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  1. Chinese Democracy midi files

    I was Googling around and came across this thread. Does anyone have any Chinese Democracy midis? Looking for all tracks. Thanks, EvilAsh2015
  2. That Atlas is fake. It’s from Call of Duty Black Ops. The track is called Flaming Dart. Someone put Axl’s scream on it. Probably sourced from a stem.
  3. 14 Years alternate lyrics

    Reminds me of the Free Bird outro.
  4. From my perspective, the majority of the people who buy tickets are not the type of fans who go on message boards to discuss the band everyday. They expect to hear the songs they are familiar with.
  5. It had to be a GNR cover band doing My Favorite Pillow, right? You could definitely tell it was an Axl imitation, but knew it wasn’t a leak.
  6. Sounds like a mix between OutKast and Dr. John. Definitely not Axl in that YouTube clip.
  7. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I'm sure that was just someone trolling. I saw it posted as well.