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  1. Thyme and PRL are suposed to be the same song, but... they are really diferent. Do you think they really are the same song? This has vocals and guitars? How do u think the final version sounds like? It could be played by the actual lineup?
  2. Eye On You in the permanent setlist
  3. Whatever, the soundcheck doesn't matters, in BsAs 2014 they played So Fine, in Rio 2011 Oh My God, in 2017 (don't remember the show) they played It's All Right, and last year Hardschool.
  4. What unfinished leaked songs do u think have lyrics in the finished versions?
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    All New Show should be if they change the order and add new songs something like 1 The General (full) 2 Nightrain 3 Brownstone 4 Jungle 5 Perfect Crime / Right Next Door / Pretty Tied Up 6 Better 7 Live And Let Die 8 Slither 9 Hardschool 10 YCBM 11 Shadow 12 New Duff Song 13 So Fine 14 D Tune / Quick Song 15 Bad Obsession / Dead Horse / Yesterdays 16 Locomotive 17 Atlas / Perhaps 18 SCOM 19 (Its All Right / As It Began) + Nov Rain 20 Street Of Dreams 21 KOHD 22 New Song 22 Chinese / Easy 23 Maddy 24 Rosie 25 New Song 26 City
  6. This Could Be not a Greatest Hits Album (This Already exists) It could be more like an Aerosmith's Gems Album, not so comercial rock n roll tracks 1 Reckles Life (Remastered in studio) 2 Nightrain 3 Jumpin Jack Flash (Remastered) 4 Whole Lotta Rosie (Remastered in studio) 5 Simpathy For The Devil 6 Shadow Of Your Love 7 Dead Horse 8 Dawn On The Farm 9 Perfect Crime 10 Locomotive 11 Hardschool (*1) 12 Nice Boys (Remastered in studio) 13 Riff Raff (studio version) (*2) 14 Oh My God (15) Shoot To Thrill
  7. Do U Agree with Easy as show opener, Nightrain as Main Set Closer and Paradice City as Show Closer in every show? If not, what songs would you use to open and close?
  8. IMO This 29 titles could have vocals to work on a next double album, we can add post Chinese Democracy titles like the Ashba ones. Atlas Shrugged (done) Berlin / Oklahoma Curly Shuffle D Tune Down By the Ocean Dragon Dummy Eye on You (done) Forgotten Going Down (done) Hard School (done) Ides of March Light My Fire Mostrosity Mustache Perhaps (done) PRL (w/ Thyme intro) Prom Violence Quick Song RealDoll.com Save Me (done) Seven Silkworms (done) Soul Monster State of Grace (done) The General The Rebel Tonto Zodiac 13
  9. Setlist for 2020

    And a New Album 2020: 1. The General (new version) 2. New Song (Duff vocals w/ Axl back vocals) 3. Hardschool (leak ver. w/Slash-Duff arrangements) 4. D Tune (new lyrics) 5. Tonto (new lyrics) 6. Thyme PRL (Buckmaster ver. w/Slash-Duff arrangements) 7. Seven 8. New Song 9. New Song 10. Quick Song [ft Finck] (leak ver. w/Slash-Duff arrangements) 11. Ides Of March [ft Zakk Wylde] (new ver.) 12. Atlas [ft. May] (leak ver. w/Slash-Duff arrangements) 13. Perhaps [ft. May] (leak ver. w/Slash-Duff arrangements) 14. New Song (ft. Steven Tyler) 15. Soulmonster (new lyrics)