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  1. People change. I wouldn’t say he retired creatively. I’d put it this way- he decided what it was, was what it was and is now at a point he can revisit it. Which in a way is a resurgence of creativity and why it’s so successful again. We know he wanted to “bury appetite” and I can only imagine felt the same in the CD era. Let the nostalgia play out. He’s still young. 57 is the new 40. I don’t think he’s totally done but very well could be happy revisiting that era of his life. Imagine you are him and you did all this crazy shit 30 years ago and suddenly you have a chance to bring it back to what it was. You might be happy just sitting with it for awhile but it doesn’t mean you’re dead.
  2. I get it. I’m a huge fan and I totally get it. I definitely have preferences but I’ve realized it’s who they are and am enjoying it because it’s great they’re still around. I’m not expecting anything but to watch and listen to the Guns N’ Roses I grew up loving. The covers... they’ve always been a big covers band so it doesn’t bother me that much. And the seeker adds a lot of energy to the show when you’re there. Each one I’ve been to (7) that song is a big boost in the energy department. If given the choice I’d rather hear a deep cut but I’ll give it to them, people eat it up. Why stop?
  3. I was really hoping for Benny and the jets at the show I went to but that could have been a fake set list haha. I know what you mean on KOHD.. but the general crowd eats it up. That’s one of the songs everyone knows even if you don’t know the band. I like it for nostalgia and makes me think of Tracey and Roberta. the point about shorter shows is well taken and probably what we’ll see in the next few years as they get older and older. I’m just enjoying what we have while it’s here.
  4. I hardly post here anymore but read for updates. I see you post the same stuff all the time. Why are you still here? I don’t mean to be rude but I really can’t understand why something that peeves you so much would keep you coming back. It’s almost like BDSM but in a music forum posting sense. Do you like to be whipped?
  5. I know it’s disappointing in a way because the excitement of a new song or variance in shows is cool as a hardcore fan. But a few things to remember is the energy of being at a show vs following it on a forum is night and day. Their catalogue isn’t that big, and they have at least a dozen songs they basically have to play every night because they’re synonymous with the band. All in all they put on a great show for tons of people and do it consistently. I was at a show recently and can’t really think of a low point, yet knew what songs were coming next. I’d love to hear breakdown and you’re crazy and something new, but being at the show vs following from a distance is completely different. It’s also a bit of a rock and hard place type scenario. They don’t have to release anything and can cruise on legacy mode until they die. They're already cemented into legendary status. What if they released a new album and it flops? They’d still be a draw and have the history but it does diminish the mystique to a certain degree. At this point there is literally 0 downside on a global scale to not continue doing what they’re doing. With the state of the music industry and our cultures preference towards nostalgia, it’s easy to argue the way they are doing it is actually the smartest way. I’m happy we have what we have. I don’t listen to them everyday like I used to, but every once in awhile I’ll listen to UYI 2 or or watch their music videos and think god damn... what a band. And that’s what they are milking right now.
  6. Definitely has a Black Sabbath element to it. Sounds a lot like some of Buckethead’s solo stuff.
  7. What a shitty friend. If a band is a marriage imagine this mad libs "I'll give a little asteriks on that. About a week before it was announced that John was back in the Marriage, true story, he called me. Not texted. He called me privately. 'I don't know anything about this marriage that's going on.'" (Trunk laughs) "So take that into the equation ... he threw up some serious smoke and mirrors on me at the time ... then a week later, the marriage was announced ... He's done that misdirection shit to me once or twice before." dude!! He’s your friend! Why you being such an ass! Not your marriage you gossip queen.
  8. Are you serious!? Dude!! Go to Axls house, not far from Point Magu off the PCH. Just show up and say sir, I can help you. I would actually root for this story for the shear absurdity. Look at it from my perspective, I’m sitting here giving advice to the next Izzy Stradlin. My shoulders will be a little wider tomorrow at work.
  9. This sounds like a wild dream. Ive always been curious about down by the ocean. It’s possible I made it up but is that comment by axl about the song Box by Izzy? If you read the lyrics to that song, it sounds like it could be about Axl. Axl’s way of responding to what he thought was about him? Do we have anything to substantiate it being an actual gnr song? Maybe I read his comment sarcastically. I don’t know, the fact I dramatize this shit makes me cringe but I’ve always thought of Axl when I hear that song, even before the comment he made about down by the ocean/Izzy.
