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  1. Yeh thanks to all who provided links for streaming last night, much appreciated here too
  2. Masterpiece, if you skip the first 6 minutes I love the finale of the song, Axl sounds badass, but when songs are 10 minutes long I tend to think it's just trying to hard.... like November Rain, Locomotive, Estranged etc.
  3. Alien: Covenant

    Also, Alien is the best film of the franchise in my opinion, followed by Aliens If you haven't played the video game then I highly recommend picking up Alien Isolation. I have it on Xbox 1 and it genuinely feels like you're in the Alien universe. The team who made this game clearly love Alien imo. Graphics are amazing, the sound is amazing, and just wandering about a deserted Weyland spacestation trying to evade an Alien is fucking terrifying. As much as I recommend the game, I genuinely only got to like Stage 5 because it was scary as fuck As soon as I encountered an Alien I bailed lol. I'm waiting on a "No Aliens Mode" DLC package so I can just wander around without worrying about having a heart attack. I only played it on easy mode, but they had harder modes which will pick up real life noises through your controllers microphone which alerts the in-game alien..... fuck playing that alone in the dark
  4. Alien: Covenant

    Saw this when it came out at the cinema and I'd have to agree I love Alien 1-4, and I'm apparently in the minority who enjoyed Prometheus too, but I thought Covenant was pretty shit. I'll probably watch it again though if it comes on Netflix/Prime just to give it a fair chance. I just didn't find it scary in the cinema, and it had a few WTF scenes too. I've yet to see any of the AVP movies. One of them was on TV a few weeks ago so I watched the first 20 minutes and was really getting in to it..... then my girlfriend said we had to take the dog for a walk I'll watch them one day, though I've heard they're shittier than Predator 2 which I find impossible to believe
  5. Frasier is one of my favourite shows Very funny scripts during the first 3-4 seasons, probably the only show which gives me genuine laugh out loud moments, and I occasionally still find new subtle jokes that I never picked up on previously. Most sitcoms are okay to kill 20 minutes but I rarely find them in the slightest bit funny. Cheers was good too, but I've not watched them in years as they're not shown on TV much (not on my channels anyway). I recall the earliest episodes being very good, but I didn't like the character of Diane. Fortunately she got written out and replaced by Kirsty Alley
  6. How strong are refrigerator doors in the the U.K?

    If North Korea fires a nuclear missile at the UK I intend to hide in my fridge Unless anyone here has a better alternative? That Indy film wasn't that bad, I'd much rather watch it than Bake off.
  7. The whining thread

    Bought a new phone & the first app I tried to install, the only app I actually need, said "This app is not compatible with your phone"
  8. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Cool to see another new Izzy page, site looks really good
  9. Dealing with abandonment?

    Have to agree with others. If someone doesn't want to talk to me then that's okay with me, a lot of the time I can't be arsed talking to my friends or family. I've gone years without talking to my dad before. He thinks I'm a tree-hugging-animal-rights-hippy, I think he's a racist, a Tory, and pretty sure he's homophobic too judging by some of his remarks.... we never agreed on anything though. This last few years we've reconnected a little, both trying to make an effort, but I think we both know it's a pointless exercise because we're just so different. Sooner or later one of us will stop answering the phone for a few more years. I've ignored former friends, not intending to be malicious or to hurt their feelings, just because I've found them to have such conflicting views to my own that I don't want to deal with them - maybe it's my issues and not theirs though, I dunno. From my point of view, it's not a personal attack on their character or their politics etc, I just don't want to have them in my life so I ignore them or make excuses to avoid seeing/hearing from them. I know you don't want a buzzfeed article type thing, but I actually listened to a great podcast just this week which I think applies to your situation It's full of others personal stories, called "Who You Gonna Call" when everything goes wrong. After listening to it I felt compelled to touch base with my mum just to let her know that I thought she was a great mum (something I'd never actually done before), and I also phoned an old friend who lives out of town just to hear their voice. Give it a listen if you have an hour to spare, it's pretty uplifting I think https://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/622/who-you-gonna-call Hope you can patch things up with your friend soon if that's what you want
  10. I Feel Good Discussion Thread

    I like it I think it's definitely a weird choice of song to cover, but Axl sounds great, and I like that they've chosen a song I would never have expected them to cover. Not sure how I missed the 2006 version tbh, thanks for sharing
  11. 2001 Guitar & Bass: (src) Pretty bad translation on the original so take the interview with a grain of salt It doesn't say anything about replacing Paul Tobias, but I'm guessing the forums have twisted it to mean that over the years, as I think Paul was hesitant to play live? That Rio 3 show was badass. I still get goosebumps on that opening of Jungle
  12. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Fucks sake, I made the mistake of going in the main forum again Think it's time I got an admin to delete my account because mygnrforum just pisses me off whenever I venture outside of this safe thread
  13. It's probably Appetite For Destruction, same as Axl, Slash, Duff and Steven? If you mean solo album, well he's released so many that I'm honestly not sure. I don't think he cares how many copies he sells, if he did he would be out there promoting it.
  14. Everyone has their own preferences. If we all just agreed with each other this forum would have died years ago FYI, I hear a lot of NIN/Bowie/Lennon ripoffs in Chi Dem *sorry, couldn't resist*
  15. Need advice on Izzy solo stuff

    Some of my favourites that I think other Gunners will like: Honestly depends what kind of mood you're in. Personally I love the reggae tunes but I think I'm in the minority there. He's also got country, hard rock, instrumentals, acoustic tunes etc. I think one of his most autobiographical songs is Concrete, but personally I prefer his reggae remix: I'm sure there's plenty of Izzy fans who would choose different songs. We have a lot to choose from, something for every mood