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  1. Wow...Sailing!!!!

    As only just 'discovered' GnR I am working my way through their musical history. I noticed comment on a thread citing Axl singing Rod Stewarts' Sailing, I have just had a listen and am totally blown away and goose bumped He sounds just amazing, what are your memories, thoughts etc
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    Hi What would you have liked to see? The way I interpret this thread is one of friendly discussion from folk who love this band and have done for a long time. Just my take and I have found it interesting.
  3. Happy Birthday...keep on streaming!
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    Its really interesting reading the technical stuff on here, I enjoy it and I am learning a lot. Watching it over again I am warming to it and taking in the positives such as Axl's voice which gets a little better throughout. Look forward to next weeks.
  5. NITL live videos on youtube

    Well that was strange, not sure what band I was watching The crowd were just standing there, very odd. Also I am not familiar with post 93 stuff.
  6. To cite what other bands are doing may not be helpful simply due to differing life experiences, personalities, mental health etc Also I am not sure why Fernando and TB should get the blame for the band not doing what we want them to, I am sure new music etc is down to band members, were they managing at the time of the reunion, if so I think this is a pretty big deal.
  7. Yes this could be the case! Thanks for your replies, I think I am getting the gist of this band!
  8. This is true....l
  9. I understand wanting private lives to be off limit but why the plans of the group? Is it just that there is nothing to say as Guns is not a creative bunch of people anymore? There is so much negativity on here that blasts one in the face when first joining (not a criticism as I have only been around a few months and not had to experience constant disappointments) I wonder if we all started being positive and discussing what they have done that was good it would make any difference, lthough I imagine this would only be interesting to new folk. tJust trying to think of something that would get Axl's juices going again but I doubt fans are significant enough to be of help which I understand. Maybe the only fans they are interested in are non-verbal. I suppose, at the end of the day, we have to accept the situation however frustrating and sad this is. It seems they may just be a band from the past. I listened to Appetite a few months ago and was blown away and so couldnt wait to hear more stuff from there, I didnt know the situation back then! Just meandering thoughts.
  10. So maybe he was angry due to the reception of CD and as a consequence there is no more...
  11. Do you think Axl has lost all interest and his goal now is to make a load of dosh and scram? I am perplexed, if they are not going to do anything more except tour then why not just say so...hmmm. Or maybe they like playing cat and mouse.
  12. Obviously Fernando is not very well liked here! I am not too sure what being so negative will accomplish and as a new person here it has made me feel rather sorry for him. I find it so disrespectful that somebody recorded this chat when he asked them not too, I would say it was non too honerable. But who am I to comment as you have all been here a long while.
  13. RussTCB Stepping Down

    Wow, it wont be the same without you, you will be really missed. Good luck with your podcast and lets hope GnR do something positive to enable you to come back