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  1. Greta Van Fleet

    The singer reminds me of Fez from that 70s show...and I still want to punch him in the face, lol he just has that punch-able face. But as its been said and as I said before. Behind his stage get up, his vocal style, its a total Zep rippoff.
  2. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I agree with the comment on the lack of selling and story telling. I know wrestling in general has changed over the years, its just the evolution of the business. But wrestling today...wrestlers are so quick to put on flashy movies and most the match as quick as possible to get the crowd to pop. After executing all these high spot moves, whats the payoff? How can a fan be emotionally invested into a match if we see nothing but high spots and what I like to call.."lets do as many moves as possible with in 10-15 minutes" formula. I like watching Lucha Underground for the first season...but midway through the first season...it just got repetitive seeing the same formula all the time...all these high flying spots, these quick moves with in a short time span..granted they do pretty good with selling a formula and adding a story before/after the match...but how is it believable when we see someone jump 20 feet off a scaffold and do a hurricanronia and the wrestler on the receiving end still kicks out at 2...how is it believable seeing someone get round house kicked in the face and still kick out at the 2 count where in this day in age...you watch MMA, someone gets round house kicked in the face, they are out for the count. The Fic Flair/Steamboat classics from the NWA/WCW days were just that...classics and loaded with story stelling and selling...you really don't see matches like that anymore in the WWE. I can't really say anything about New Japan as I don't have much time to actually watch it and every now and then, ROH pulls off great matches with good selling/story telling, but then they fall into that category of putting in as many spots as possible to get the crowd to pop.
  3. Greta Van Fleet

    I remember finding out about this band a while ago randomly on youtube. The band swears up and down that they are not copying Led Zeppelin , that most of their influence is from Aerosmith. I seriously wanted to give them a chance and I listened to a handful of their songs...and all I can hear is a group of young kids writing their own songs but trying to be Led Zeppelin while doing it. Their style and sound doesn't speak originality but in the same argument, so many bands in history have done the same thing. But in this day in age, 2018, it just doesn't seem organic or original. Its like they are trying to take Led Zeppelin's sound and reinvent it. Its like how Hollywood keeps rebooting movies that just don't need rebooting and just not coming up with original ideas anymore. I just don't care for this band, it just feels like a total ripoff and as someone else has pointed out, we've already had knock off Led Zeppelin like bands...this just feels like a group of kids listened to the top 40 classic rock station and decided they liked what they heard and went with it....and on a side note...something about the lead singer just makes me want to punch him in the face...he has a very punch-able face, lol
  4. Thats funny, lol I remember a cartoon drawing someone posted on the forum years ago that said something along the lines of "Axl fires everyone, and is playing all instruments and vocals" and it was a drawing of him with guitars wrapped around his neck and a drum kick strapped to his back and a keyboard in front of him. Wish I had saved it, lol.
  5. The future for Guns?

    Its pretty much a tossup. I firmly believe Slash will continue with his solo career as well as Duff will have plenty of side projects to do. Axl will either go into hiding or continue doing work with ACDC. I wish for new music just like everyone else from Guns, but I just don't see it happening. If they decide to do another leg of the tour down the road, it will be business as usual with a sprinkle of cover songs thrown in. Time will only tell, I will say I'm dying to hear some studio vocals from Axl again, rather if it be from Guns or ACDC.
  6. Ain't that the truth. I probably think about it more often than I should. Especially at my job where I work at a hospital rehab facility for elderly people. Most of the people I see are on their way out, living on borrowed time, need to be checked on every 15 minutes. Seeing some of them with a lost scared look in their eyes, some with Alzheimer's disease and dementia, hitting their panic alarm every so often because they wake up not knowing where they are and not knowing anybody around them. It sucks and pulls at your heart strings seeing people who were once young, full of life, had a childhood, teenage years, and families of their own before they ended up here.
