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  1. Floyd Discussion

  2. Floyd Discussion

    I listened to Live at Pompei and Delicate Sound of Thunder this week. It turns out, David Gilmour is pretty good at guitar. I know, I was quite surprised too. I could use another couple dozens of listens of "On The Turning Away". I will not be untruthful. End transmission.
  3. Member New GNR?

    Member Robin Finck? 

    Member Axl caring?

    Oh I 'member.

    1. rocknroll41


      Member how we were all whining for Slash to come back at that time?

    2. Wagszilla


      I’ll have you know, I’ve been staunchly anti-reunion, pro-BH & Robin since 2002.

    3. Dean






  4. gnrontour.com

    It seems my digital packrat ways finally have some use. I have a full backup of the site.
  5. Apparently the Toronto date is 2/3 empty
  6. Thanks for that, uhh, re-overview. 👌
  7. This rollout makes no sense. In short, it was only 2 months between the warmups and the NITL US Tour. Fans knew what they were getting. We're in 2020. Gn'R has already double dipped here in the US in 2017, more fans have been getting restless about new music, and yet they expect fans to plop down money (more money!) for a stadium gig without us knowing what they're getting. The earliest we could possibly know is 1 month from now for the SA dates and 3-4 months for Europe and US. Currently $250 for pit here. $50+ more than 2016 for conceivably the same old show. Sorry, I don't buy based on vague promises, Gn'R. Do better!
  8. Solid taste, Mr. Meltdown. Time is carried by Axl's vocal and Bucket's solo. I think it's a pretty average song outside of that. It's kind of like a supercharged Breakdown but I like that song so I'm hardly hating on it. Also, the album version is a travesty and burying and replacing Freese's drum outro is a warcrime. I'd swap that with "Better" personally but hey, different strokes.
  9. My boycott so strong. 💪 You pretenders make me sick.
  10. You know you messed up when Rolling Stone is calling your integrity into question.
  11. No new music, no sale. Work for that dollar. It's a good dollar. The scorned fan dollar.
  12. New song? Zodiac General Top 10 Zodiac Me and My Elvis I'm Sorry Hard School Perhaps Oklahoma Chinese Democracy (Rough Mixes CD #1) Madagascar Instrumental Drums +3dB Atlas Shrugged State of Grace Thyme is my dark horse. It's too rough but I see a killer epic out of that. I like the other stuff. Some of it is middling, some I just don't see full songs there.