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  1. Would be pretty funny if Guns rickrolled the hardcores by teasing Hard School live and then breaking into Never Gonna Give You Up
  2. I agree with @vloors. I'm amazed that @axlrosefan4life is now actively pursuing the media and looking for attention. I think he got off lightly all things considered, and he should just lay low for a while until this all blows over. Just because he hasn't been sued yet doesn't mean they're not actively building a case against him, and everything he says right now could be documented as evidence against him. Team Brazil, or Axl, is obviously pretty pissed with Ricks actions if they've gone to the trouble of banning him. Going to the media and drawing more attention to this whole shitshow isn't going to win them over
  3. I think this is the right thing to do, nice one guys I've suggested the same policy to the other staff on Gnr Evo to see if they'll follow suit too. Doesn't feel right that private emails should be leaked, and this definitely crosses a line.
  4. Puerto Rico 2010 Proshot

    What was the band lineup in 2010? Was that the Bumblefoot/Ashba years?
  5. Axl has been vindicated with this leak. This version is killer and it should have been the album released by the label. Madagascar as an opener is perfect too. Thanks to whoever shared it
  6. Hope everyone who wanted tickets manages to get them and enjoys the show. Have a great time if you're going
  7. I really dig this one, sounds cool. Anything with Axl screaming/holding long notes is killer in my book
  8. Gardening

    Yeh the auger was amazing. I didn't realise just how quickly it would blast through the ground, there was mud flying everywhere so I had to just tap the drill button once to prevent going to deep. Probably planted 50 bulbs in a few hours today and going to have another few hours at it every day this week. I wanted to just drill hundreds of holes in advance as it was so much fun, but my girlfriend insisted I not get carried away and wanted us to do it in small sections instead I need a bigger auger for my next tree planting session now. Won't be going back to my backbreaking pickaxe and shovel routine if I can just drill instead
  9. Gardening

    I have 6 hens so I'm always trying to unload free eggs on my neighbours so they dont go to waste We usually get 6 eggs daily and there's just no way I can use that many, even if they are delicious. I started planting the bulbs today, thanks again for the auger tip cineater, it worked a treat Thought you and soon might like to see the method I ended up going with in the end... 1. Strimmed away the huge weeds, pulled out as many roots as I could and raked the ground over 2. Augered the holes (top left) 3. Put bulbs in the holes, backfilled and marked each position with a tent peg 4. Put 2 sheets of wet newspaper down and pierced the paper with the tent pegs so I dont lose the position of the bulbs (bottom left) 5. Removed tent pegs and made the holes in the newspaper slightly larger 6. Spread 3-4cm of bark over the top (see right) In theory the newspaper should help keep the old weeds down whilst the bulbs come through the holes and then fight their way through the bark. The paper will degrade over time which I preferred over the fabric option, and apparently its good for worms and what have you as they'll eat away at it too. Its a slow process but the strimmer and auger definitely helped. I'll be retiring from gardening if the weeds come back with a vengeance next year lol
  10. I listened to it already, though I must admit I skipped the first 10 minutes or so of the podcast as I just wanted to hear some GNR fans talk about the leaks
  11. Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight when logging in to Mygnr... Sucks for the band and label, but it's a great time for us
  12. He put out 2 more songs after FP Money He did "To Being Alive" and then a cover of "Call Me The Breeze", both are on the usual places like Spotify, iTunes etc.
  13. Gardening

    I have 40 metres of extension cable which should allow me to cover all of the garden It all arrived yesterday so I've already been out and strimmed a path through the long grass, really impressed with it considering the price I paid. My auger arrived too, but now I can't find the charger for my drill My garage is even messier than my garden so could take me months to find it, might have to just buy a new one. Gardening is turning out to be a lot more expensive than I thought it would be lol.
  14. Gardening

    Thanks for the tip! Just ordered one now and should have it by Friday. I didn't even think of getting something like, didn't know they existed so thanks
  15. Gardening

    200L acted as mulch for a total of 13 trees. At about 5cm deep I'd say each 100L covered approx 5m2? I've another 15 or so trees to mulch and I'm going to use the same bark for my garden path too, so have ordered another 1000L. I'm gonna be busy for the next few weeks but will post some update photos when it's all done, and hopefully not looking like such a jungle For planting all of the bulbs I also finally invested in one of these: It's just a cheap £35 strimmer off Amazon but will see how it goes. Hoping I can blast away large patches of the tough long grass easily and then plant the bulbs in its place ready for next spring Might not be as simple as that as I expect the grass will return next year with a vengeance