  7. While I'm glad that we have the band back together (sorta) and I did enjoy the New GN'R era for what little we got out of it...when I sit and think about it, it is truly depressing that this band...whom had the entire rock world lit on fire in the from the late 80s to early 90s...just vanish without much word until years later...I remember a SNL skit with David Spade doing a news report...saying the lines "where is Axl Rose?" I believe it was around 95. Just thinking of all the wasted potential, all the good music that they all could of worked on together if Axl had not become so paranoid. One has to wonder what was happening to him physiologically during those years where he would become so secluded, doing everything on his own terms...even if he probably didn't know what those terms were til the exact moment. Even years later you have to wonder how true everything was thats been said about him. Have the ex band members/current embellish a little bit and their judgement and recollections of the events clouded by all the drugs/booze they were downing? who knows... Thankfully we have what we have now...lets just hope this isn't it once they decide to wrap the tour up...lets hope new music is on the horizon and not just them sailing off into the sunset.
  8. The whining thread

    I'll probably be roasted for this but oh well... I'm a 31 year old male...and the issue I'm going to whine about is feeling ugly...I've felt ugly throughout my entire life..between being picked on as a kid throughout school and all the way through college. Being told I'm ugly by other kids, colleagues, "friends", family members and of course girls... I've been turned on by a number of girls in my life and the most common excuse I'd hear is being "you're not my type" or "you're ugly" or "I like you as a friend" or "you've got a wonderful personality but..." Those who do care about me have said the same...that I've got a great personality and thats what makes me attractive...or I'll hear the line of..."attractiveness isn't everything or its not that important" to my response to that is...if beauty or attractiveness isn't important, then why do we admire sunsets and say they are beautiful? Its natural for people to look at others whom they find attractive....I get no response.. I have dated a handful of women in my life and have had long term great relationships...and without sounding like a douche...but most of the girls I've dated were average looking with only two that were absolute knock outs...where I'd ask...how the fuck did I land a girl like that? Again...I've had friends and exes who've told me that looks aren't everything...but they never had issues with being called ugly throughout their lives...Most of my friends in highschool were girls...so of course they'd go bantering on about who they find cute in movies/tv/music, guys in public, guys in school...saying stuff like "they're so sexy, they're so hott, they get my panties in a twist" and so on...While I'm on the sideline thinking...well..what about me? Aren't I attractive? Do I run through a random strangers mind where they think that of me? Has a woman ever in seen me in public and thought to herself..."wow, he's gorgeous!" I've had a couple guy friends who have been hit on randomly by strangers...I guess I can say that I feel like I'm the ugly friend, lol. I can honestly think of 2 accounts in my life where I was randomly hit on by a stranger and both them were drunk off their asses. I don't know what to do honestly...I've seen therapists about my issues with little to no help...I look at myself in the mirror as I'm getting ready and I think nothing but hateful thoughts about myself and how I look...I really feel like I'm the ugliest person alive...And I know of course other people have it worse than I do, and they are people with legit disfigurements..and I know I'll probably be belittled and roasted to end airing this out on a music forum...I'm just hoping that maybe somebody can shed some light on me....yeah I'm fucked up in the head...they are times where I'll completely not talk to someone or give them the cold shoulder such as a co-worker whom I find attractive simply because when I see them, I think "yep...thats the type of girl who wouldn't give me a time of day in high school and she knows she's pretty" and my job pretty much requires me to be friendly and put on a smile for people, but even then...as I'm greeting my attractive co-workers into the building I work in...they barely look at me and just ignore me as I say hi and good morning to them everyday... Now my issue isn't solely based on how women have treated me over the years...the core issue is me still feeling ugly. As I mentioned I've had a few long lasting good relationships that went on for years. I just like for once to wake up and see myself and say...yeah..I'm a pretty good looking guy...I legitimately feel sick to my stomach when I see myself in the mirror, especially if I'm naked and then I see nothing but flaws within myself and how I look...I look my parents obviously... but my dad was a ladies man in high school and my mother was beating guys away with a stick...so I'm left with wondering how I turned out like this...Sorry for bantering and running on with making little to no sense...Anyway.. OK, let the roasting begin!
