 2020. See Blabbermouth article
  14. @something.always. @rocknroll41 thanks for explaining. I did wonder if it still worked that way. I thought as I read it here, remastered AFD to UYI so that eliminates Iz and Stev.. Good for them it does not.