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  1. #RipNetNeutrality

  2. #RipNetNeutrality

    Not true. It's not so much that they'll actively fuck the little guys over. What will most likely happen is that they will create a pricing structure for sites and the guys who can pay more get the best service.
  3. @downzy is there any way to hide the thread previews from the spoiler thread? Just accidentally read a spoiler browsing the main page without even going into the thread.
  4. 94% fresh rating so far from 132 reviews. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/star_wars_the_last_jedi/ Sorry to say that it looks like @DieselDaisy is going to hate it.
  5. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    Agreed! I would fucking love it if they bring back Vice City and that vibe for GTA 6.
  6. That example doesn't necessarily mean that a long time in development makes for a better movie. The prequels may have taken as long to develop as the original trilogy but they are all complete and utter garbage. Amongst the worst films ever made.
  7. Classic Rock GN'R special mag

    I've gotta say, I much prefer to read a proper paper given the choice. Used to get The Guardian and The Observer on a weekend but it seems to be overrun with vegans these days. Maybe it always was and I'm just less tolerant. Quite like The Telegraph supplement on a Saturday and Sunday.
  8. The T.V. Show Thread

    Yeah. There are 15 episodes in this season.
  9. The T.V. Show Thread

    The final episode isn't on January 7th. That's just the 1st episode of the rest of the season. There are another 6 episodes left.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Bayonetta was originally released on the XBox360 and PS3. Highly recommended!
  11. British Politics

    So because you bear a grudge over something that happened 30 odd years ago the solution is to fuck ourselves over even more? The fishing industry is gone. Deal with it.
  12. I would but you can’t buy proper pickles in the UK.
  13. This thread inspired me to make my own pickles. I've got a jar fermenting in the spare bedroom right now.