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  1. I don't see anything funny. I don't get y’all jokes and smirks here .Business venture. He is just trying to earn up some money .Def Leppard had an ale sold at their shows. I am not sure if it is on the market or was even temporarily. 19 Crimes is the name of a California red wine. Ever heard of 19 Crimes wine? Google it. I took a picture of this wine from the display at my grocery store and sent to some wine drinkers I know and they said, uhhh, no thanks, lol. They are not buying it. The name and the packaging is a turn off and iit might be a really good tasting CA red. Sammy Hagar and his tequila and George Clooney‘s - Randy Gerber's tequila are some of the biggest sellers out there of entertainer alcohol drinks. Coppola , Francis has a wine. MattS is just joining the club. Personally, I think his beer packaging needs reworking. To me, better to sell it without his noterity or anyones is better in some cases. 19 Crimes wine...the rap sheet label like someone has who has been to jail a few times. Snoop ‘s pic. No. I like Snoop( real name Calvin Brotus). Don’t get me wrong. I like Snoop and the Dogpound songs. The packaging and name is a bit much. Then you have other criminals on bottles too . 19 Crimes wine is a collection. https://www.19crimes.com/wine/cali-red?mid=&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=bing&utm_campaign=2020_b__19 crimes_brand_calired&utm_term=19 crimes wine&utm_content=general_exact&gclid=CIuM4q_hhesCFUuAxQIdu0YBJg&gclsrc=ds Def Leppard’s beer https://www.defleppard.com/introducing-def-leppard-pale-beer/
  2. So many posts to quote. I like this of yours best which describes him best . MattS should be grateful from that point with GnR. There would have been a great starting point for his GnR chapters . He was there at really the best time. They headlined. They passed the first album blues. They were at their peak. He was part of UYIs. Major movie, Terminator , with theme song and video. Industry respect there. Musically, AFD and UYIs sound like two different bands ,but in a great way. They grew in songwriting, skill, musicianship, age , etc. UYIs was not AFD , part two In reference to your first post on this page, Heidi’s girls were all consenting adults of sound mind. Her business was legit. Hey, I am not the moral police, but there is a difference between consenting, adults rights to do as they want to themselves vs. the other thing. Ehhhhh, I cannot even post that . Sex , drugs, rock n’ roll . Shyt happens. I have not read his book, but those here who have, that was too much info. TMI. It is good he is doing a rewrite. He really can take the bad luck of having his book delayed for a year and change it into good luck by doing a rewrite. He sort of got to do a book review test. How his book was out on schedule for sales then pulled back when the virus happened defeats releasing the same book later . People already bought it and I don't mean the six people here. Just think hundreds ,, maybe thousands were bought . Passed around. At second hand book stores. Garage sales. It is an old book now or previously released book. It is smart and best to do a rewrite. I.think he should tone down his rock star sexual events. Write it all, but less of it all. His life is good , lucky , and interesting with good stories without throwing others under. Add more of the very funny stories of things that happened and dangerous things. Be remorseful and own up his missteps. Add how he felt , taking the reader there after finding out , Matt, you are The Cult’s drummer. He met GnR along the way. Oh, GnR wants you as their drummer. UYI recording, tour starts ... sign your contracts. Take the reader there.Lots of great drummers out there, but if you cannot earn a living at it, it is a hobby. Only the great drummers are known who had luck of the draw, right time, connection, and place made it. His sobriety. Hitting that rock bottom. His life all up after with his dreamgirl, Ace, etc. Now, Slash and Duff are not saints. He needs to put in how, when, what happened about him wanting to get in on NITL tour. HVampires stuff. That is not throwing others under. Duff and Slash wrote about others too. Drugs, music, etc. Ya’ think Izzy really wanted that story that Slash wrote of them and some girl, poor creature. Fernando. Maybe he read it and maybe not. MSorum has every right to write a book and telling his GnR side of things . Then, vome on, you know you want to know all about him wanting to be on NITL. I hope his revised book is way different, better, rewritten.
  3. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Just take your precautions. This is our new normal. It is is scarywe really cannot do anything else.
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    I agree. I agree.
