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  1. Same goes with Three dollar pyramid, I'd love to hear that sweet bass and Axl voice simultaneously for once. Bass is so off on 2008 release
  2. Well, considering we got almost nothing for 10 years (remixes and Going down only) and that GNR management probably tried to find other discs like that I highly doubt we will hear nuGnRs new material anytime soon.
  3. Order irrelevant -Estranged -Coma -Sorry -State of Grace -There was a Time (raw, no intro chorus version with Buckets solo) Honourable mentions: Locomotive, Breakdown, Civil War, Prostitute, RMCD1 Chinese Democracy, Better, Perhaps, TIL Finck solo and Nightrain. Also Dummy, As it Began and Soul Monster but can't put them next to others cause no vocals.
  4. At this point we need big, expensive box with all nuGnR Vault so both band and fans can move on. I don't want Slash messing with Buckets music and I would prefer Slash to do his own thing on new album. Music is absolutely gorgeous, makes me sad Finck left and then Reunion happened before we got trilogy.
  5. First minute or so reminds me Jane's Addiction so much.