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  1. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    I don’t think he ever will. Which as much as I adore Izzy and would love that, part of the reason he’s one of my favorite musicians is the mystery. He’s remained this untouchable Demi-god. I mean think about how much we put these people on pedestals and idolize them, when we find out a whole bunch about their private lives, it brings them down to our level. We are smacked with the reality that they’re normal people, flaws and all. Which is cool at times but it kills the illusion of being a “rockstar”. I WOULD on the other hand love it if Axl put out a book. All the tea would be spilled and it’d be great to get his perspective. Tbh I feel like his would be the least biased, he’d tell it like it is and wouldn’t hold back.