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  1. Two titled songs

    it was actually ME who asked Axl about the different titles for what we know now as Street of Dreams... look up his response and welcome to the best moment of my life, LOL....
  2. yeah i forgot about that, still, for some reason, this feels like a bigger deal. Maybe because it's Axl going to Grohl's show and not the other way around?
  3. dave and axl also had their words, i recall the foo's making fun of Axl and playing a mock version of SCOM
  4. So happy for Axl! nice to see him end another of his feuds tonight.
  5. damn, Axl was on FIREEEE
  6. mygnrforum..... you know what happens.... when you post a link... to talk is jericho?.... MyGnrForum... YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!!!