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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    Could you say that Wellington filled his boots?
  2. I wrote a manga but I can't draw

  3. British Politics

    Is saying that what got you fired from estate agency?
  4. The Third Place

    They do. It’s a mixed bag there. Always seem to have something about dinosaurs too. But nice for local artefacts.
  5. The Third Place

    Yes, apart from the bunnies. Squirrels though. Until 2006 there were peacocks too.
  6. The Third Place

    I used to have a place where I felt really at ease whenever I visited — the Museum Gardens in York. I’ve not felt that way there for many years though. Too many tourists there now. While I’m happy they visit, they don’t half kill a peaceful atmosphere. I think that a Third Place is as much a feeling as anything else. Possibly that feeling when no other responsibilities are looming. I can make a mug of tea and read my book for a while. That’s what I strive for.
  7. British Politics

    Anyone got any views on Paisley Jr. retaining his seat, after the petition to oust him failed?
  8. Please vote for my cousin

  9. British Politics

    While I can't say much, I'm now working for a political party. If you've seen The Thick of It, it's like that, but with more arguments.
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Instagram’s where it’s at now. It’s really worked for my business. I’ve had lots of new jobs from it. It probably works well for me as I’m a visual practitioner. I recently closed my FB biz page as all it did was inform my grandma that I do actually work. Twitter’s past it’s best now. I f’n hate LinkedIn, but I’m on there too. I once downloaded Snapchat but being over 17, I couldn’t work out how to use it, so I deleted the app.
  11. Do you have any guilty pleasures?

    Guns N' Roses
  12. Atheism to be Included in UK RE Classes

    I think it's fair to have atheism acknowledged as a popular worldview in RE classes. Since politics seems to be what a lot of people believe in when they don't have anything else (broad proclamations here, but I think fair), it wouldn't be a bad idea to introduce that at a younger age too. At school, I learned about Communism and Nazism as standalone subjects, without much context nor contribution as to how those movements shaped modern life. A potted history of trade unions and conservative philosophies might have served me better.
  13. 2018 Travel Thread

    I'm off to Amsterdam in November for a no husband, no baby weekend with a girlfriend.
  14. @Oldest Goat To quote GK Chesterton “I do believe in Christianity, and my impression is that a system must be divine which has survived so much insane mismanagement”. You’re right though, changes need to happen, and in fact, have already happened as a result of earlier abuse revelations. The Catholic Church now sets a world-class standard of care for vulnerable people. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/do-the-right-thing/201003/six-myths-about-clergy-sexual-abuse-in-the-catholic-church To be told that the Vatican is the most evil institution in the world, is just factually incorrect. Christianity in general is the most benevolent movement in the world, and you’re choosing to ignore the governments of countries with sticky human rights policies such as North Korea. I once visited the Vatican. I could have insulted the pope there if I felt like it, and wouldn’t have been executed.