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  1. Why the negativity towards Axyl and GNR?

    Because Axyl isn’t a demigod and should be held accountable like anyone else. And I like cheeseburgers but when McDonalds sells another billion, I’m not gonna do cartwheels in the streets over it.
  2. I’d love to chat with Axl about what Chinese Democracy was about from his perspective and what, if anything he was trying to get across. I have a lot of questions.
  3. I can’t decide between RMCD#1 and Double Guitars. Both are incredible and have a nice full but raw sound to them. I really like Single Guitars too because we get to hear Tommy’s nasty bass line but it’s a little empty. Josh Freese is the mang, mang.
  4. Perfect review! My thoughts exactly. Close but no cigar. More butchery. This version is way better with the raw guitars and heavier synth. It has a more of an uptempo, easy-listening, and diverse feel to it. 100/10.
  5. If GNR were cool, they would've had Rick do the McBob intro at the Wichita gig.

  6. This version of "Sorry" is so good, it got me pregnant.
  8. Soul / Elvis is god tier. The drum/bass section of Circus is pure filth. Thyme sounds like a Disney movie score. I like it because it’s so bizarre and anti-rock. Very interested to hear PRL now. Dolphin piano piece has potential. The rest, take em or leave em.
  9. The leaks sound incredible. I'd say from Rough Mixes CD #1-#3, excluding material that made Chinese Democracy, Axl has 5 really strong cuts and a couple of very interesting B-Sides. The only legitimate points Bob Ezrin has is that these aren't always highly commercial, mainstream songs. They lack big solos, the themes are more mature, and Axl's lyrics can be alienating. But Madagascar, Prostitute, The Blues and the new songs like Atlas, Perhaps, and Oklahoma belong in the conversation of the top of Gn'R's Pantheon. It doesn't matter, criticism be damned, this all should've been released a long time ago. It's a shame. Hope we get vocals on the instrumental tracks and an official release somewhere shortly down the pike.