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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    He's in a band which had a bit of success. Of course he's going to pull. Guns N' Roses proved that you can go through a keen herion phase and not brush your hair like the average urban vagabond, but as long as you could play the Sweet Child o' Mine riff, they'll come running.
  2. First 3 cds you ever bought?

    OK, so in my early days, CDs were gifts. I could name a couple of albums which were purchased for me: A double compilation CD of dance party hits `98, featuring Vengaboys etc. Britney's Baby One More Time. And S Club 7's debut. I turned 11 in 2000, so this wasn't all last week. My memory gets hazy regarding ones I purchased myself, as it was a long time ago. However I do remember being given £20 for a week's lunch money and spending most of it on the Monday morning at Woolworth's on Red, White & Crüe.
  3. Sobriety tags

    I can see this being reassuring for people who are living with the risk of domestic violence. It's a hugely under-reported area of crime and one which disproportionately affects women and children. If they ain't going to lock the bastard up, and there's no room in a refuge, then this is one intermediate step to protect lives.
  4. Books/Reading Thread

    I had no idea about the publisher, it just came up in a Kindle search and seemed interesting. I do like how technology has advanced to the point where the stigma associated with vanity publishing has vanished. Authors are expected to publish an ebook and do their own marketing first, at a fairly low cost. I've supported a couple of crowd funded print books which have worked well.
  5. Books/Reading Thread

    Started this tonight. It's such an easy read. Very relatable as it's from the perspective of a mum of young kids. She's got postnatal depression and all the above has taken a toll on her marriage.
  6. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    Today has been my worst day yet. I burst into tears while getting The Boss another fromage frais. She just tells me what to do, or disobeys me. It's day 30 of us having no childcare and I'm just not coping anymore. There certainly have been nice moments, but today she didn't want to go for a walk, she wouldn't let me dress her and my IQ is lowering rapidly because the only thing I can do for her which isn't a waste of energy is put the TV on. My husband has been very receptive and I now have a couple of hours to myself. In February I earned more than my husband. All my clients have since ditched me, so I'm really lacking purpose. I know things will improve and the best is yet to come. And my husband keeps saying "this too shall pass" as if he's some kind of guru, when actually he's being really annoying.
  7. Gardening

    Thank you Soon, I'll look up anise hyssop. The previous resident of our house is a food writer, and she based her ingredients for her recipes from our garden. As the garden has been in our novice hands for the past few years, we've lost a couple of the items she planted, so we really need to fill in the empty patches again.
  8. Gardening

    Has anyone got any experience with lavender, please? I need a fairly hardy plant which tastes or smells good, and doesn't spread everywhere. Mowed the lawn, did some pruning and weeding today. Was bliss to sit out here this evening and listen to the birdsong.
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    Does this guy need me to change him every few hours, as my daughter does?
  10. It's something I've been considering. Since the lockdown, I've bought a lovely dress. Otherwise, I'm trying my best to avoid Amazon and only purchase from local retailers. I think we all need to do what we have to to get by. Lockdown is hard, and I wouldn't judge anyone negatively for trying to make life easier right now.
  11. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Please can we talk about China? The origin of the disease was there. It's the world's largest subcontinent with densely populated cities of people living and working in close proximity. Yet there are only 3300 reported deaths. And it was managed well within a fairly short term. Was it a case of "don't go grocery shopping, even if it means you starve"?
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    @Powderfinger that's interesting. I used to but scared about the biological process of feeling your body shut down. But there's no such thing as a painless life. Pain is very necessary in bringing life into the world. Someone did it for me, and I've done it for someone else.
  13. General Chat / Random Musings

    If I toast this, will I get a picture of Sid Vicious instead of Jesus?
  14. Podcasts

    If you don't listen to the Everything Is Alive podcast then we can't be friends. Please start listening to it.
  15. Books/Reading Thread

    This is my next one. It's doing the rounds at the moment as more parents are home educating. This is the story of a girl who grew up with no formal schooling, but self taught and earned degrees from Cambridge and Harvard.