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  1. What about the vault? Is it secret? Is it safe?
  2. People seem to think if GNR stop touring then they MUST be working on new music. I'm under the impression that if they stop touring they just go silent and do nothing. Run the tour into the ground, Europe, South America, Austraila/indonesia/japan...etc hasn't had an Arena tour like the US did in 17'. That's where I see the band going next. Might as well still call it NITL because the set and tour imagery doesn't need to change if theres no new material. How long can they get away with calling it NITL is a better question. They already had a 6 month break and now another 4 month break. Slash is touring next summer, so even if they picked up a winter Europe arena tour in 19' it would be a bit of a stretch calling it as the same tour with such a long time off in between legs.
  3. So was I. Also the london 2012 show was listed at the cinemas for booking but got cancelled. I gave bumblefoot the Blu ray cover of this show for him to sign and he simply said "oh this fuckin thing". Duff mentioned this DVD had to be signed off by Slash, and Axl had to sign off one of slashs for their releases. It was the start of them being on friendly terms..
  4. It will get made at some point and it would help if Bohemian Rhapsody & RocketMan are successfull. Straight outta Compton done reasonably well. There's definitely a story and a great soundtrack in a GNR movie to appeal to a wider audience than current fans.
  5. Best long-form Axl Rose interview?

    Axl done an interview with the BBC for ACDC and it's quite funny.
  6. Hawaii, Iceland & South Africa. few bands could hit those markets in one tour
  7. It probably wouldn't be that good or memorable if it did come out.
  8. Seen NITL GNR in 6 countries, multiple cities. All crowds are boring, because Golden Circle dictates that with the split barrier. Download England was a bit wild but that's a festival so I suspect most festivals were like that. On a whole I'd say America are the most boring, but I also felt GNR had more stardom in Europe and elsewhere. I think everyone knows South America are a pretty wild crowd.
  9. So what did he say,? Anything worthwhile?
  10. You can ask him anything. Doesn't mean he will answer anything
  11. Heard 4 songs. More of the same, generic garbage. Looks like most of it was down to Myles while slash was on tour as it's more alterbridge like. Slash's album in 2010 is by far his best. Songs thought out and tailored to certain artists, each song had a different style. Anastasia is the only song worth repeated listening.
  12. If this band doesn't want to make new material, then rerelease Chinese Democracy with this lineup. Make little changes and put their own spin on it. Like the better intro.
  13. Then Axl had ACDC, then throw in his merch and nightrain cut which I'd imagine would largely be in his name since they existed before the other members joined.
  14. Your thread title is completely false. This is how roumers start. Specifically states Axl HAS a ton of material recorded. At no point does Slash state Axl is working on material.
  15. Ummmm...ACDC!! And every artist he's covered and collaborated since 2006. Which is alot.