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  1. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    Duff and Richard, yeah.
  2. Yeah, if this is the case, it’s still not fake. But possibly tampered with.
  3. I’ll admit the drums sound like TWAT drums, but faster. But Axl’s vocals are undeniable.
  4. Whatever dude. The only person that could have faked this is Axl himself since there are literally sentences of vocals being sung by him. Not any of that choppy bullshit.
  5. The Atlas clip is so obviously real though.
  6. Sounds quite different from the other clips, because the song has so many chord changes. But it’s the same tempo. ”Follow your heart, never thought that’s what it’d take to be a man. From what you know, all that you’ve been shown” Lyrics are something along those lines.
  7. Have you guys heard the new clip of Atlas?
  8. This is something I feel doesn’t get discussed enough. I can’t believe the final vocal on Madagascar was never re-recorded. The first verse sounds like he’s still trying to figure out how he wants to sing it, rhythm-wise. And his overall voice sounds like he’s still just warming up. Also missing the “oh, oh oh oh” before the sample-medley.
  9. So if they released a new album and it was bad, you’d prefer it just because you know Slash is on it?