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  1. More takedowns?

    maybe this is old/new, but draw your own conclusions... http://www.metrolyrics.com/welcome-to-the-jungle-lyrics-guns-n-roses.html
  2. lulz! wow, really? i had no idea...but his comments are gold ill suggest that for the next one maybe itll happen
  3. just found out, Weird Al beat out GnR's Boxset art. different..:) congrats Weird Al
  4. sure, thats a system a 12 yr old kid would buy, because he doesnt know any better, and theres very LITTLE quality to it as well. If you think the 'THX' means anything, well it does if you have the room treatments etc, but if not, its pretty much useless. I can't see a system like this generating very good highs at all (cymbals), or detailed mids. Also I would imagine the bass would be quite muddy and unclear and non-precise. Sure it'll put out 'sound' but of any real quality level, well...Logitech isnt known for their 'quality' as per se. clear enough for you?
  5. you dont take 'surround' very seriously, do you? um....
  6. wow, yeah, thats pretty sweet, no way anyone should turn that one down nice
  7. for the quality difference, its a nobrainer, to me anyway...:) There isnt another streaming service that compares to it, even in the neighborhood..and if you have GOOD speakers...nothing else will suffice.
  8. the crispness of ALL the highs and cymbals is the FIRST thing I noticed... yeah, those suckers that think Spotify/Apple is the way to go, i feel sorry for them when a release like this comes along...they get about 1/3 of what we get on Tidal....IF that Now im REALLY looking forward to the 24/192 release....damn
  9. quite the above n beyond quality...in some parts you can 'hear' the studio...at least I can on my system(B&W804D)...on 1st listen. Feel sorry for those on any other streaming services(Apple, Spotify etc) that doesnt have MQA, these are mixed very well. So with 'Lies/LLaS' being Volume 2, I guess the next box set(s) is UYI I/II then...:) can you imagine a dual boxset, each $1300cdn?
  10. he's the moron that didnt get a prenup, esp after how they met......oh well..now he gets to pay...hardcore.
  11. yeah, I dont get it either...just another cover...ignoring the already existing catalogue from GnR...sure 1/2 the band is almost completely who wrote the song, but still, a cover.
  12. Fall to Pieces is more Ax's singing range...Slither, not so much.
  13. well if i had it, i wouldnt have stated in such a questioning manner now, would i?
  14. has a torrent just appeared? im hearing 'yes'....
  15. January 19, 2010 Saskatoon, during 'Madagascar' '....forgive those that fuck up my show, bless them that they might grow old, and free them so that they may know, that I'm never, too late.' *one of the very few shows in history that was NOT ended with PCity.