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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I was listening to Ace Harper' s songs today. She really has a good voice. Dollar Pills, good song.
  2. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    My 55 year old azz . A drink at night, after a long day at work....puts me to a good, deep sleep.
  3. NFL thread

    49ers and KCChiefs. I like this SB match up. I knew it would be these two. Both teams are tough . Ok , to Jan. 31.
  4. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    The hat is his trademark. Emojicons. Symbol. Stage Costume . He would, could update his hair . Axl, folks he is not and cannot look 1993. That was 30 to 35 years ago. Now. He could get a Hollyweird hairstylists. Nutrionists and personal trainer to knock off 50 lbs. Hollywood plastic surgeon for some tprdo and facial lipo. Done.
  5. If this continuing tour is not called or part of NITL tour, then what is it?
  6. Axl will bring his A+ game. Good for GnR. SB is a huge thing. GnR will get a good ppayday and rub shoulders with their peers, fellow rich people. My opinion again about his A+ game because the audience will be his fellow entertainers, NFL super rich head honchos, super rich people business people , then fans of whoever, whatever, and then, lastly, a lil percentage of GnR fans. To those going, let us know how the show was.
  7. It is a toss up. All Axl needs is a buzz like haircut, some manly short hair cut. Lose 25 pounds minimum. Get a tan. Do a spray tan. Vince is bloated and has that middle sged man's gut.
  8. I saw 2 post before saying this is not really NITL tour. Well, what is for 2020? They are still going strong selling out. I think the 3rd highest tour ever is still on their tecord breaking phenomenal tour.
  9. I am being optimistic RussTCB. If Axl wants to embarrass himself, lol. Okeydokey. This is not going to be just his real fans. I was wrong about 49ers AND GBPackers. BOTH are NFC. I think 49ers and KCChiefs. My NFC team did not make it far it the playoffs snd no way my team could have beat 49ers or GBay. I still upset about last years playoffs 2018.
  10. I know you are tired of hearing me say SB week. I think he will bring his A game and better. Rested up and this thing is seriously rehearsed. Besides, GnR fans, you have a huge audience of his fellow entertainers who might pop up on stage, head honchos from everywhere any company, NFL staff , etc.
  11. And it being SB week, I would not be surprised if they have special guest on stage joining them at times. Who knows. This is really a big thing for them.
  12. Ohhhhhhh. That makes a BIG difference. You are going to see just them in a concert of theirs AND SB week, ooohh, wow. HUGE SHOW. I think, assume, they will extend songs, but G rated, lol, , switch it up from their regular concerts. All the hits for that audience. For you all going, double win. GnR full concert and SB week.
  13. I thought I heard a mention of this SB festivites show during playoffs. SB has many entertainment things SB during SB week. For the SB fans of ,dare I say 49ers and KCChiefs, my hunch anyway, GnR will give a good performance. I think SB will be SF49ers and KCChiefs.,my hunch. My opinion, being messy here, GnR short performance, short setlist. WTTJ, SCOM as bookends. Songs in the middle, ,PC ,NovR, and about 4 more in the middle. Rated G versions. Shorter versions. To anyone here going to SB, week and game, LUCKY. Have a great time. My NFL team did not make ip the playoffs did not think they were, but I am excited about anyway. I am going look up who else is playing this SB week concert besides GnR.
  14. @lame ass security. @Powderfinger. I am out of reactions. I y'all post
  15. I agree with you and @papashaun. The rumors of new music is all there is. Slash n Duff have real personal lives. I yhink yhey are close enough snd frienldy snd I believe Slash and Axl are working friends. Friends you just have at work, but not outside of work. Duff and Slash have outside music business of their own and personal, other financial work, business ,no doubt. Izzy is not really frirnds with them, in my mind, and he is not a member- owner in GnR. No need to bring in someone, another party. and divide the loot. Duff and Slash can write, just have a vibe. Something called VR is proof. My point is 1. new music takes time being together, The Big 3, and they dont have that kind of time or need to do so. 2. Finanially, that is alot to sort out. 3. Their nostalgic , record breaking tour grossed over 500 million. Why mess with success on it continues on to year 5. The audiences dont know new music or want new music. They dont , won't know those songs. The audiences know and want to hear the hits. 4. New age. Digital music. GnR was from the age of records and records stores. 5. There are no rock ststions here playing new music. It is classic rock. 6. Be remembered like you said, for bad songs, no. 6. They are married men with adult kids, Duffs are adults. Slash step daughters are adults. They are not, cannot write AFD to UYIs songs. No WTTJ. They , lol, dont live in no jungle . They are rich old men. Their songs would be about what, politics, money, being a parent, life, being happily married ballads.
  16. OMG, too funny. He lives. His message 2 words. Happy Holidays. No pic of his Christmas tree. Too personal. No pic of his dog in a Christmas sweater. Too personal. A picture of something holidays, lol. No.
  17. the eating stuff thread

