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  1. That's what I was wondering! Right before the cellphone clip cuts out, I swear I heard a lil guitar riff that sounded quite nice in that part of the song behind Axls vocals. Good catch with the synth, too. I didn't notice it. Headphones make it much more enjoyable and easier to spot the difference's. This drums up version is quite good! I didn't even really care for the song at first, either. It really does grow on ya. Particularly When Axl jumps into second part of the song at the 1:41 mark there is a pretty kick ass/kinda pretty synth thing going on that I really dig, and sounds wonderful as Axls singing the line "To be half as strong, to still belong". Man. What a difference this version and a few additional listens can make. So it doesn't really sound as we, or at least I expected it to. But I say that's a good thing. We can't expect art to work around our expectations. Atlas drums up = 9 outta 10 for me.
  2. Russ, are you the last living, decent GNR fan member on here?? P.S. Can we unban Kaneda now?
  3. Bastards!! Well, I guarantee all those Discord members will be permanently banned. Kaneda was right. It's a toxic environment, those Discords.
  4. Better, had it not been pro-tooled to death. Misread that. Ok. The Blues, I'd say.
  5. Unfortunately, I feel the same way. Hardschool, minus maybe the mid section, unnecessary guitar noodling, did set the bar a bit high. The best part of Atlas was/is the first minute, which is exactly the section that was leaked earlier in the cellphone clip. Akin to how occasionally a movie trailer gives away the best moments of the movie, but you don't realize it until you see the movie? Yeah, it's kinda like that. The snippet was a tease but a good one. However, the rest of this song is just SO embarrassingly.... Average. The guitar solo is even not that impressive. Its way too short, not memorable in the least. I stick by my previous statement: Catcher has it beat, easily. But don't misunderstand. I do like it! I just expected more, I suppose. I'm 99.9 percent sure Axls got stronger material than Atlas, despite its mythical reputation of being an A-List "Big Gun"
  6. Perhaps the guitar tone and such sound like something off Buckleys "Grace", but... I love both GNR and Jeff Buckley but this song is by no means as good as anything off "Grace" . At least not this version of Atlas. A more properly mixed Atlas, reworked a bit, however, yes.. Could be wonderful. But to me, Catcher in the Rye is much, much better of a song overall.
  7. I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but is it just me or does the song (sounding as though it's just repeating the first part over and over)... Well, it almost sounds like it gets worse as it goes along, like the instrumentation goes from good, starts out strong with the guitars/vocals and then almost devolves, sounds more "poppy" (in a bad, Third Eye Blind, kinda way) and more empty as it goes along... I don't know. Just something about it is a little off for me. I'd love to love it. Unfortunately, I just kind of like it. Almost. :/ First impressions: Naturally, not much of anything can live up to so much hype but it does, sadly sound very average and underwhelming. And I really hate saying that. The solo isn't nearly as good as Catcher. Nor is the song itself. Just another stupid opinion, I know.
  8. Bucharest 2010

    "Madagascar". Sorry, I thought I said that. Haha. What an idiot I am.
  9. Bucharest 2010

    Is this the performance where Axl completely changed up the outro? Like, he missed a mark but started off with scream of sorts that soared, which sounded incredible.
  10. Ok. You make ALOT of good points here. I almost agree with everything you said. But seriously.... MSL isn't actually on payroll, is he??? That's absurd. And the "other one", Walker, Walter, whatever the fuck his name is..... That douchbag, harassing multiple people is ANOTHER associated now with Team Brazil? Ok. I stand corrected. They literally hire these unstable, self-serving leeches and now, leaks are the "Enemy"??? No, it's untrustworthy, unimportant, insignificant bastards who are compensated for making threats, monitoring copyrighted material (let's be honest, a fucking MONKEY can do that) and treated as kings when they are merely peasants? Okkkk.... SERIOUSLY.... Fuck them. As the great poet once sang, "We live and learn and then sometimes it's best to walk away". Well.... Not in this case.... If they want a job they clearly don't deserve, let's give them one. As in, try containing The Holy Grail now, you imbeciles. Whomever can keep 2 morons employed for the next 10 years, let's make them really earn it. Open the floodgates....safely, securely and discreetly. Material we aren't entitled to is NOTHING compared to the harassment and threats I've heard about. That's a serious, terrorist-type of threat there. Say goodnight, TB. And say hello to Team_C_2_Democeacy-Starts_Now!! And no, I have absolutely nothing in my possession. Just the knowledge that when you threaten a person's family, and as a result, you GET A FUCKING JOB because of it, all bets are off.
