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  1. Copyright Strikes....

    This sucks! I tried looking up videos of their concert in Lincoln and at Exit 111 festival and there’s barely anything.
  2. Ironically enough at the 2016 Nashville concert, outside at the souvenir trailer, One in a Million was playing on the speakers lol I like the tune, the rhythm but the use of the n word and the f word, are offensive. I read once that Axl used those words to act like people who are against those groups but it’s too loadded. Personally when I listen to it, I sing it all but I do not sing those words. That’s just me.
  3. I thought Adler had had another issue with drugs a few years back, not just oxy. either way I agree with you, the band as it is is fucking awesome. I got to see Adler drumming with them in Nashville. If I got to see Izzy playing a song with them I’d be ecstatic. But Frank got better when Slash and Duff came in and worked on tempo with him (You Could Be Mine before Slash and Duff came back sounded awful), and Fortus like I said, is as close to Izzy as it gets. It will never be Izzy and I don’t think that he or Frank want to be the guys that they “replace” but Fortus and Slash jamming is awesome as hell
  4. Sebastian Bach Axl late story

    There is a video somewhere on YouTube where Baz tells a story about Axl randomly calling him and him picking up and Axl just saying “hey Baz” and Baz knowing who that was and then Baz gets all creepy and says oh my god he’s baaaaaack
  5. My favorite is the one live with Slash and Duff. They fixed that song and made it sound like rock n’ roll and not some techno rock. the guitars in the CD album are pitiful.
  6. Adler is a dope head who is not really wanting to help himself. The moment he hurt his back and would need surgery, they knew he was a ticking time bomb again. From a business standpoint it was an accurate decision to not include him in a lot of gigs. Fortus and Slash’s chemistry is awesome. It’s not Slash and Izzy but it the closest it gets and Fortus is a great musician. Their Wish You Were Here duet is amazing.
  7. You must not have gone to any gigs in 2016. I went to the one in Nashville and we had My Michelle AND Out ta Get Me with Adler in the drums