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  1. Thanks to Axl and the Loony Tunes for filling in for Steel Underpants and saving us all from the apocalypse.
  2. At what point did you think it wasnt?
  3. Will we get a proper audio of this? I need to replay it and pretend it's the greatest thing I've heard for about a month like I did with shadow.
  4. This is simply not true. There was one song he was weak on and he stopped playing it.
  5. Anyone scribe the lyrics?
  6. Remember the loony tunes intro was used in the first few legs of the NITL introduction... I think this was written for Axl specifically.
  7. Alan said something about the devil in the GNR podcast I'm sure. Blokes a weirdo.
  8. Has there been any more leaks or are people just trying call bluffs on what they have in their possession?
  9. What an incredible waste of time putting that together
  10. The pathetic self indulgence of these so called hoarders is absolutely embarrassing and cringeworthy.
  11. Well it'll probably be on or around November 22nd when they have released most of their albums
  12. Most of the illusions shows were two hours. Only the most famous ones stretched to 3 hours. 02 & 06 tours were 2 hours. Intact, most shows in general are two hours. Good well soon axl
  13. What about the vault? Is it secret? Is it safe?
  14. People seem to think if GNR stop touring then they MUST be working on new music. I'm under the impression that if they stop touring they just go silent and do nothing. Run the tour into the ground, Europe, South America, Austraila/indonesia/japan...etc hasn't had an Arena tour like the US did in 17'. That's where I see the band going next. Might as well still call it NITL because the set and tour imagery doesn't need to change if theres no new material. How long can they get away with calling it NITL is a better question. They already had a 6 month break and now another 4 month break. Slash is touring next summer, so even if they picked up a winter Europe arena tour in 19' it would be a bit of a stretch calling it as the same tour with such a long time off in between legs.