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  1. I'm catching up with the Crown. It's turned me from an anti-monarchist to a Princess Margaret obsessive.
  2. Axl Rose has trademarked his own name

    Off the top of my head, I'd propose a reworked bullet logo. Really simplified. Clean lines, less texture. Sweet geometry. All of their merch looks very American. European graphic design seems to me to be more functional and less art based than American design, so I guess that's why I hate it so much, it just doesn't align with my culture or tastes. The reason I haven't already designed it, is that anything I do pro bono gets shoved to the bottom of my to-do list. It would be a thankless task.
  3. Axl Rose has trademarked his own name

    If memory serves, it was good, but gave us false hope that we'd see Chinese Democracy shortly.
  4. Axl Rose has trademarked his own name

    It's about time we had a sensible discussion of the Guns N' Roses visual branding. There was a time I loved GN'R to death. I'd wear the shirts, the hoodies, the patches, the badges. I had all the merch apart from that blackcurrant scented candle, which I only wish I'd bought. I've since become a graphic designer, and frankly, I'm tired of the stuff they're putting out. One band tshirt after another, which looks like another Iron Maiden shirt. I thought the bullet logo was good, but it's dated. The AFD crucifix might have been edgy in 1987, but it's just tacky now. It's not well drawn. I guess it sells, but honestly, I've not bought a GN'R tshirt since 2006, because it's just an illustration slapped on to a black Fruit of the Loom with no consideration for how it will look after a wash, or even if it will fit well. The GN'R visual style should be of a quality to reflect the quality of their music and live performance. If they're also a current band and not their own tribute, I'd like to see a refreshed logo, new fonts, new colours. All of which honours their legacy, but doesn't look as cliched as everything else. It's a project I'd be itching to do, but I don't know who I'd have to contact.
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    Yes, children raised in a multi-lingual household tend to be slower in their language development. However they gain fluency in two languages at a young age. My daughter's a very chatty two and a half year old. I can see how she'd be slower if she had to think in two languages.
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    That's the curse of the bilingual child, isn't it? (Is the Mrs teaching her Spanish?).
  7. The New Workout Thread

    Ran 9K last night. Do any other runners here achieve their goal and instantly feel that it's not "enough"? I thought I'd be a proper runner when I was running 10K. But now I just feel inadequate and decide "proper runners" run marathons.
  8. General Chat / Random Musings

    Thanks for the historical insight lads. It reminded me of a question I've been meaning to ask, and perhaps @DieselDaisy would be best placed to answer. What happened to cause many working class people in the UK to live middle class lifestyles, within a single generation? Something Thatcher did... I know that much. But I'm too young. Was it in part, women entering the workplace, thus creating more disposable income? I met some friends of my grandparents who told me that back in the sixties or seventies, they saved up for a carpet, as it wasn't the expected flooring in most homes. My family all hail from a very industrial town in East Yorkshire. My grandmother says she had a milk bottle for a doll in the `40s, and none of them studied past 16. Yet all seemed to be very comfortable in their old age. I can't envisage making the same kind of leap economically. Of course, assuming they weren't involved in organised crime.
  9. The New Workout Thread

    That's encouraging to hear. I don't enjoy running really, but it's a quick win, and is marvellous for my mental health. Now you've mentioned Pilates, I miss my classes. It's surprising how effective Pilates is. At least when lockdown is over, I hope I can impress my tutor with my fitter body. Gosh, that sounds like I'm on the prowl.
  10. Those are interesting, I'd love to hear the contrasting versions of November Rain. Sorry I can't help you determine of they're rare, however I've certainly not seen anything like this before. @troccoli is probably one of the best people to ask regarding this.
  11. the eating stuff thread

    Yes, but they're not ubiquitous, yet. Certainly a treat, not every shop will stock them.
  12. the eating stuff thread

    Stroopwaffels are my current fix.
  13. Member Picture Thread

    Oh great, a good guy with a gun.
  14. The New Workout Thread

    I'm now running three times a week. Currently at 7.5k, working towards 10k. Also doing daily toning workouts, with an emphasis on my abs. I'm not interested in losing weight, as I've always been medium sized, I know I eat alright. I just want to get fitter, in the hope it will increase my chances of living longer.
  15. COVID-19 Outbreak

    My brother had it, he caught it while he was at work in a hospital. He takes things in his stride, but said that he found it a struggle to breathe. He's recovered now. My husband's aunt who is in her fifties had it, and still isn't 100% months later.