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  1. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    @LunsJail, I know you can't elaborate on everything but a couple things I'm curious to know. Did Matt go in detail any more so than he has before on his departure from Guns/His argument with Paul Huge? And was there any mention of him meeting up with Axl in NYC in 2006/And or his thoughts on Chinese Democracy? Any response would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Anything good worth mentioning? I'm particularly curious about any insight (unless it's a rehash of what he's previously commented on) as to the 1994 - 1997 era, leading up to his departure. Funny how he and Axl met up in 2006 but Matt never really elaborated on exactly what was discussed.
  3. I liked it quite a bit. @RussTCB, I'm assuming that was you talking about seeing GNR in 2002, for the sole purpose of verifying how they'd totally suck so you could tell people, and how wrong you were? Haha. I'd like to hear a podcast devoted entirely to your experience with GNR.... Your opinion is interesting, because as you mentioned, you saw them in 91,92, and 1993? Then to say the 2002 lineup sounded great. I love hearing about it from that perspective.
  4. Meltdown (WRIF) Top 3 GNR Songs

    Awesome. Thanks!! Yeah, I remember this interview. The part about Axl being denied entrance into the VMA'S"s area in 2002, running down the street as someone shouts out "Hey, it's Kid Rock!". Haha. Priceless. Axl sounded like he had a good sense of humour about it, considering something like that 10 years earlier would have pissed him off probably to the point of calling off the performance all together. This was/is a great interview. @RussTCB, your friend got in some really good questions, he's very likeable. I can see why Axl was so open with him. Funny that he mentions the 5 topics not to bring up during the interview, but Axl himself brings them up on his own, pissing off the record label, apparently. I don't know why, perhaps because everything was so shrouded in mystery and bogus rumors, but with excitement of new material being played, etc, but I absolutely love the 2001-2007 era of this band. 2010 was peak Axl/vocal wise, as well.
  5. Meltdown (WRIF) Top 3 GNR Songs

    @RussTCB, I don't think anybody asked about your friend. When/where/how did he score an interview with Axl in 2002?? Is it available anywhere?
  6. I'm not so sure. You definitely are right about the VMA'S being watched by WAY more people, plus the fact that crowd was minimal compared to all the musicians/celebrities in attendance so there's that, too. It's all objective, so to say it was worse or was better, it depends. Axl definitely looked better, but he looked "different" due to it being 18 years ago, of course, his attire, the cornrows, the Botox. Vocally, the VMA "Jungle" intro alone outdoes that horrendous Sweet Child performance. Axl had a pretty awesome extended scream before it all went downhill, unfortunately but it had other glimpses of greatness. Madagascar, to me, sounded wonderful. Not because it technically sounded good (he'd sing it MUCH better during the 2002 tour) but it was something new, therefore exciting. Paradise City was awful, but his "Round 1" shout-out, it showed he had something to prove. He just didn't prove it that night. If they'd have broadcast MSG 2002's "The Blues" or something, it'd have been spectacular. Just another opinion. I know not many would agree. But really.... At least at the VMA'S, Axl still kinda moved/danced liked Axl, was energetic, got winded but had an excuse. He was running all over the place. The other night, he just sounded flat, no power in a single note. It's depressing to even think about. I feel bad for him. But can he still deliver a great live vocal when/if he wants? Hell yes.
  7. Of all the songs performed, yes, they picked the most "popular" among casual fans, I suppose but they don't know what we do. Like the poster said a few pages back, Sweet Child hasn't sounded good at all since 2010. If Axl had any type of choice what was broadcast, it probably should've been anything sung in his lower register.... Chinese Democracy, It's So Easy, Mr. Brownstone. Sadly, they show this, which wasn't nearly as bad as I thought or as bad as it could've been but still.... Missed opportunity to have picked a single song ahead of time, sing it well and impress the masses instead of giving them reason to bash Axl on social media. I dunno. Axl does look slimmer but that doesn't seem to have improved his voice. :/
  8. Aghh. I really want to see this! Is that all they are going to broadcast, Sweet Child?
  9. Yeesh. Those posts! That's just about as bad as it gets. I legitimately feel sorry for Axl. Why they chose to play, broadcast it, it's exposure all right but unfortunately, the worst possible kind. I still want to see for myself, though. Anyone record it?
  10. Wow. Hahaha. You made your first post a goddamn classic. Good for you for speaking up.
  11. "Is Axl's hair any longer?". - A more interesting (unnecessary) question than will this show differ from anything??
  12. Did it seriously drop from 211 members to 95 within 5 minutes??