  10. What is “the locker”

    Hindsight is always 20/20 but also neglects the reality of what is. I don’t know if Guns N Roses have ever had the financial success they’ve had recently with the re grouping so what solid advice is, I don’t know. Ideally yes, maybe that’s what should have happened. But it didn’t and it worked out fine. Axl is almost universally respected today, the band is extremely successful, we got great music out of New gnr, velvet revolver, solo work, acdc, etc. If we want ideal situations, people like Tom zutaut have nothing to do with the music of Guns N’ Roses. He is quite literally a beggar and hanger on. I know it’s a business but we are talking ideals here which has nothing to do with money, A&R people etc. ideally music like any art is created by one person or a group and then belongs to everyone collectively. Nothing personal against Tom, but it’s positions like his that complicate the entire thing. all told, it worked out well for everyone the way it happened. My theory is Axl came in with the name and a lot of the creative direction, carried the flag while the others were burnt out on various substances, thought he was abandoned and/or cornered to take something a certain direction, and did what he did for what he felt he worked for. I don’t really know though because all I have is what everyone has to go off of. You also have to consider Guns wasn’t what it is today in 1999. Obviously they had huge success but in 1999, they were only 10 years off of their initial success. It’s not like they were the Beatles coming back replacing Lennon. I mean Slash is only just now coming into that legendary Hendrix/ Page/ Clapton guitar echelon because he’s been at it so long. Axl was in his mid 30s then and probably didn’t think it was over or nostalgia from then on. If you started a lemonade stand with your friends that was really successful initially, and you worked hard at it, spoke to the people, ran the numbers, basically were the face of it and people LOVED it. They’ve never had lemonade like this. It reminds them of the raw lemonade they got in the 70s and very unlike the synthetic lemonade they get today. Then, You make new recipes that are different from your initial product but extremely popular. You get more fans because you decided to mix in ice tea and expand your customer base. Your friends go along with it for a bit then come to you after the success and say “I’m not selling that iced tea lemonade shit anymore” and this is the lemonade we are selling, shut up and squeeze. You say, well this lemonade has potential, I’d like to work with it, but it needs something. They say this is the product, period. You watch it flop and feel vindicated in a way and think fuck this shit, I’m taking the brand we created that I piloted and I’m doing this. I’m enhancing our lemonade. That’s basically how I view the gnr saga from 85-99.
  11. I think the hype you are speaking of is due to being on a gnr forum and this being a song title known for a long time so people are excited to finally hear it. Hard school is a strange term. What the hell is a rocket queen for that matter? Why don’t you just write the next song since you know where it needs to go? I mean seriously, you know the direction and what you want to hear, just write and record it? It’s like you don’t have to eat at the restaurant. You liked a meal there once but everything has been shit since. So you order the same thing you liked or stop eating there or make something yourself. Didnt Duff write a song about Facebook? Slash’s solo stuff was highly... questionable until recently. Izzy has some great solo stuff but if I’m being honest, half of it is forgettable. Not trying to put you down I just don’t get the complaints and it’s not you specifically, just in general people like to complain like I’m doing now about people complaining. Damn
  12. I’m not going to sit here and jump up and down like a fanboy saying I love it, but I can certainly dig it and really respect people willing to reinvent themselves, especially as I get older. I like that axl was willing to try new things. Not sure it’s really been done like that but I have a limited view of music outside of rock. It’s not like Joe Schmow hears this and burns their appetite for destruction CD. The effect of early gnr is permanent so might as well try it out. When Axl is dead, he’ll be respected for trying this shit. He was Kanye west before the internet. He makes you say what the fuck, but there is something special about his music mind and you have to respect it. Having said that silkworms as a title has always made me shrug so if isn’t it absurd is the title, I like it better because it works on that level. Then again maybe silkworms is a good title because it would have a “what the fuck” reaction to most people who buy Gnr which is exactly my reaction to actual silk worms.
  13. I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the leaks and thought Atlas was Checkmate and thought he was saying “and you’re the one, who sold them drugs”. I realized later it was shoulders shrug and it all connected. Not sure I have a point but what can you do.
  14. “What should I do, with a bitch like you” is the new “with your ass in the air”. I hear it in my head every time.