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  1. Do U Agree with Easy as show opener, Nightrain as Main Set Closer and Paradice City as Show Closer in every show? If not, what songs would you use to open and close?
  2. IMO This 29 titles could have vocals to work on a next double album, we can add post Chinese Democracy titles like the Ashba ones. Atlas Shrugged (done) Berlin / Oklahoma Curly Shuffle D Tune Down By the Ocean Dragon Dummy Eye on You (done) Forgotten Going Down (done) Hard School (done) Ides of March Light My Fire Mostrosity Mustache Perhaps (done) PRL (w/ Thyme intro) Prom Violence Quick Song RealDoll.com Save Me (done) Seven Silkworms (done) Soul Monster State of Grace (done) The General The Rebel Tonto Zodiac 13
  3. Setlist for 2020

    And a New Album 2020: 1. The General (new version) 2. New Song (Duff vocals w/ Axl back vocals) 3. Hardschool (leak ver. w/Slash-Duff arrangements) 4. D Tune (new lyrics) 5. Tonto (new lyrics) 6. Thyme PRL (Buckmaster ver. w/Slash-Duff arrangements) 7. Seven 8. New Song 9. New Song 10. Quick Song [ft Finck] (leak ver. w/Slash-Duff arrangements) 11. Ides Of March [ft Zakk Wylde] (new ver.) 12. Atlas [ft. May] (leak ver. w/Slash-Duff arrangements) 13. Perhaps [ft. May] (leak ver. w/Slash-Duff arrangements) 14. New Song (ft. Steven Tyler) 15. Soulmonster (new lyrics)
  4. Setlist for 2020

    (Thyme Intro) 1. New Song 2. Jungle 3. Easy / Brownstone 4. Chinese Democracy 5. Better 6. Attitude 7. So Fine 8. Estranged 9. Slither 10. Roquet 11. YCBM 12. Shadow 13. Hardschool 14. Dead Horse 15. Locomotive 16. Quick Song (new Lyrics) 17. Rebel 18. SCOM 19. As It Began + November Rain 20. Nightrain ENCORE 21. The General / Maddy 22. Rosie 23. New Song #5 24. City
  5. D Tune ending sounds like NIN, Billonarie too. I think he was really influenced by them
  6. Well, is obviously that Axl has inspired in NIN before the Chinese Democracy Era. In the 90's, he searched NIN musicans Robin Finck, Josh Freese and Chris Venna for GN'R because he wanted to change the GN'R style to Industrial Rock. Engeneer Dave Domingez said that Axl has an Elvis Presley cover in NIN style where he plays every instrument like lead NIN singer Trent Reznor in the Year Zero album. IMO, songs like "As It Began" are inspired in NIN's "A Warm Place" or "Leaving Hope". What songs do you believe are inspired in the Industrial Rock Band.