    I love cooking. I love eating. I come from a cooking culture. I live food. I need to lose weight. Food is just not digesting for me so I have no choice but to make changes. Today is football Sunday, playoffs. It is an eating ,over eating day, lol.
  18. Was there ever a thread here , what would have happened , you think, if the original 5 had not met?
  19. I like your topic and I think everyone has good points. I said in mine ,it would have depended on ifs, many ifs.. First if, if they all by Izzy schedule, would have had to be clean and sober. Some of you mentioned some of them would have died. Actually, old topic, but some were thisclose and should have died. Comatose Izzy. Followed by Suicide Steve. Duff , it was just a miracle. It is too bad as a band ,these 4 pissed away their prime as GnR. THEY ALL DID AS GNR. They had a proper tour tour or show as the original 5 together. Clean n Sober and a 5th album in mid to late 1990s could have done it for them to see if they just had it as a band together.with Matt Sorum. Changing your topic a bit. Things happen when you look back, even your life, happens as it is supposed to happen. It is already written that that way. Fate, luck, decisions and if you believe, Gods plan. Izzy became a rich guy, healthy, and works at whatever he does in his personal life, personal business. He must be working. Music business not the only job , work there is. Steve got his life right and his lost was Matts gain x2. GnR and VR. Then he has his own group. Slash and Duff, fairly clean n sober, struck oil with VR. Only 2 cds, right. Izzy, lol, the Izzy Job Agency, Slash school chum. DAVE K won big being in VR. Izzy JobAgency gave Flotus a life changing, financially set life today.Frank found the deal ss Flotus. Axl nerded Slash and Duff to a lesser degree to make it work. Today, GnR ,of the 3 onwers- members , is a nostalgic act. 5 years ago they none thought or knew it would be going on 5 years on their way 600 million profitable record breaking tour.
  20. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    No. I am not a musican. Yes I am wrong. True many people have written music where they did not know each other at first. . Yes it can be done if , like anything, chemistry is there. Example Mutt Lange did not know ,at first, no one he wrote with or I should say wrote with him thus launching their hits after hits.
  21. How about find a new word? You (GnR Big 3) , they are at 55 and over.
  22. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Popular opinion. Izzy cannot write music. Listen to the shit he wrote. Izzy with them could write a new cd. Izy was heart, soul of GnR. My opinion. You cannot write music with someone you don't know. You cannot write music with someone who is different. Izzy was 35 years ago and they were 35 years ago. I was listening to Velvet Revolver yesterday after not hearing in years and years. Slash, Duff , Matt and Scott,Dave. Whoa. Machine, Slither, Fall To Pieces, beyond good. No it was not GnR AFD to UYIs reheated. It was different. Slash and Duff have chemistry they kept going at . They dont with Izzy or even Axl.
  23. RIP Neil Peart

    He died. Brain cancer. He lost his first and daughter in an accident. Now this for his second wife, family. He got another chance at life. Why does it seem some people have.....just hard won things, but tough luck. Better news. Great drummer of great band. Great he lived to be in RRHofF. Great Rush did a great farewell tour. HBO or one of those cable stations had a great show, documentary on them with them on Farewell Tour.
  24. SeatleSeahawks play in 2nd weekend of playoffs. Out of these 8 teams this weekend, 4 will be left. Winner from those 2 next weekend will be NFC and AFC Champions. If SS goes all the way, Duff's team will be in Superbowl so it will be a double win for him playing this years SB entertainment. I like Russel Wilson. I dont think SS ,if they win tomorrow, can beat 49ers next week.