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  1. Funny or offensive? *NSFW*

    [/thread] Drops mic ..........
  2. I mean can anybody tell me with a straight face that this cunt could get an AR-15 any in other way if it wasn't in the closet at his house? Yeah, it's a lot of fun. What's your point?
  3. My point was directed towards school shootings mostly and the types of people responsible. If you compare the murders in London and those responsible to your average school massacre it's not apples to apples. The more pertinent comparison would be to gang shootings if you wanted to make it. The point is that the people who tend to carry out most of these massacres probably would have been stopped if proper gun controls were implemented. Not all of them granted but the majority I'd say. Also if you want to compare knives to guns in this case I'd say that very few of these people could've done as much damage with a knife.
  4. The Royal Wedding

    Nothing to do with the complete lack of evidence of god's existence then eh?
  5. What are the best action movies of all time?

    To me none of those are action movies really.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Well y'see all those people killed today by Israel? Them.
  7. He's done some good interviews with Sam Harris on his podcast that are worth a listen.
  8. Your view, right now

    I don't have TV and I've not seen Corrie in about 20 years. (C)anal Street is a fucking great night out though. Took my parents out round there a bit back and they loved it. 6 foot trannies everywhere!
  9. Your view, right now

    Manchester is an amazing city. Absolutely love the place. Outside of London it's hands down the best city in the country. That said, this is an actual street sign.
  10. Your view, right now

    It's pretty much identical to where I live now. Same class of slags but down here we've a better class of footballer for them to get knocked up by.
  11. Your view, right now

    I tend to think of anywhere south of Yarm as "down south".
  12. Your view, right now

    Len???? Is that you?
  13. Your view, right now

    Southern shandy drinking poof! Edit: Also I live in Manchester. That's not even proper northern!