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  1. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Still in two minds about what to do here. I was hoping they'd announce a gig in Scotland at some point but they're taking their sweet ass time about it I'm in Monaco for the F1 Grand Prix at the end of May so I'm thinking the Hamburg gig might be cool if I just loiter around the EU for a week or so. Haven't been to Germany in about 20 years and it'd be another international GNR show for me which kinda adds to the excitement of it all. Guess I'll hang on for a while and see what happens with re: Scotland show and/or the setlist on the new tour. If it's an identical setlist as before I'll probably skip it just to save money for the next time they swing around
  2. Holy shit, I didn't pick up on this when listening to the interview. Probably not a lot of money to GNR or Universal, but uploading just one song could force someone to live in poverty for the rest of their lives. That's me never uploading anything ever again GNR paid Rick $15k total but the songs are worth $150,000 each now that they've been leaked and a few hundred fans downloaded them
  3. 174?! That's awesome! Would love to see a pic if you still have them all and can fit them all in a single photo somehow lol.
  4. Quite a bit now that I think about it, but definitely not close to some of the fans who have been to every show on NITL. It's probably less than $2-3k altogether which isn't too bad considering I've been a fan for 20 years or so The majority of the expense has definitely been gig tickets. Probably spent a few hundred quid on Izzys solo albums too as back in the good old days ya had to pay £30 to get the CD imported from Japan
  5. I've no idea tbh. Izzys disc didn't leak so not sure he'd have a legal case, unless GnR is correct and Zutaut was openly selling these? We'll probably find out more info if UMG does go ahead with suing Rick though
  6. The Ju Ju Hounds tape is from 1993 when they were on the same label as GnR, which explains why Zutaut had a copy
  7. What would be your ideal GNR tour?

    I'd quite like to attend a riot show just to say I was there
  8. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    The fanbase is fucking nuts and I don't blame the band for keeping us at an arms length The "GnR Family" seems equally nuts from the outside looking in to be fair though lol.
  9. Has UMG actually filed a lawsuit against Rick?
  10. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Still no Scotland show and looking less likely
  11. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Will definitely pick this up
  12. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Hope the Scotland rumour is true
  13. British Politics

    Can't say I really blame England when the alternative was Corbyn, but it's been pretty embarrassing to watch people cheering when the Tories win a seat - it's like watching a turkey celebrate Xmas I really do understand the north of Englands position, I was born and lived there for 20 years. If I still lived in England I'm honestly not sure who I would have voted for, I don't think any party really represents England well and theres no doubt that the whole of the north needs major investment. Hope it does improve down there
  14. Has Izzy retired?

    It's a shame Axls vision didn't seem to include releasing music
  15. British Politics

    Yeh we just re-elected Alistair Carmichael up here, no surprise really At least he's not Labour or Tory, a Lib Dem is definitely the lesser of evils out of the 3 I think. Alistairs wife owns one of only 2 veterarians up here and I strongly suspect thats why he's so popular tbh. When my dog was alive I always voted for Carmichael out of fear that his wife would leave if he lost his seat - she's a really great vet which made him worth voting for, but without my doggie by my side I was all aboard the SNP train
  16. British Politics

    Jo Swinson just lost her seat to SNP
  17. Axls voice, image and general don't give a fuck attitude, coupled with Izzys catchy rhythms and natural songwriting ability is what got me hooked. I think Niven definitely helped get them noticed too though with his booking of the UK tour and manipulation of the shitty UK tabloid papers - that was a clever move. I don't think Niv can be overlooked in how instrumental he was in getting GN'R on the map so to speak. Without Niv the band would still have been great, but would anyone have ever really paid attention in the media? There's a shit ton of great bands out there who end up penniless and die in the gutter because no-one gives a fuck about a no-name artist. Those 3 were the key ingredients that help shoot Guns to superstardom (in my opinion), and meaning no disrespect to Slash, Duff and Adler who obviously still contributed majorly to the sound of the band
  18. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    Don't really know what to say, the whole situation is just too bizarre for words. In my 20 years of being a GNR fan I don't think I've ever understood a single decision made by the band I'm still here so I guess they've done something right to at least keep me entertained over the years, but Guns is without doubt the most dysfunctional business on the planet.... and yet they raked in $500 million or whatever on the last tour

    Im ashamed to admit it, but I quite like the jigsaw puzzles too. I'll see myself out...
  20. Sounds like the gig was a lot of fun, I'd love to go to something like that over here I saw a headline today that NPR rated The Replacements reissue of Don't Tell A Soul/Dead Mans Pop one of the best reissues of the year, I'm definitely gonna have to pick a copy up as I haven't heard it yet
  21. Has Izzy retired?

    I hope not I think he's probably still writing and recording songs but is choosing not to release them for some reason. It's only been 3 years since he last put out music (6 songs in 2016), but yeh it's been 9 years since he released a full album so maybe he is semi retired? He still tweets once a year so he's not fully retired yet
  22. British Politics

    I haven't seen much Labour support where I live, but you can never tell with elections really. I didn't expect Tories to win back seats in 2017 but they did, guess we'll wait and see We've had a Lib Dem for about 100 years so I'd be shocked if SNP did win. It's mostly a farming community so I think the message of just Stop Brexit will be more popular than the SNPs Stop Brexit and give us IndyRef2. Maybe more people have had enough of Westminster though so who knows
  23. British Politics

    I live in a Lib Dem safe seat with ~5000 majority. I'm planning to vote for SNP again though, and my partner is torn between voting Lib Dem or SNP. I think we're both just greatful that neither Tory or Labour have a hope in hell of winning here I work nightshift from home so planning to do very little work and will watch the results as they come in live. Might need to get a few beers in just incase of a Tory majority
  24. Solutions

    Thanks for the link, good read I read a book recently called "Bootleg: The Secret History of the Other Recording Industry" all about how the bootleg music industry got started. How they got the records, who made the artworks, who was pressing the discs, who was buying etc. Really interesting, you might like it Theres a PDF on Google but not sure I can link to it here due to the new policy re: copyright.
  25. Copyright Strikes....

    That Izzy video was uploaded to Youtube within 24 hours of the song being officially released commercially so it's a bit different. Izzy was charging $0.99 for the song on iTunes/Amazon etc, so I can see why he might get annoyed when a fan immediately puts it on YouTube where everyone gets to hear it for free. There's probably an argument to be made that if fans hear the song on YouTube they will go and buy it on iTunes, but since Izzy has been actively releasing music commercially for years it should be up to him how it's offered. And he was offering free 30-60 second samples too so people could get a feel for the song before buying