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  1. Don't damn me is my alltime favourite, so badass
  2. I read somewhere that he was sick in the late 90s. Maybe that's why all the facial hair ( brow, sideburn) fell off, due to some side effect? He looks healthy and normal in 2006.
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    That is horrible! Damn!
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    What picture?
  5. Pretty tied up is such a catchy tune
  6. Maybe they want to break the record for highest grossing concert tours of all time
  7. Axl sounds great singing seeker, ngl
  8. Watchmojo has these lists of top 10 douches of rock, top 10 artists that are hard to work with etc and Axl is no 1 in all of them 😂 Axl/Slash is in the thumbnail of top 3 coolest guitar/vocal duo though 😍
  9. Why was Slash poor?

    This is gonna sound silly. We all know their rags to riches story and I get the point about others but why was Slash poor? His mom was a celebrity designer and David Bowie and David Geffen used to babysit him And Axl used to live in his house (maybe around 85?). So why didn't his family help him when he was broke during the 'hell house period'?
  10. STONED in L.A. Anniversary

    And people still call Axl an asshole. He was not mentally stable, had this huge pressure due to all the fame, had to deal with their severe addiction and couldn't reach to them. His douchery actually saved their lives. Otherwise we have to lament their loss like Keith Moon, John Bonham or Steve Clarke.
  11. STONED in L.A. Anniversary

    Had to be arrested? Tell me more! And in which part did he say that?
  12. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Unfortunately there are not any live shows available. I once saw him wearing this singing live and let die. You can check out st louise concert.
  13. Led Zepplin, Beatles, Rolling Stone, Queen and many others have more famous songs than GNR. But music video plays an important role here. Axl had such a great vision regarding this. Both Slash & Izzy were disapproving of making them. I think 21 pilot, Maroon 5 and Linkin park has more than one 1 billion video.
  14. Having 2 one billion video is no easy task, lady gaga has only one!