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  1. It's still a case of being a transfer from VHS. It wasn't filmed in high definition, or at least what we consider to be high definition in 2019. Fun to see, but not the greatest presentation.
  2. Not CD, but related to the era: KOHD Acoustic 2001 just leaked. ✌
  3. Yes! Danzig V was a different beast, but I dig it! I would love an album of Perhaps and State of Grace.
  4. So cool! Shame it was never officially released. Very different sound direction indeed!
  5. P.R.L. is a typo. Should be L.R.P. ... Legend of the Red Panda! 🤣
  6. How cool to get a 99 version of Going Down? That's like 11 years before we knew the TITLE existed. So clean, albeit an alternate mix and arrangement.
  7. Nice to hear higher quality, finished mixes of the 1999 cuts. Fairly confident we will be getting them in full soon.
  8. Due to some of the guitar phrasing being similar to Catcher, could this be the 3rd Brian May track?
  9. I was thinking that, or late 80s early 90s Priest. Almost like Nightcrawler in a way.
  10. Haha. Was that the sp1at article saying it was a duet with Pink? I remember that!
  11. Speaking of, doesn't the intro of Hard School sound like the same note as Going Down?
  12. It is a pretty solid rough mix, and I can see instrumentally how it would fit alongside TWAT, Catcher, The Blues, and ChiDem.
  13. I recall a video of a fan having Ron sign a grenade cover, but you could be right that it was just a demo for marketing.
  14. And just think- these discs are from 2000. There are other discs in existence too, especially as additional musicians joined. From 2001 to 2003 there would be Bucket stuff and additional Robin stuff, and 2002 on would be Richard stuff. Plus additional mixes of stuff we have, since they were recording in Vegas in 2007 and 2012 and 2014, as I recall, as well as potential unheard material. Fun to speculate.