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  1. If the world shacklers revenge and sorry and a few other instrumentals
  2. No that his reaction when someone shouts who's the Mac daddy
  3. Just like the gif on your page that is axl's reaction to your comment
  4. I'm going to the show but what time does it start?
  5. Did you really think that I would give you my real girlfriend? No she's coming to the show with me
  6. Doesn't matter the rules are if they play any new songs covers don't count you can get her for free you don't have to be at the show to win her. btw she's a blow up doll not a real woman
  7. Yeah but it is so much of a fuck up now can they not just sell regular tickets? Atlas or hardschool better be played tomorrow or I demand a refund for paying that amount of money to see the same boring set list
  8. 80 people will show up if they are lucky
  9. No I change my mind you are not getting anything off of me
  10. Fernando can suck a dick I hope nobody shows up to that gig
  11. There is supposedly a 21st disc that wasn't talked about and has lots of songs with vocals