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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. This isn't the Dust N' Bones/Use Your Illusion tour where he was in his late 20s, early 30s, even towards 93, you could hear his voice changing in both speaking and singing. He's in his 50s and pushing his vocals cords a few nights out of the week in GN'R style isn't going to do him any good. I know I've said it before that I'd ben content if this band didn't put out any music and they just wanted to tour, but I feel disappointed that they decided to go forth with a European leg of the tour instead of just taking a break before going back on the road again.
  2. I watched the clip and I couldnt help but cringe on how lost Billy was. Like he tried to get a rhythm going but it just wasn't happening. At that point, I was hoping he'd just go and sing background vocals.
  3. Them doing commentary on Izzy's video Suffle it All
  4. well this made my night, lol. Typical fans comment, lol praise GN'R and bash GN'R in same sentence.
  5. I absolutely love this and I'd be down to hear a remix of CD by Brain and Melissa. I'm always looking all over for remix versions of GN'R songs and this has to be one of the best. And this really shows how talent they both are, especially Melissa on vocals, granted they may have been some autotune in there.
  6. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    This version of TWAT has to be the best live version out there, between Robin's guitar playing and Axl's vocals. The band at this show just seemed so hungry and ready. You pretty much described how I feel about Robin. And as someone else said, back in the day, people on whatever GN'R forum you visited, you'd constantly hear people bitch about his playing, his looks and etc. Which honestly, being in the shadow of Slash, it was damn near impossible for him to get over with fans. Even though I feel some of his playing came off as sloppy at times, but that kinda fits the whole GN'R persona, GN'R, especially Slash were not the best players and had fuck ups more often than not. With Robin being gone after all these years, those who followed the NuGN'R era grown to appreciate his skills and in a way, he became an inquired taste. As much as I love Richard Fortus on rhythm and some leads, if Richard ever needed a break or whatever, I'd totally be down to seeing Robin step in for him. Just imagine the combo of Robin and Slash playing together would be mind blowing.
  7. I like the tempo myself. I remember seeing that clip with Jeff Beck, I think even a short 3-5 minute instrumental break would be awesome too. Even just to keep things fresh.
  8. Axls vocals were just intense and raspy as fuck. I can't help but imagine how his current voice would handle it. I completely agree with you StrangerinThisTown. Alternating this Coma would be ideal or just cut off a few covers.
  9. Well I'm probably one of the few that enjoy her stage presence, her backing vocals and her playing. I kinda identify with her because we're similar in age, so seeing someone in my age group rocking out with my hero's is awesome. Like..that could be me up there.
  10. I apologise if this has been posted already. I stumbled upon this on YouTube and just wow...I really wish they'd bring this song back into the set... that or Perfect Crime.
  11. http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2017/10/axl_roses_vocals_mar_an_otherw.html just found a rather unfavorable review...while other reviews I stumbled on were pretty positive.
  12. Thats all to awesome. I'm a bit of a movie buff, so the moment I heard Axl say the reference..i marked out, lol. I had no idea that the Christmas Story house was in Cleveland. Awesome factoid. Lol I love that lamp, My old next door neighbor puts it up in their window every year around Christmas, lol.
  13. Thank you for that clip. Its so awesome seeing these guys get along again and especially how much Axl has changed with his attitude since the 90s. Fragile? did he just make a A Christmas Story reference? lol
  14. Leeds 2002

    For me, this version of GN'R felt like it was my band...kinda like the underground band that a small group of people like, then suddenly they become mainstream and that band no longer feels like its your band...which didn't exactly happen during that era, but thats kinda what this version of GN'R felt to me, like it was my band. So I didn't mind burning those dozens of CDs to listen by myself. Although I did burn a couple copies for my coworkers years later during the 06 era and they absolutely were intrigued by the new material...then again I worked with mostly Brazilians and to most of the Brazilians I worked with over the years, GN'R is almost like a religion, lol. I also understood why he kept the name and almost felt like maybe GN'R was his baby that he worked so hard on keeping. But the backlash for so many years that came with him doing that, you have to think if he thought it was worth it all the stress, bad press and fan backlash. I agreed mostly with him keeping the name as I'm sure its more of a pride thing than using the name to make money off of. But at the same time, when Velvet Revolver came about...I just thought..wow they guys are putting out original music, using a pretty clever name and are pretty successful... Why couldn't at one point just Axl just go the Dave Grohl route and just come up with a name or just simply refer to his band as Axl Rose. Mean, most of the shows anywhere during those eras, the people that would go would be chanting and shouting Axl's name the majority of the time anyway and wouldn't go if Axl wasn't there to begin with. Guess we'll never know. One would have to think because of the pressure of the record company to put out a record they wouldn't put forth the money on the record if the Guns N' Roses name wasn't on cover. Which kinda makes sense, if they want to make most money possible, go with a GN'R name instead of just Axl Rose. I'm with you on listening to live versions over the album versions.
  15. Leeds 2002

    As a young child in the 90s, I've was a bit of a casual fan of GN'R. Then middle school started and I really started to take interest in music and bam, GN'R was it for me. I found this forum and I instantly became obsessed and started downloading every bootleg I could find and burn them to CD, then listen to them on the bus ride to school and during lunch. Then 2001-2002, I was a freshmen in highschool. I downloaded the Rock In Rio III show. At first, I was a bit disappointed with how Axl sounded. The band for the most part in my opinion was pretty tight and felt kinda raw. Then after a few listens of the show, I grown to appreciate the new sound Axl seemed he was going for. Then the VMA's came and the 2002 tour started...which unfortunately I couldn't attend the Boston show because I found out to late about the tickets and even then, I couldn't afford to regardless even If I did. Even though the 2002 was canceled and they were not that many shows, I went ahead and downloaded all the 2001-2002 bootlegs and burned them to CD and through out high school, this GN'R was therapy for me as high school was a very depressing time for me. I became amazed of the untapped potential this version of the band had, a new take on the classic songs...being caught by the mystery of each band member and the new material. Even though the set lists were mostly the same, it felt like no GN'R show was the same, that something happened at each show, a little bit of a tidbit, a small story from Axl, a different variation of guitar work on one of the songs, how different Axl sounded from show to another. Where we'd get a show of all clean vocals to the next show where its a mix bag of rasp and clean. The whole aura around this band just kept me so interested on the possibilities and what could happen next...so when Rock In Rio 4 was announced and I read GN'R couldn't do it because of the Buckethead situation, I felt let down. And as good as the 06-07 line up was, the mystery wasn't there like it was in 01-02 and years later with the 2009-2014 line ups...as good as Axl sounded during the early part of 09-10, the band kinda felt cookie cutter and very polished. To the topic of this post. My person favorite performances of the 02 line up is Boston, London (Canada), Albany, and Leeds. This couldn't be more true for me. I've attended 3 shows out of the reunion so far and I've enjoyed the hell out of them without question, but honestly, I would of traded one of the three shows and go back in time and see the 2002 line up.