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  1. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    He played four full concerts in 2000 in Japan His solo music is great, some real gems on every album, all 11 of them. He also released singles with unreleased bsides, EPs, youtube vids, & theres about 25+ other songs you can track down on bootleg (eg. Spoonful, FSO Ragga, Keep On Movin'). He's done probably a dozen guest songs on other musicians albums too like Kittyviolet, Burden Brothers, Mark Lanegan, Outpatience etc. Izzy fans are spoilt for choice really, so much good shit out there that Izzy just doesn't promote, because he doesn't want to My only gripe is that he doesn't tour his solo music often at all. He and Axl are the exact opposite on that front. Axl hasn't really stopped touring, which is great, but he's only dropped 1 album since I became a fan back in 1998
  2. Gaming Historian - YouTube Channel

    I've watched a few of his vids and they're great quality, definitely does his research, but I'm only replying because of Little Samson really I never played it as a kid, only heard of it years later when it became a collectible in the retro community and its price skyrocketed. Grabbed it for my emulator and it's such a good game, probably my favourite NES title to be honest. Good old fashioned platforming with really tight controls, killer boss fights & a cool soundtrack throughout I used to watch quite a lot of retro games channels, my favourites were AVGN, Game Chasers, 16 Bit Gems, Pat The NES Punk.... basically those that I found through Retroware TV, but I've not watched any of them in ages. I've only been watching Super Mario Maker channels, I'm addicted lol. The best one imo is Ryukahr who plays the Super Expert levels - they're the ones that make me ragequit within minutes so it's nice to see someone capable of beating them without throwing a tantrum like most of the other Youtubers do
  3. Best Sandwiches

    I just like plain sandwiches Bacon, sausages, sliced ham (seperately, not in one big sandwich lol). Butter has to be salted in any sandwich for me, unless I drown in it brown sauce instead Cold spaghetti?? My girlfriend likes spaghetti on toast with cheese but I've never seen her eat the spaghetti cold, that just sounds wrong lol.
  4. Gardening

    Im not sure Im brave enough to try eating anything foraged wild. Growing my own veg is one thing, but don't you have to be careful when it comes to foraging? You definitely seem to know a lot more about this kind of thing than I do I've never heard of chiggers and don't recognise them from Googling. We do get ticks up here though which are horrible little things and look similiar
  5. Gardening

    I got as far as sitting in my garden and enjoying a coffee, didn't actually get around to doing any work on it Did snap a few pics though so welcome to the jungle... Some snaps of the various wildflowers, trees I planted and the huge weeds I've no idea really what any of them are. Lots of nice colours though, and we attract tons of birds, bees and insects
  6. Gardening

    I've not made any in a while actually. I do love homemade pizza but it's easier to just buy a premade one, usually works out cheaper too as theres so many ingredients to buy When I get my own pizza oven I'll definitely make more of my own. If the weather is nice tomorrow Im planning to get out in the garden for the day. I'll have to take some before and after photos
  7. Super Mario Maker 2

    I loved SMM on the Wii U so will probably pick this up at some point, I'll need to buy a Switch first. I wasn't planning to buy any more consoles as I have so many already, but I've been watching a lot of YouTubers playing SMM2 and it does look great
  8. Gardening

    I don't think I'd have the heart to ever chop them down if they do grow tall Haven't bought my pizza oven yet but I still want one though. Just need to find the energy to order one and then build it
  9. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Do your time then get out of society Love Jesse. Went to see him live again a few weeks back and had a blast I think he's one of the best at storytelling through a song.
  10. HBO minseries Chernobyl (2019)

    I enjoyed watching this, binge watched it over 2 days. I felt a sense of guilt after watching it because it seemed like so many people gave their own lives or health to prevent deaths across the continent. If the series is true to life then as a European I should feel guilty for not knowing the names of those who died to save us
  11. One documentary that really hit me recently was Last Breath on Netflix. Can you imagine a more inhospitable environment to find yourself in? Bottom of the ocean, alone, pitch black, knowing you will die in 5 minutes. Terrifying because this really happened
  12. Rambo: Last Blood

    First Ive heard of this, hope its as good as the last one (I think that was just called Rambo, unless Ive missed any) Since Arnie has been bought up in this thread already, what do folk think of the more recent Terminator movies? The last one I saw was T3 but they've released a few since then I think. Are any of them worth checking out?
  13. Gardening

    I planted ~15 new trees in my garden earlier this year then went travelling for 3 weeks. Came home to find my trees being suffocated by 4 foot high weeds I was raging lol, managed to get it back under control so just need to keep on top of the maintenance for the rest of the summer.
  14. Hope Steven's okay, wishing him a speedy recovery
  15. I've heard this mentioned plenty of times but don't really understand what the actual copyright issue is? Can you (or anyone else) please shed a bit more light on this, or just explain it to my idiot-self in simple terms? The video footage must have been licensed to have been used in the first place, so why were GNR not allowed to include it on say 'Welcome to the Videos', or upload it to there YouTube channel, but it is allowed to be shown on MTV or whatever? Why would the Terminator folk object to its usage now, when the song and video both still kickass? Maybe Guns could release an edited video with the movie footage replaced with other UYI clips? Seems a shame that the song gets buried when it's one of the best UYI songs