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  1. US, British and French Forces Launch Air Strikes on Syria

    Why didn't we bomb Russia for using chemical weapons in Salisbury? Or North Korea when nerve agent was used in an Indonesian airport.
  2. Roadie's Diary Guns N' Roses Prague

    Personally I don't think the teenage roadies are worthy enough to look at the band So yeah, get behind those boxes, gentleman untill you have paid £170 for the privilege to look at them!
  3. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    100% The gimmick to remind you its a star wars film.
  4. Main stage bands start from like 12.30 Guns will hit the stage at 7.30-8pm like they done for most of the tour last year. The might even play 3.5 hours like they were doing.
  5. Basically everyone else that was associated with GNR who isn't currently involved
  6. Nearly How about Slash supporting ACDC in 2019! Epic! Nah, who am I kidding. It will be Tyler Bryant.
  7. Original 5 Vegas residency. Now that's a money spinner!
  8. Since being on this forum since 2005 I have learned the fan base is NEVER satisfied. There was a time (yeah,yeah) when we would all get excited about a potential Axl sighting. Then he came back in 2006. Tours went on and on, shows got longer and older songs came back into the set, people still found a way to complain. "Where slash?" Being the main complaint. Now we have slash and duff back & 3.5 hour shows, toured the world twice and we are still complaining. It's a reunion tour so I'm not sure why people are expecting new music, its not going to happen. The peak has gone and there is only money in touring. It's crazy to say but a band this big isn't worth putting out a new album because it will flop. So they will put out new music in there own projects and be measured as a success in their own restrospective markets. I'm satisfied, I get it. It's not 1991. Roll on the summer one more time..
  9. GNR will tour again for another big cash grab 2020/2021 What else would they do?
  10. I genuinely remember a guy recording an IRS demo from outside a window from an office at universal/interscope.
  11. I reckon he'll be the most honest out of all the books.
  12. A winter tour would be in arenas which is a much smaller capacity, and if anything its extra money!
  13. What makes you say that. I'm expecting an arena tour later this year.