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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    I once got to work on something for Burberry. I signed an NDA, so can't really say I did. But I'm posting fairly anonymously. I actually don't have anything interesting/incriminating to say about the work. It was fun, they are trying to move on from the WAG image. I've always liked their suits.
  2. What's the documentary please? A few of my favourite American musicians have always looked to Elvis as a hero. Meanwhile, I've met others who discount him as a poser, closer to a member of One Direction than the real deal. The truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. I'd like to find out more for myself.
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    The most recent Theroux doc I watched was when he revisited the porn industry in LA or somewhere. I found his questioning far more robust than I expected. The questions such as "do you think you got into porn because your father wasn't around when you were young?" was on the nose. Considering the thinking a la mode is that porn is a legitimate career choice, empowered women can freely choose to be porn actresses and that dads aren't needed in families. There is not going to be one answer as black and white as the questions above. I was shocked that Louis put it so indelicately.
  4. the eating stuff thread

    That's a sure sign of pregnancy. Trust me, I've been there.
  5. the eating stuff thread

    No, it's from a record store/café up my way. Definitely not pregnant again. I don't need that excuse to eat experimentally. They named the toastie the sane name as me, what was I going to do?!
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

  7. the eating stuff thread

    I'm no good at describing flavours. It's a thin layer of each filling. Three different flavours of salt. The cheese does overpower the bacon and pb. It's all good. 😊
  8. the eating stuff thread

    This is the best thing I ate all week. It's aptly named Graceland. A cheese toastie with bacon and peanut butter. Worth dying on the toilet for.
  9. the eating stuff thread

    This is a ginger sponge cake, filled with spiced apple and fig jam, topped with chocolate frosting and ginger crunch.
  10. The MAN & WOMAN Thread.

    Alright, Travolta hips, show us what you got.
  11. The New Workout Thread

    It's @Lio on the flying trapeze!
  12. The New Workout Thread

    Is nobody else working out? I'm flying through Couch to 5k and my leggings are beginning to get baggy on me. Still not at my target weight of 10st 2lb. Have 5lb to lose.
  13. Stand-Up Comedy/Comics Discussion Thread

    I'm bored of stand up. The Comedy Central roasts can be funny. It looks like the full episode has been put behind a pay wall, but an early 2000s grilling of Pamela Anderson, with distractions from Courtney Love is blissful. https://youtu.be/Xa-cvFDmGKE
  14. The MAN & WOMAN Thread.

    Darling, let's keep this in the PMs. I mean submissive to the degree that it will make men with a conservative worldview feel uncomfortable. For example, woman on top.
  15. The MAN & WOMAN Thread.

    Men should be submissive in the bedroom while also being king of cleaning black mould from the bathroom grouting. 🔥 Everything else is negotiable.