  9. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    You're right, we are basically the minority when it comes to going to a show and wanting to hear new material. Basically any casual fans could give two shits less about new material and just want to hear the hits and then take a piss break during a song they don't recognize. I find that to be the case with every band I've seen live. I believe it was either Mic Fleetwood or Stevie Nicks that said "why bother put so much time into releasing new music when people who want to go our shows want to hear the hits....in this day and age..releasing music seems pointless due to live streaming and people downloading music for free....you work hard to make new music for people to just steal it" I can't recall the article where I read it from, but I can totally see their point and I'm sure alot of bands who've been around for a long time, from that generation and on feel the same way. It is really the bands fault for feeding into the nostalgia act? mean it sells tickets, sells out venues...drives up merch...to make money...I remember going to two Metallica concerts in the last decade...both tours they were promoting a new album...St. Anger and Hardwired... to Self-Destruct....the St. Anger tour, they played two songs from that album and the rest was all hits...The Hardwired tour...2-3 songs at most...rest was all hits...Stevie Nicks was probably the only artist I've seen where she was actually performing the majority of the material from her latest album release and throwing a handful of hits as well...however her album she was promoting was a release of older material.... I saw Evanescence last year and they were promoting Synthesis...the show I went to, no new songs, just a collection of their radio hits...I've seen a ton of more bands in the last decade and they all seem to follow that same formula....play the hits...you're lucky if you get a cover tune. I don't blame the band, I blame the fans and the way fans are these days...They prefer the hits over anything new...thus never giving any new material a chance or in Guns case...anything new that comes out pales in to anything on Appetite...therefore its shit and not worth the time of day.
  10. The most common thing I'd hear from people I'd go to school with or talk to people who were teenagers during GN'R's younger days is "They're still around?", Isn't Axl dead or something? I read that on the internet". Even most recently, with the current tour going on I still hear people say "Axl's pretty fat now isn't he", "Axl is such a douchbag", "Axl was on so much drugs back in the day", "Axl is still alive?" I can't say how many times I've tried correcting them that Axl wasn't on drugs, that GN'R was still a band from 99 til now. Most never heard of Chinese Democracy. I get surprised looks when I mention they've been on a reunion tour with the original big three for the last couple years and how they've been selling out football stadiums. Then I hear stuff like "Oh, I love Paradise City", "I love Welcome to the Jungle". During the New GN'R era, most casual fans went along with everyone else with what was being said and considered them to be a joke, even the local rock station here would call them a joke, despite playing the radio hits immediately after. I remember when CD came out and I kept calling the local rock staion and requesting Chinese to be played or Better to be played...out of the dozen times I've called, they played Chinese once. I realize that most of the tickets being sold is bought by casual fans, but I seriously can't stand them sometimes and the ignorance they give off about the band...If you're going to blow that much money...at least know your shit....Don't be fucking screaming "Paradise City" after every song during a show, especially after the first couple songs. I remember the 2nd night I was at Foxborough, this couple standing next to me (probably in their 50s), the guy was very knowledgeable and I could tell he was following how the tour was going based on saying what song was coming next, but the woman he was with, completely unimpressed throughout the show, the only song she liked was November Rain. Then the Boston show I went to last year, a few older women in their 40s was sitting next to me, quiet throughout most of the show, pretty much sitting on their hands until the opening notes of Paradise City started and they screamed "oh yeah, finally!" It blew me away that such a fantastic show has been going on for 3 hours and this was the only thing you get excited about? However on a positive note, after leaving each show...is hearing people talking about how good the band sounded, how good Axl sounded and how it was the best concert they ever attended. I'm pretty much known in my inner circle of friends, rather it be friends from highschool, internet friends, exes, family...whoever, whenever they hear a Guns song, they feel the need to tell me about it and how it reminded them of me. But I'm pretty alone in my fandom...which I'm perfectly ok with.
  11. Yup, I completely get it. Whenever I pop in a bootleg rather if its a dvd or cd of that tour, regardless how Axl sounded on some nights, I end up doing the same thing...just a slow head shake on what could of been.
  12. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Thats a very solid point about legendary bands that do reunion tours. I'm a huge Fleetwood Mac fan and we've haven't seen new music out of them since 2003. Now they're doing another tour...without Lindsay Buckingham and they're are talks of new music being laid down. But anyways, its a solid point, so many bands in that category tour without new music and just their name alone sells out arenas and stadiums. If the formula works, then why try changing it?
  13. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Thank you. And yes, new music and promotion is missing. However, I did get a little hyped over the little tease videos that were released of the box set, like the It's So Easy video and the Shadow of Your Love video.