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  1. Loved Ron. Personable, hell of a player. Responsible for bringing Don't Cry and Yesterdays back to the stage. I have been a fan of the myriad lineups over time, but had only seen them in 2011, 2014 (today, five years ago in Vegas, in fact!), and in 2016 with Slash, Duff, and Melissa.
  2. Yeah, the French Eric mix. I think it was another case of the down-to-the-wire release: wonky booklet, one cover, different titles and sequencing. I remember a bunch of board members claiming the clip was fake before it was played live in 2009. But they also claimed Better was fake when the short clips were leaked, and that the lyrics from Sorry were fake before full releases were made...
  3. Brain: It’s funny because how ‘The General’ came about was we were supposed to, you know, this was like building up to that show. Everybody was like “Hey if anybody has songs or shit you can bring them in. So that song, ‘The General’ was a song that from when [inaudible] and [inaudible] and I, when I wasn’t doing Guns stuff would just jam in my living room type of thing. I had a pro tool setup, we were jamming, we were trying to come up with songs for Guns and we had this song called, well we called it ‘The General’ because we were eating general’s chicken. Yet, when I turned it in to Axl [Rose] he thought it was called ‘The General’ because I was making fun of Tommy [Stinson] and Tommy was kind of the band MD, he was the musical director when we would have rehearsals and Axl thought i was kind of poking fun at Tommy like a general. Like sort of a ‘hey we’re rehearsing at this time’ and that kind of shit. I was like ‘no dude, it’s because we ate general’s chicken. [Brando laughs] Brain: Yeah, it’s funny because you said ‘The General’ and it all comes back around because we were writing all these songs to try and turn in. Xtract is sort of this old school DJ type, he’s a bass player but he loves old school break beats and you know, cratedigger type of guy. So, the shit we were putting together was crazy. We were going ‘OK what sample should we find for Axl? Well he’s sort of like Julius Ceasar’ so we were trying to sample stuff that reflected that. We were looking for old school, crazy shit and I think we sampled Ben-Hur, chopped it up, cut it up and that became a jam, I think we called it ‘Seven’.
  4. AND LEADING US THROUGH THESE REHEARSALS, GENERAL TOMMY STINSON. So The General predates RIOIII. I still want to hear a good quality version, and that of Seven, but after years of mystery for them to be announced as sort of jokey sketches makes me wonder WHY the mystery? I assume they were worked and reworked and reworked again. Hope to see it soon.
  5. Saw them 3 times. LA in 2011, Vegas in 2014, and SF in 2016. Didn't care about Steel Panther in 2011, so spent preshow getting beer and merch. 2014 I assumed the setlist would start with CD, so my brother and I took a smoke and drink break during that. 2016 we just enjoyed the sun of the Bay.