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  1. So what did he say,? Anything worthwhile?
  2. You can ask him anything. Doesn't mean he will answer anything
  3. Heard 4 songs. More of the same, generic garbage. Looks like most of it was down to Myles while slash was on tour as it's more alterbridge like. Slash's album in 2010 is by far his best. Songs thought out and tailored to certain artists, each song had a different style. Anastasia is the only song worth repeated listening.
  4. If this band doesn't want to make new material, then rerelease Chinese Democracy with this lineup. Make little changes and put their own spin on it. Like the better intro.
  5. Then Axl had ACDC, then throw in his merch and nightrain cut which I'd imagine would largely be in his name since they existed before the other members joined.
  6. Your thread title is completely false. This is how roumers start. Specifically states Axl HAS a ton of material recorded. At no point does Slash state Axl is working on material.
  7. Ummmm...ACDC!! And every artist he's covered and collaborated since 2006. Which is alot.
  8. He doesn't even like his own music enough to release it.
  9. Richard/DC?

    So does the Guns N Roses singer
  10. If only Axl was as keen to release unused demos.
  11. He answered more about Black Lives Matter than Questions That Matter
  12. Insightful and honest. Avoided questions that weren't really his place to answer (new music/Izzy) Except that Perla one. He definitely lied about that, but he's presented her with an offer for the divorce, so I can see why he played that one off cool.
  13. What is Axl up to these days?

    After coming off the 4th biggest tour of all time, where he can barely go sight seeing, spends most of his time ushered by security and cooked up in hotel rooms, he's probably as far away from Guns N Roses fans as he can get, enjoying peace & quiet and going where he isn't bothered.
  14. Has anyone actually listened to every single performance to compare? Or is it show X because they were there...