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  1. Even Slash posted it. I guess no one knows Richard’s birthday is actually the 17th?
  2. Show Opener and Closer

    They closed with Jungle once in 1991, I believe. Paradise City was second to last.
  3. Setlist for 2020

    Since it’s been brought up, GNR have already performed Dust N’ Bones without Izzy once. Duff on lead vocals.
  4. New Rose was played 45 times back then?
  5. I disagree with this. I care that they play the same songs.
  6. It’s called being a fan. Sometimes fans expect more from their favorite band, or wish they would do things the way they used to do things, or wish they would do completely different things. Either way, we’ve all jammed GNR CDs a bunch of times because we enjoy the music. That’s what we have in common. Everything else is what we debate. Some people have more acceptance than others, and some people have higher expectations than others. And that’s fine. But regardless, it’s a part of all of our lives that will almost always hold our interest, even if it’s not always meeting our own expectations.
  7. I reeeally would not get your hopes up man.
  8. Announcement about what
  9. Are you saying we should blindly praise everything the band does? If the band plays a song... any song... it’s fine for it to be critiqued. Even if we’d asked for the song. If we ask for a song, and the band plays it horribly, it wouldn’t make sense to lie and be like “that was great!” if it wasn’t. Also I don’t see how asking everyone’s age is relevant.