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  1. I know its been debated to death but you really have to wonder what happened to him after Rio. Even with the extra weight he put on, Axl still looked like Axl during his Rio performance. The whole VMA performance I was pumped for and I actually enjoyed the performance overall until the novelty wore off and I re-watched it again...and felt...let down. Being in high school at the time, I was known at the GN'R kid because everyday I'd wear a different GN'R shirt, I'd spout off trivia about them to anyone who cared to listen, I'd made my own fanpage in web design class, I made my own GN'R version of the Yesterdays video using my family photos. Then the next day, people were like...so thats Guns N' Roses? I couldn't find it in myseslf to try and stick up for the band...I couldn't find an excuse on why Axl gave such a lackluster performance on the classics and why he looked so odd and unAxl-ish...
  2. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    The Los Angeles show only by a hair and thats because Estranged and Coma was in the set list. Although hearing the ear piece audio from Tokyo was awesome, just hearing the conversations between Axl and the band was very humerus and entertaining. I'd love to hear the ear piece audio from any of the shows from NITL.
  3. Love Bach, too bad he didnt join for My Michelle. Bach has the Steven Tyler syndrome, he's slowly turning to an old gypsy woman, lol.
  4. must of been very cute to see, lol. We need the GN'R CSI team on the case for figuring how long this actual performance was compared to Inglewood 91 and Tokyo 09
  5. Exactly! I went to See Evanescence about a week after I saw Guns. They barely performed a full 90 minutes with breaks in between songs and 1 intermission.
  6. He was probably joking around, lol. Plus he's been sick, so we've been told.
  7. You have to give to a bunch of guys in their 50s putting on a show for nearly 4 hours where bands half their age barely put on a full 1-2 hours.
  8. 3:59 minutes according to what a previous poster said.
  9. awesome fucking show! im blown away by this band and blown away by Axl's stamina. His throat has to be killing him after this. So whats the record for this show compared to others?
  10. maybe extend Paradise City for a few more minutes to beat the record? lol
  11. fucking rasping the shit out of the outro of Don't Cry!
  12. This version of TWAT is fucking mind blowing!
  13. the outro with the humming is very beautiful