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  1. Dude, finally more and more people are beginning to learn from the mistake of getting excited over things like this. We’re not having it anymore.
  2. I’m pretty sure the whole “label disputes” and “issues with the label” thing is always an excuse. There’s no label executive going, “whoa whoa whoa, DON’T release music!” Labels are meant to fund the recording of music and promotion of such.. stuff like that. There’s so many resources readily available to the average human now, that more and more artists are choosing to go independent. They’ve got the line-up now, and it doesn’t seem like anyone’s going anywhere. When you’ve got a group musicians willing to work with you and create new art, just do it. Without a plan, you’re not going to have a new release. Every release needs a plan. Otherwise it just won’t happen. “Up in the air” is where it will all remain until someone puts their foot down and starts scheduling.
  3. That never stopped them before...
  4. Of course, that would be ideal!
  5. Not to mention the songs’ order. At the very least, that could be changed. Changing things up, opening with different songs, etc.
  6. There’s a huge demographic who’s fine with everything they’ve done and continue to do. They just don’t visit this forum.
  7. Can we please stop the “they don’t owe us anything” shpiel? This is about what we WANT as fans.
  8. The truth, and the end.

    Yeah, no more yolking around.
  9. why was Estranged retired for many years?

    Agreed on this. Always felt it should be more towards the end, like the UYI tour.