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  1. Vocal Coach Reacts to GN'R

    I just started watching his (as well as some others) reaction video's just recently.... Yeah, they are all basically pointless but harmless. I tend to enjoy the "First Reaction" guys (there's quite a few) more than the vocal couch criticisms (Beth is way more watchable. She's got an appreciation for Jeff Buckley, too so she's cool in my book) As for Tamplin.... He was amusing for about a second. I wouldn't say he dislikes Axl/GNR at all. He probably resents the massive achievements of Guns/Simultaneously picking apart more less terrible performances to make himself look better? I dunno . He's just unfortunately reacting to those horrendous Tokyo performances. How's he to know there's much, MUCH better (and worse) shows he could be reacting to? I see in the comments someone suggested Rock AM Ring KOHD. Now that would be difficult for him to critique but he would, anyways, I'm sure. Probably would comment more on Axls cornrows than the quality of the performance. Keep him far, far away from VMAS 2002, BridgeSchool and anything from 2019. Tamplin himself, while clearly talented (and I'll take his own word of what a successful vocal coach he is)... The guys got just another generic, uninteresting rock type voice. He's way high strung, especially in the "Sweet Child/I'll show you my belly-video". How many times did he mention he doesn't drink coffee?? Plus, he's constantly interrupting his own videos, which is funny in itself. His tendency to sing over an impressive line or note is equally annoying and kinda funny/stupid. But whatever. I will continue watching his videos as long as he continues to make somewhat of an ass out of himself. Having said that, again, he does seem like a nice dude, with a pretty extensive knowledge of vocal techniques, etc. I take it back. His reaction video for VMA 2002 would be uncomfortably, highly entertaining. He'd probably laugh/mock his way through it. Sidenote: In his recent Belly/Here's My ManBoobs/Sweet Child vid, he did make me chuckle when he imitated Axls dancing/ spin move by swinging his own chair around. Haha. Dope.
  2. Oh, ok. Cool observations. His rendition of Prostitute give it more of like, an Alice In Chains-Vibe with the heavy drums. Which sound different, but pretty great.
  3. Also, did you ever let him hear the originals after he layed down his own drums? It'd be cool to hear his opinion on the difference in approach, especially Prostitute.
  4. Wow. Hearing Prostitute like that, it just never occurred to me without the drum loops/beats, how different it could or would have sounded! It's interesting. At first it felt like the song lost some energy without the tempo of the the original drums, but it brings out more of the guitar with how he played it, very well.... Makes it more of a slow burner, a good thing and sounds pretty great when it goes heavy. See if he will do The Blues or something. Maybe Shacklers Revenge?
  5. Any way to hear his TWAT and Prostitute? I quite enjoyed hearing that instrumental of Better. Guitar sounds good, too. Nice tone.
  6. That's what I was wondering! Right before the cellphone clip cuts out, I swear I heard a lil guitar riff that sounded quite nice in that part of the song behind Axls vocals. Good catch with the synth, too. I didn't notice it. Headphones make it much more enjoyable and easier to spot the difference's. This drums up version is quite good! I didn't even really care for the song at first, either. It really does grow on ya. Particularly When Axl jumps into second part of the song at the 1:41 mark there is a pretty kick ass/kinda pretty synth thing going on that I really dig, and sounds wonderful as Axls singing the line "To be half as strong, to still belong". Man. What a difference this version and a few additional listens can make. So it doesn't really sound as we, or at least I expected it to. But I say that's a good thing. We can't expect art to work around our expectations. Atlas drums up = 9 outta 10 for me.
  7. Russ, are you the last living, decent GNR fan member on here?? P.S. Can we unban Kaneda now?
  8. Bastards!! Well, I guarantee all those Discord members will be permanently banned. Kaneda was right. It's a toxic environment, those Discords.
  9. Better, had it not been pro-tooled to death. Misread that. Ok. The Blues, I'd say.
  10. Unfortunately, I feel the same way. Hardschool, minus maybe the mid section, unnecessary guitar noodling, did set the bar a bit high. The best part of Atlas was/is the first minute, which is exactly the section that was leaked earlier in the cellphone clip. Akin to how occasionally a movie trailer gives away the best moments of the movie, but you don't realize it until you see the movie? Yeah, it's kinda like that. The snippet was a tease but a good one. However, the rest of this song is just SO embarrassingly.... Average. The guitar solo is even not that impressive. Its way too short, not memorable in the least. I stick by my previous statement: Catcher has it beat, easily. But don't misunderstand. I do like it! I just expected more, I suppose. I'm 99.9 percent sure Axls got stronger material than Atlas, despite its mythical reputation of being an A-List "Big Gun"
  11. Perhaps the guitar tone and such sound like something off Buckleys "Grace", but... I love both GNR and Jeff Buckley but this song is by no means as good as anything off "Grace" . At least not this version of Atlas. A more properly mixed Atlas, reworked a bit, however, yes.. Could be wonderful. But to me, Catcher in the Rye is much, much better of a song overall.
  12. I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but is it just me or does the song (sounding as though it's just repeating the first part over and over)... Well, it almost sounds like it gets worse as it goes along, like the instrumentation goes from good, starts out strong with the guitars/vocals and then almost devolves, sounds more "poppy" (in a bad, Third Eye Blind, kinda way) and more empty as it goes along... I don't know. Just something about it is a little off for me. I'd love to love it. Unfortunately, I just kind of like it. Almost. :/ First impressions: Naturally, not much of anything can live up to so much hype but it does, sadly sound very average and underwhelming. And I really hate saying that. The solo isn't nearly as good as Catcher. Nor is the song itself. Just another stupid opinion, I know.
  13. Bucharest 2010

    "Madagascar". Sorry, I thought I said that. Haha. What an idiot I am.
  14. Bucharest 2010

    Is this the performance where Axl completely changed up the outro? Like, he missed a mark but started off with scream of sorts that soared, which sounded incredible.
  15. Ok. You make ALOT of good points here. I almost agree with everything you said. But seriously.... MSL isn't actually on payroll, is he??? That's absurd. And the "other one", Walker, Walter, whatever the fuck his name is..... That douchbag, harassing multiple people is ANOTHER associated now with Team Brazil? Ok. I stand corrected. They literally hire these unstable, self-serving leeches and now, leaks are the "Enemy"??? No, it's untrustworthy, unimportant, insignificant bastards who are compensated for making threats, monitoring copyrighted material (let's be honest, a fucking MONKEY can do that) and treated as kings when they are merely peasants? Okkkk.... SERIOUSLY.... Fuck them. As the great poet once sang, "We live and learn and then sometimes it's best to walk away". Well.... Not in this case.... If they want a job they clearly don't deserve, let's give them one. As in, try containing The Holy Grail now, you imbeciles. Whomever can keep 2 morons employed for the next 10 years, let's make them really earn it. Open the floodgates....safely, securely and discreetly. Material we aren't entitled to is NOTHING compared to the harassment and threats I've heard about. That's a serious, terrorist-type of threat there. Say goodnight, TB. And say hello to Team_C_2_Democeacy-Starts_Now!! And no, I have absolutely nothing in my possession. Just the knowledge that when you threaten a person's family, and as a result, you GET A FUCKING JOB because of it, all bets are off.