  5. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I am so tired of it all. Just feeling low. So many questions to which there are no answers.
  6. Noooooooooo. Yeah, WTF. Ok, he is a fan of wrestler Chris Jericho, but that was much. I cannot picture Izzy or Slash, Duff or Axl saying ....ewwwwwwww.....anything using any of those words at any time in any kind of way about someone , a guy, they are a fan of I am not against gay guys. I just think Steven is kind of messed up due to the strokes, heart attacks and is one of those types who just says some dumb shyt. Ex. His comments , rather complaints, about the reunion after they did give him 2-3 guest appearances. He accepted it. Why complain /comment? His comment about the reunion that he was sure Izzy was just as heartbroken. Ehhh, I don’t picture Izzy to be the heartbroken type. I mean, it was not like his dog died or something important to be heartbroken over, lol. Again, I am not critical of Steve. People here who have met him have said he is nice to fans. He comes across very nice, just a lil case of loose lips. Brain farts.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Maybe some states and districts do that or still or that. Take your pay 9 mnths or 12 mnths. I don't know. Some school districts in my state used to give that option. It ended a long time ago.I agree public school teachers do not have it so bad. It is a good career
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I agree , but it is working 10-11 months out of the year. Mandatory workshops. Public school teachers are not paid to stay home or get pay for free. When I was little in the dark ages, lol, 1979s, it was really a good 2-3 months with no school. Even in the 1980s, maybe up to late 1990s, they really had summers. Last 20 years, no. It is becoming less and less. Year round school is what many parents/ families and the govt keeps pushing at every year. AFT will have something to say to stop this and states with teacher’s unions. Of course, taxpayers would have to pay more in school taxes. Teachers of public school would have to earn $10,000 at least more in pay. All other school pay would receive salary increases: bus drivers, cafeteria, school leadership of principals, office staff, custodial. It takes a lot of people to make that school day run. Public school teachers and staff are not paid for staying home during some of the summer. Their pay is simply spread out over the year from a 12 month calendar year. @Kasanova King, just saw your post. Yes. So true. Add school teachers buy their own personal working materials unlike in other professions. At others, capitalism has has not screwed over the workers. It may not always be a perfect economic system, but you earn your pay for what you do and what you choose to do. Examples. People, school teachers for example, often pick up others jobs at school, in their field , or different work. I have known school teachers to do some overnight types of work. Supermarket. Post office. Etc. Yes, private sector people are paid by whatever company hires them. Ex. Professional athletes as you said. Since this is GnR site, I don't have fault with whoever earns what they earn self- employed or in private sector. Bezos, GnR, pro athletes, etc. GnR are self- employed Even Izzy earned a nice pay, lol, for years worked for that private company, GnR, and now just for sitting at home.
  9. In his book, too much info for here, old story, he said he did things for money when he was youngish teenish. Very sad. Survival kind of thing.
  10. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    No. Nono. This cannot be the new normal. Just have pay per view. Watch at home with friends. Record. Add to dvd collection. This could not be either. Lest just say tennpeople at a house = ten tickets not actually bought for for each 10 arena/ stadium seats
  11. That pic by Haflin, blck n wht or in color, is just the best picture. The others being RS covers. What other group photos?
  12. No. He just says shyt ...maybe. I think sometimes, off. The strokes and heart attacks , I think, did some damage upstairs. He is happily married. Very pretty girl. younger. They have like 15-20 yrs. Long time. They all , but Izzy and Axl ,have bodily damage left from drugs.
  13. Or this week anyway. Move if this a repeat post
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Protest for whatever you want ....as long as others in society can go on. I am against blocking areas, bridges etc. I like the rioting and looting be because I believe in your rights to do what you want to your property. So burn your house down to the ground. Turn over your cars and set them on fire. Go to Grandma's house and burn it. If the property is not yours, not your vehicle, home, place of business, statue, the owners of these things can, by their rights , put a bullet n azz. In other words, no. I dont SUPPORT rioting and looting and the statue takedowns. I side with the Portland Police. Dismantling the city police depts, totally nuts. No. I am not for anarchy. Some people, on both sides, want that.