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  1. Rumor of a new album???

    We heard most of Chinese Democracy years before it was released and still didn't believe it would see the light of day. Forgive me if I don't get my hopes up from a dodgey gossip site
  2. Does Axl know he acted like a diva?

    He had an ego, which was needed and helped sell the band. He had strong characteristics of an alpha male.
  3. I can only imagine a fortus replacement if he has decided to pack it in. I can't see him being added as a 3rd guitarist, but stranger things have happened. Also, I'm not sure DJ would be allowed to be so open with his hints. GNR has always had that top secret info kept quiet.
  4. He knows oasis reunion wouldn't be as successful as NITL Pipe down Noel, know your place!
  5. I have two Gothenburg Golden Circle e-tickets for sale. Face value £90 each.
  6. London 2010 nice boys was one of Axls most notable vocal performances this millennium. So natural and effortless.
  7. Best moments from the NITL tour!

    Nothing beats that traboudour and Vegas week. Mystery was back and the leg break added to the whole novelty. Personally seeing GNR at London Stadium, Stade De France, Metlife stadium & Friends arena was a highlight to see such massive stadiums being sold out. Especially after seeing New GNR for years and slash solo in much smaller venues
  8. Sickening prices for one person to stand in a stadium.
  9. Donington Download

    I am. Its just my sarcastic personality, i should really change it back.
  10. Donington Download

    Im willing to bet its a full show. Also, its only recently the shows have been 3.5 hours because of the arena run. Im willing to bet it will go back to a 3 hour show. Donington will get the full show, maybe others get an extra song or two but its most likely an acdc cover or a deep cut from chinese democracy if it is. More importantly, when do day tickets go on sale?
  11. Looks like nightrain only get Presale to VIP tickets or the early entry for Barcelona.
  12. Unfortunately the world cup will be over by Gothenburg show
  13. He paid £150. Most other shows on the tour are £150 at face value though.
  14. Longest show of the tour it looks like.