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  1. Podcasts

    My favourite podcast is This American Life, have listened to it for years and I enjoy their storytelling format more than most other podcasts. My favourite episode is Who You Gonna Call. I've gone back and listened to it a few times
  2. Just finished listening, nice job guys Your (Brando's) content always comes across as more conversational than the usual Q&A interview format, its great.
  3. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Zero cases on our island off the coast of Scotland but the panic is still very real. Shops running low on essentials like toilet paper but I've not had issues getting food fortunately. The community spirit where I live has been really uplifting, we have Facebook groups setup to make sure that everyone isolating has everything they need, and 10% of our islands population is now registered as a volunteer, including me Over 1000 volunteers within the last fortnight, and our hospital staff are being given free accommodation in B&B's close to the hospital, and all the pubs/hotels etc have given away all their food to charities when they've closed. The community response to tourists has been less enthusiastic mind. We've basically shut down the islands and told anyone who doesn't live here to fuck off because theyre not welcome anymore If you try coming to Orkney you'll be turned away at the harbour unless you can provide documentation that proves you live here. Some local videos to lift your spirits...
  4. COVID-19 Outbreak

    The panic buying is crazy. I manage the website for a trade supplies company in Australia and our online sales have blown up over the last few days. They've increased tenfold at least. Folk are buying gallons of isopropyl alcohol, face masks and toilet paper like it's going out of fashion.
  5. Universal and Disney world in Florida closed too now. That's my Wrestlemania holiday buggered
  6. I didn't intend to imply that Im defending Axls position, just trying to make sense of it all really. I just think that if my business made $500,000,000 over the last few years I probably wouldn't give a shit about a releasing an album either lol, especially if I've already smashed it with an album like AFD which became a global success. Axl can live out the rest of his life in extreme comfort without the extra hassle of releasing an album if he can't be arsed. He can still write and record music on a daily basis to satisfy his creative needs, but he doesn't need to deal with any potential bullshit that might come from the record label, press or fans Maybe Axl has enough money to withstand any pressure from the record label? He might expect $10 million minimum to promote a new album whilst the label are only willing to offer $1 million because rock music is basically dead in the music charts. So neither the band or the label will move from their current negotiating position, and they've both got the funds to drag this out for years until one of them is eventually forced into a position of needing to get an album out (or they can find some sucker with too much cash to burn, eg. Best Buy)? Artists who play the clubs and rely on crowdfunding aren't in the same position as Axl. They don't have any option and have to resort to e-begging or playing wherever they can in order to get their name out there. Axl doesn't have those issues
  7. Thanks for posting, hadnt read this one before. Pretty funny that he's talking about escaping to Europe because USA is at boiling point and too violent then he says: ludurigan is correct though, the LA riots occured a few years later so Izzy wasn't wrong really.
  8. I think they're just gonna be a touring band from here on out unfortunately Can't say I blame them when you compare the money they can make from touring against the money they can make from releasing an album. I think releasing a new album would be a pretty big risk and might tarnish their legacy, which could harm future sales for live events. They don't need to release an album to sell tickets, there's plenty of other ways to do that which won't harm their legacy (eg. Bring back Izzy/Adler/Sorum as a guest, play a new song or two live, reduce the price of tickets, get Axl to do some promo/interviews etc)
  9. Really enjoyed episode 1 of the litho podcast, thanks guys, good job I've not listened to part 2 yet but looking forward to it, just need to find the time to make sure I can watch it as I'd definitely need to see the litho's on screen as you talk about them - otherwise I won't have a clue what you're talking about
  10. I'm supposed to be going to Florida in a fortnight for Wrestlemania and to visit the theme parks Hoping it all goes ahead but just gonna have to wait and see. As long as my flight still leaves I'll be on the plane no matter what
  11. Thanks for sharing ludurigan, really cool hearing this The JJH album is a classic, will always be a favourite of mine so its nice to hear Izzy talking about how he came up with some of the songs
  12. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Been listening to Billie eilishs album, lots of cool songs on it
  13. The hard drives never existed imo. Just a ploy to try and get other hoarders to make contact.
  14. Glad I didn't buy a ticket for the Scotland show yet too. I check in on the forums from time to time but have zero expectations. Hope all the GNR guys are happy and healthy though, I still dig their music. Just seen the same show too many times and won't spend hundreds to hear one or two deep cut variations live. When they start playing new songs or bring back Izzy I'll start contributing to their pension funds again
  15. I thought it was going to be an all new show? Or is that the Euro leg?