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  1. British Politics

    The last time a left wing Labour Party won a majority (+3) was 45 years ago. Tony Blair moved the party to the centre in 1997 and won three in a row. I get that he wasn't Labour Classic but that was still 13 years when the Tories were out of power. To be honest though I think we've seen the last Labour majority anyway given the electoral map in Scotland. I think any future non-Tory government is a Labour/SNP coalition. In fact if I were Boris right now I'd be handing a second independence referendum to Nicola Sturgeon on a silver platter.
  2. British Politics

  3. British Politics

    Didn’t say he was perfect by any means. Just that he had some good domestic policies.
  4. British Politics

    I think Blair gets a bad rap in a lot of cases. Iraq was a terrible mistake but domestically his policies did a lot of good. Ups and downs like any government and the financial crisis put an end to Labour but it wasn’t all dreadful. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premiership_of_Tony_Blair
  5. British Politics

    I hope Jess Phillips gets it.
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

  7. British Politics

    I’ve reflected. She’s on her period.
  8. British Politics

    Redcar went blue! Fucking Redcar? It’s never been a Tory seat in its history.
  9. British Politics

    Boris' victory speech after winning his seat this morning. The guy behind him is called Lord Buckethead!
  10. British Politics

    Workington gone the Tories. Bloodbath innit?
  11. British Politics

    Tories just won your seat!
  12. British Politics

    The beast of bollocksover!
  13. British Politics

    You have a better picture of her?
  14. British Politics

    Labour are fucked regardless. The changes Ed Milliband made re membership and voting makes it extremely unlikely that a centrist candidate will be elected as leader.
  15. British Politics

    I'm waiting for Redcar.