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  1. of course... look at this masterpiece! (maybe i'm too biased)
  2. Help!!!!!

    Heads Of Amazon sounds cool to me
  3. Rumor - Is Axl doing a track in the new AC/DC album?

    Axl doing 1 or 2 songs is maybe the best we could get in a situation like this
  4. and here we go... the "bolivian" one!
  5. cool the L&L + turntable pack... i wish i had the money...
  6. Slash's Godfather Theme

    in gnr almost every guitar player has his own film soundtrack to play... the godfather, star wars, the pink panther, 007... ah! kinda like a tradition
  7. Axl/DC Was in Negotiations to Play in ROCK IN RIO 2019

    the Axl/Dc chapter it's over...
  8. "4k video downloader" is the answer for you
  9. ah! Our new "The General" it's right here!
  10. "soon is the word" they've had already done a prototype