  11. Someone over at Reddit had an interesting point. Because these songs exist, no longer gathering dust in a storage locker.. (Which brings up another interesting debate - Would Axl rather have had these destroyed in storage due to bad conditions or a 🔥, OR found as they were and possibly/likely leaked in their entirety?) Anyhow, simply because we are aware of them now, thanks to we-all-know-who, why is it that ANYONE feels entitled to hear them? Because someone risked his ass to obtain them? Because he's not in it for the money, we automatically feel it's our duty as fans to demand it all? Sorry, but that's fucking ridiculous. Believe me, I'd LOVE to hear anything and everything Axl has to offer, but under these circumstances, it is completely understandable and best for all concerned that these do not leak. Period. Too much is at stake for them to spread like wildfire. You can sit there and enjoy these songs. Meanwhile, other individuals have their family's threatened, face seriously major legal ramifications, etc... So unless you contributed to these recordings in any way, which I doubt, please just remain frustrated (as GNR fans, we should be accustomed to by now) that we aren't hearing these now, and didn't hear them nearly 20 years ago. But for a damn good reason. Yes, they exist. I for one am THRILLED we actually know more specifics now, how great alot of this material is, which id like to think will shut up all the naysayers ,who always insisted Axl had nothing else to offer. Most importantly, though.... I'm sure an individual's well being, freedom from prosecution/jail time, a nightmare of legal hassles that could be never-ending. That's more important than you or I hearing something we just aren't entitled to hear.
  12. I get that these are being obtained, but without risking his own ass, how are we even sure we will be hearing anything from this?? I mean, all this talk of "donating/contributing funds" is sweet and all, but it's more likely he'll need some major, MAJOR legal aid if he gets into any trouble. I'd love to hear any of these as much as anybody, but isn't is just a wee bit selfish on our part? I mean, I have a family. I'm sure Axlfan4life does, too. Would any of you risk literally, doing jail time, not to mention all the fines and lawsuits this guy could potentially be facing??? So realistically, $200 here, another $400 there from various fans isn't going to do much. Raise $20,000. You think that's going to retain a lawyer for longer than a few days?? Just be a little considerate and concerned for him. Not just appreciative he's doing what none of us, including myself could afford (not just financially) do here. He's risking his life and we'll being here, too. Just remember that.
  13. Anybody know what some of these untitled (unknown to us, I mean) songs might be? Aside from the obvious ones....
  14. Silkworms..... Meh. However, that teeny-tiny little breakdown, when the gentle guitars come in and Axl sings/croons/whispers a few lyrics, before the song explodes back into absurdity.... It's quite a beautiful few melodic moments in any otherwise mess of a song. You know what part I'm referring to? I can't make out the lyrics, really. Having said that,. ANYTHING with Axl on vocals, in any form, I'm happy to hear. As for Hard School, minus it's ridiculous title... It's pretty god damn awesome. That additional minute long clip exceeded my expectations. The original leak, i was optimistic. Now, I'm convinced it's a gem.
  15. @axlrosefan4life, can you please answer this..... Let's say you take away 3-4 of your favourite tracks that made it onto Chinese Democracy, and let's assume it were a double album.... Assuming they put 2 of the best CD songs on each.... Two on Chinese, and Two on this new set of songs/sessions. How would it compare, despite their rough, demo form?? In other words, can you PLEASE elaborate on each song with Vocals? Nothing too specific. Just 1 out of10 rating for each? Orrrrr..... If these are to become available, can you simply "not answer", indicating that we can judge for ourselves by today or tomorrow?