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  1. c'mon guys it's clear that is not from 2008...
  2. The Gear Thread

    my new addition to the arsenal... bought new in a little store (that totally forgot to have that in their warehouse since 2008) at 300€ plays great, feels great and it's stunning!
  3. http://espyrock.com/interviews/interview-guns-n-roses-dizzy-reed https://glidemagazine.com/40789/dizzy-read/ He didn't decline the induction like Axl... He simply wasn't there
  4. yeah Rubin would be perfect... just the exact opposite of what VR done for Libertad
  5. Hollywood Rose, now on vinyl

    and there was already a vinyl version... nothing but the cover
  6. Hollywood Rose, now on vinyl

    nice move by cleopatra records to reissue the same 2004 disc and nothing more (aside the new cover design)
  7. here in italy was 8€ on Amazon when I bought it... at the moment is 11€ (12$)
  8. Attention guitar players!

    If you need a judge I'm in!!! (just because at the moment I can't record anything...)
  9. Guns N Roses Logo

    this is one of my favorites too... it's so cool that it's a shame that it wasn't used more