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  1. I was reading the thread when something was deleted? When Axl is ready to release some music he will. I think the grief he gets from fans just fuels the pressure and causes frustration all round. Just a throught.
  2. Due to coravinus spikes all over the place and maybe a surge in winter it is looking likely that there will be no concerts in 2021 either (hope I am wrong). Fernando gets a raw deal and seems to get the blame for everything. Alan Niven, after steering the band to 'the greatest rock band in the world'; sacked, Doug Goldstein who gave his everthing; sacked and then the rest of them. Sounds as though it may be a precarious role within the music machine. Also it can be more difficult when blending a family with the company, balancing family relationships with the great demands of work. Just a thought.
  3. He is gorgeous, I am going to subscribe
  4. Awww shucks...thanks. I shall look up your posts and bask in your literary skills Actually I wish I had not wrote that as I have no idea why Axl has trademarked and my spur the moment specualation is not something I normally indulge in.
  5. Obviously a panic move to make some more dosh due to cancelled shows. Or maybe retirement is on the cards so building up cash streams to pay the bills... One trademarks ones own name simply to stop anybody else using it...
  6. I know, I do think about how most people here have been following GNR from the beginning and the disappointment and frustration you must have felt along the way. Also still waiting for that last drop or two...hopefully.
  7. Why are wealthy folk never content with what they have...its almost obscene and cannot make one happy, this constant scrapping around for another million. One day homo sapiens will change and the world will become a fairer, equitable and kinder place, one can dream.
  8. Wow...Tom Petty and Axl

    How utterly bizare...and someone tried to have Axl shot! Sounds like a rehearsal for some comedy farce
  9. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Very difficult times, must have been quite difficult to rearrange with all the other groups doing the same thing....but I really feel for the countries that have been cancelled.
  10. Dementia? Where does this come from, let me guesss.... 'Biden is going to get smoked'; have you been listening to Trump for the last three months (well the whole of his tenure really) he is obviouusly a fool with no skill of articulation. Are you aware of how the rest of the world see this man, most people are aghast that US has voted in such a fly by nightl as their President, a most esteemed role (to many not all). He scares me, truly, especially now in the present situation of a changing world which needs considered and intelligent leaaders (I know, Boris is not that spectacular ).
  11. From such an illustrious beginning to...cash grab, tragic really.
  12. Other bands have used Models to sit at the front too...
  13. Gosh this is really sad, I remember it was said he spoke about Slash alot in the article that was posted recently with the Swedish girl.
  14. By coincedence I am just watching a doc on Lenny Kravitz and exactly the same thing is happening, obviously the norm in the life of a rock star