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  1. From DefLeppard Twitter https://twitter.com/DefLeppard/status/1267501163768922112/photo/1
  2. Guns and Roses Boutique

    No. Not what you think. A lady in Dallas has, had a nice, successful boutique . The dam rioters, looters DESTROYED it. Her things looked nice. Very pretty things. I feel sorry for the owner. gunsandrosesboutique.com. I cannot post the links. The store has been opened since 2014. She is closed now. They broke her store front windows everything. Dont tell Ferbando or the Guns video shut down fans or Axl. They will want her to stop using the name, lol. You know, Axl, maybe would not even give a care. Lol. And. N. Slight difference in name.
  3. Photoshopgate. It is not. Lol. The book.GnR 1980s pic. is on the cover. Thnx for closeup pic. I cannot remember seeing that pic. Will search around and post pic link. Axl, Ixzy. Steven on the side.
  4. . Too funny. Some crazy laughs through this situation. Be careful still ...everybody .
  5. It does. Quarantine beard. WHAT I cannot figure out is How he and Robert Plant resemble each other. With the grey beard there, he is Robert Plant's brother by another mother.
  6. Ewwww. Then and now that looked nasty. Why did she not just throw stuff like this in trashcan on trash day like normal people. Really, with 6 million first plus a little over a million a year for the rest of her life which is like 45-50 years , wouldn't you say she is better than set for the rest of her life. To me, auctioning stuff would be a waste of her time. Then. Will some fools really buy those crappy things for thousands of dollars.
  7. I agree. He is really like retired from this stuff. He lives a private life really. No social media. His other business , no one knows. I mean, really, all this DustBones thing can say is the same old stuff. It is kind of a pointless project.
  8. MTV videos and music shows and news on the channel. Camping out to buy tickets. Music written by the bands who played the instruments on albums- cds- tapes and they played the music in concert. Looks, sorry guys, but GnR really grew into their looks, like guys do, those years 28- 35. See Rooling Stone cover wirh Matt in the group. The second. I had the copy of Axl alone on the cover. Shyt, Rolling Stone magazine was still then thee magazine. Good substance on all current things. Time magazine but RnR edge. Back to 2020 and my 55 year old self.
  9. Picture pretty. This is, if in a big, picture size, a framable picture.
  10. Ideas, ideas pertaining to the music, tour, bsnd, The Big 3s work of 35 years. Good idea.
  11. Is this true? From where? Lol.
  12. Oh people posting just hilarious
  13. Has Axl Commentated on Trump Recently?

    No. He tweeted about Mnuchin. This is hilarious.