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  1. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    Good, you're scared of me.
  2. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    I love how that every time on this forum feminism is mentioned, it's suddenly every man's specialist subject.
  3. 2017 Death Pool Draft

    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is looking to be on his way out.
  4. The Sleep And Insomnia Thread

    They always are… which is why I didn't share in the first place.
  5. The Sleep And Insomnia Thread

    Fleetwood Mac filmed a pop video in York. The sound guy turned out to be a bloke who I went dancing with. He gave me a thong wedgie. Then this other bloke I know from twitter showed up and apparently that was the snort-inducing hilarious bit.
  6. The Sleep And Insomnia Thread

    So last night I had a funny dream, and laughed so much I snorted, which woke both my husband and I up. Still amused by this. I've never had a hilarious dream before.
  7. searching your roots

    I started this, but got bored when I kept hitting barriers. Namely the Irish Sea. The best thing about knowing your heritage is the family stories which get passed down. My great-grandad was a market gardener, so well known in the town. Just this summer at an event there, an old codger walks up to me and asks "are you one of Bob Smith's?". I don't know how good his eyes were, but he was expecting me to be of my grandparent's generation. I did beam with bride when I said "yes, I'm his great-granddaughter". Sadly he died in 1960, so never got to meet him. But he left enough money for my great grandmother to live off for another 50 years. (She lived very frugally, but needn't have, judging by the inheritance). I'm told that he could leave his horse untethered outside the pub, and it would be waiting for him after he'd finished his pint. Oh, and some McLeod's popped up as distant relatives.
  8. Hurricane Ophelia on path for Ireland/UK

    The Mediterranean Munchy Box!
  9. Hurricane Ophelia on path for Ireland/UK

    Of course, Newcastle is known for its temperance, shunning anything beyond basic nutrition for penance and the contemplative life.
  10. Quite disappointed at this, he looked good for his age. Wouldn't have had him down for 71.
  11. Last full album you listened to?

    Pink's Beautiful Trauma
  12. Hurricane Ophelia on path for Ireland/UK

    My sister's flight from Berlin had to stop at Amsterdam for the night due to the storm. I'm just waiting for the right time to rake up the leaves in the garden.
  13. Hugh Hefner Dead at 91

    I think he's being hired to act…
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    My landlord is stalking me online. 'Stalking' is a strong word, but they don't publicly follow me (nor anyone else). They have an empty Instagram account, which pops up as "read" whenever I post an Instagram Story (which is only two in the last six months). This means that she goes out of her way to check up on my Instagram account regularly. I'm very private on social media, and only really use it for business-related things, never anything too personal. Should I follow the account, so she knows I know she exists? Or should I just forget about it?