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  1. TIL Matt Soram can play guitar effortlessly
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    This is frustrating bcz Axl has one of the largest vocal ranges ever and didn't even release 100 songs.
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    We still have the 92 footages though, just in bad shape. And people complains and compares all the time. So why bother 😐
  4. That is just a random statement. He swears all the time. When he said 'calm down, motherfuckers' does he really meant that we're motherfuckers? No. He meant 'calm down people', just in an aggresive way. Similar is the case is this. He didn't call the Mexican crews 'dirty' literally. And you bring the topic of coronavirus, that's just ridiculous. Also, I'm not white and faced racism, so I think I understand when anyone is being racist or not.
  5. Hehe Nolan level twist except so fine. Atleast they get rid of the new covers.
  6. The ultimate twist would be not to play any of the soundchecked songs. Nope, I am not going back on the hype train.
  7. Exactly, the intro is more gnr-esque now
  8. Yeah, especially the ending
  9. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    In no particular order Paradise city (esp the outro: masterpiece imo) Don't damn me (severely underrated, the lyrics, the tune, everything) Out ta get me Estranged Scom November Rain Back off bitch There was a time Coma Rocket queen Honorable: Nighttrain, Civil war, WTTJ, Street of dreams, Chinese democracy (early version)
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    I like The band perry, cool country tune.
  11. Damn so true! Tsi and sympathy for the devil vocal is beyond amazing. If only they could work with some of the snakepit tunes.
  12. Same! He brings some rasp during suger and spice bit and hold a 15 second long note. And Slash made this badass.
  13. Why no love for we will rock you? I think it's good (if not great). All 4 songs on Freddy Mercury concert is awesome imo. But in another concert (wembley 92?) Axl sang 'tie your mother down' and it sounds not so great (maybe cz of some vocal problems) My worst is Come together Slither Black hole sun
  14. Jimmy fallon is extravagant but clearly an Axl fan. There's other videos too where his guests are talking about Axl. Unfortunately he could not bring him to his show.