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  1. Fucking Immigrants!!!!!

    See, this is why girls ruin everything! Bugger off Grace and let me indulge my fragile masculinity without having to put up with your feminine logic and reason.
  2. British Politics

    She’s proper fit though.
  3. British Politics

  4. Fucking Immigrants!!!!!

    Yeah but that's only for the first two stages thankfully.
  5. Fucking Immigrants!!!!!

    Just one more reason to carry a credit card! Seriously though it's fucking bollocks! For non EU immigrants you get absolutely bummed up the arse by immigration. Pretty sure that @lukepowell1988 must be in the same shit given that his missus is a foreigner too.
  6. Fucking Immigrants!!!!!

    It's £2400 when they enter the country, another £2400 after two and a half years to extend the visa and then another £2400 after five years for indefinite leave to remain. After that there's another grand or so if she wants to apply for citizenship and a UK passport. If she had kids that weren't mine it would be the same cost again for each kid. So with 2 kids it would be £7200 for each stage of the application. It's a fuckin' racket I tell you!!!!!
  7. Fucking Immigrants!!!!!

    That's over £7 grand in visa fees it's cost me in the last five years! For that kind of money I could buy a silly expensive watch to boost my self esteem or something equally silly!
  8. Fucking Immigrants!!!!!

    Yeah but two and a half grand????? Spunks got a new boiler for £1600!!!! * gets coat Especially for one of your lot!
  9. British Politics

    See I told you I was ejumacated! Also, Priti Patel. Priti by name, Patel (Come again) by nature.
  10. Fucking Immigrants!!!!!

    ..... and by that I mean my wife! I've just spent all day filling out Visa paperwork and had to pay £2400 for the latest fucking application so I can keep her! Meh, it's still cheaper than paying for childcare! :rant:
  11. British Politics

    Got to admit I do have a bit of a thing for Conservative women. Julia Hartley-Brewer is a bit of a sort. She's completely mental but I do like her breakfast show on Talk Radio. Wasn't it Voltaire that once said "I disapprove of what you say, but I will wank myself silly for hours over them dirty pillows until I couldn't give a shit about partisan politics anymore"?
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    I’ve got a picture of an old boiler. I’ll text you in a minute.

    Very true. It was also the same day that Life of Brian was released which amuses me greatly.

    Not really. I was born in August 79 so I still use that same method for 8 months of the year. I’ve found myself relying on it a lot more in recent years too. At least we still have hair you big bald cunt!

    I was 13 in 93 too. You born in 79 or 80?