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  1. Wow...My World!

    I had a feeling I would get this kind of response...maybe I relate to the 'madness' of it, having some fun wiith a state of mind that can be such shit
  2. Wow...My World!

    I have just listened to My World and really like it. Obviously singing as if experiencing a psychotic episode, cleverly captured. I love his voice which captures the crazy stream of logic in these situations. When was this released and how was it received?
  3. David Coverdale comment...

    Thanks interesting comment, I wonder how difficult it would be to switch labels, if it involves court cases then I imagine Axl has had enough of those!
  4. David Coverdale comment...

    |Just watched an interview with David Coverdale from 11 years ago and he was asked why the band had broken up and he said 'I was sick of being in love with the songs I wrote but the record company not being'. I just thought it an interesting comment with the question mark over new music from GNR. It does make you wonder who has the actual power to make things happen.
  5. Why why why does Axl want it to be this way, seems so opposite to his younger self...
  6. My experience exactly, Youtube led me to finding this amazing group but since most of the cllps that I enjoyed have disappeared, I dont get it as it was widening their fan base and keeping them relevant, crazy.
  7. Wow I am so jealous sounds like lifetime experiences!
  8. COVID-19 Outbreak

    You think Trump would agree with this?
  9. COVID-19 Outbreak

    For those whose Gyms have closed have you thought of going for a run, I go running almost daily (marathon runner) and with the excercise in fresh air (getting outside for an hour) I always come home feeling good. For non runners maybe this could be the time to start a programme, just a thought.
  10. When did Axl lose his musical and performing drive?

    Was this his aim, to phase out old stuff and just play new music?
  11. When did Axl lose his musical and performing drive?

    I was watching an old interview with Axl and Slash when the interviewer asked Axl about his new tattoo and Axl said 'dont rush into getting one, it took me about a year of thinking about it until I finally decided to go for it'!
  12. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    Restriction have got more severe here in the UK since large groups of people were seen milling about on Mothers day! I work from home most of the time anyway and I dont have Kids to look after, just my staffie pooch who I sneak out for her walks. It also gives me time to gen up on GnR stuff being a new fan:)
  13. When did Axl lose his musical and performing drive?

    Thats a very black and white opinion and human brains are most definitely not. There is always some comorbidiity with perfectionism (which he may be as this not being able to finish anything is a symptom, especially important stuff) such as anxiety which can be crippling and |Slash leaving was probably the catalyst as well as the death of his good friend from Blind Melon, his mams death etc.