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  1. If Rick is involved with leaks, why would they let him in? The damage of all those leaks coming out far outweighs the price of a concert ticket. Seems fair enough if you ask me. If he was involved with the leaks, he's lucky that's all that has happened to him. i'm not against the leaks, or him, but GN'R/TB aren't in the wrong for not wanting the guy around at their shows.
  2. So what happened with pitman?

    Geez, really? No shit Sherlock. Who said that they were the same thing?
  3. No, I didn't forget about them. Did you forget to read my post correctly and the posts I was replying to also? You are talking about something quite different, Mr. Straw man.
  4. A newbie to what? This forum? hahaha, not too smart are you?
  5. I'm aware of what songs Izzy wrote and co-wrote. The notion that the band needs Izzy to write "hits" or whatever is preposterous. Aunt sally didn't take long to show up. Shame, it was going so well.
  6. Not many hits since his departure, true, but rock is hardly popular these days on the charts either. Plus, GN'R's biggest hits aren't "Izzy songs", he wasn't the hit writer, the big ones are Axl's, so one has nothing to do with other. It's not like Axl needed Izzy for Sweet Child or November Rain. So this idea that they can't do shit without him, as you propose, is daft. I'm not diminishing his importance to the band, but he's not and never was the main songwriter. Axl has written some fucking brilliant songs without Izzy in recent years. He's a fucking fine songwriter as songs like Catcher, Twat, Better, Perhaps, etc, show. Slash has also written some great songs musically since the old days. Anastasia is fucking awesome (musically). They will be fine with or without Izzy, (if they can get a fucking record out).
  7. So what happened with pitman?

    I don't know if GN'R are operating under the old partnership for the tour or not. They very well may be, but I don't think this lawsuit proves that they are. There were lawsuits during the Nu GN'R days where all 3 of them were plaintiffs as "GN'R".
  8. So what happened with pitman?

    Duff and Slash never left the partnership. Axl, Slash and Duff have been the sole GN'R partners since the 90's. This isn't a new thing. They never left the GN'R partnership. Ever.
  9. Izzy doesn't have anything on Axl as a songwriter. He's overrated as hell by folks like you, but each to their own.
  10. "Cedar Sinai" is a hospital, which is where he should have gone after overdosing. It's not a rehab centre.
  11. Axl have never been in rehab as far as anyone knows. It's certainly not public knowledge that he has.
  12. It came out in the 30th year since appetite was released, what's wrong with that?
  13. The Chairman Appreciation Thread

    What a man he is, what a gent he be, if he ever needs a helping hand, I'll be happy to help him pee.