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  1. The band have some "polemical" songs but who even cares about this afterwards, play the fucking song! it rocks!!

    No one is gonna do nothing about this? I have to seat here and let this shitheads decide what video or what song is good for them? That's all?
  3. I'm so mad at these guys because I uploaded three videos on YouTube a few days ago, The Ritz 88, the amazing version of @FRANSAD, which is one of my favorites. Oh My God live version of HOB 2001 (This one I did a lot of work). And the appearance of the VMA in 2002. I've known a few things since becoming a member here, but I've been trying to get more into this "GN'R world" and help the community more than ever, but I'm so mad and upset about this fucking censorship on the internet and especially on youtube! I need your help guys, what do I have to do now?
  4. Thats is so confuse but i think TIL was written first, Axl wrote this in Paris during the UYI and it was recorded
  5. Shackler's is sooooo many diferent to the final version
  6. Right now is: 1. Madagascar 2. Nightrain 3. Estranged 4. Rocket Queen 5. Don't Cry Man this is so hard to do...i love all the fucking vault
  7. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    He gained a lot of weight, maybe that is the problem!
  8. Fortus could do a nice work on this one, also Slash...
  9. Who as the guy who said "Dummy" are the worst song ever writter on GN'R name? I want to se his reaction now hahahaha
  10. All this time....Axl was right. What a beautilful thing!
  11. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    I think Hard School is only on the setlist to give a warning to the leakers. " We know about you, and we are on your pursuit" I don't think the band will play this song anyway, but cool to see on the setilist
  12. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    Back to the leaks again boys and girls.....