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  1. My theory..Vocally demanding, high intensity song. Requires a lot of effort for a non hit. Similar to reasons he may have dropped Out Ta Get Me/Michelle
  2. And now 25 years later, we have Shadow of your Love.
  3. they don't seem to change the setlist as much on this leg. Last few legs there were changes from night to night.
  4. But is it any good? I couldn't name one of their songs in the last 30 years.
  5. GNR will template the career of the rolling stones now. Or should I say, universal/livenation. Go silent and every so often do a massive stadium tour and plaster the famous bullet logo everywhere.
  6. Use Your Illusion Box Set?

    You just know they will release TWO boxset and spins them as a cheaper option so you can swap them with your friends.
  7. GNR in poland 2019?

    Im already waiting in line with my passport to be stamped
  8. New Nightrain Membership Items

    Oh great, do loyalty perks now after we have all attended dozens off shows
  9. Such a good show looking back. Surprised they played such a long show after just playing a show 2 days before.
  10. I never understand why they bother about a 3rd place play off. What's the point? Two deflated teams battling it out for a place that's never remembered.
  11. Hahahaha fuck off home