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  1. I could certainly see why that could change things but I doubt I'd become a vegetarian even if I watched animals getting slaughtered. Edit: I've noticed that it's hard to get accurate facts on what was and wasn't found during the raids on Neverland. There have been articles mentioning some fucked up things being found and articles saying that nothing of note was found. Not that they would, but it would be nice if the county DA/FBI ever confirmed or denied any of the rumors.
  2. That's totally fair, though I would say it's different for different forms of the medium. Playing a cover of a Michael Jackson song could still be enjoyable; playing a remake of a Charlie Chaplin movie would almost certainly not be, just to use the example. As you said, though, it's a personal judgement at this point. It blows my mind that a documentary coming out a decade after the man himself died is causing people to change their opinion (and playing of) his working when he was alive and faced multiple allegations. If people sincerely wanted to discredit his work because of allegations of this they probably should've before 2019.
  3. If they banned the work of people who did shitty things we'd likely not have any entertainment to enjoy. Hell, we wouldn't even be on this forum. One of my favorite movie stars is Charlie Chaplin (who, coincidentally, MJ also loved)...Charlie wasn't that great of a guy off screen either. I'm still going to watch his movies and listen to MJ's music.
  4. The Simpsons are going to pull his episode from all future broadcasts/streaming services
  5. Speaking of MJ (and not related to this documentary) this footage just got posted. Apparently it's him practicing the moves for Billie Jean the first time...but look at his nose and the weird dance he's doing in the last part
  6. Rose McGowan had a good response to this - something about how he was a bad guy but not to strip away the music or his talent from his legacy. Ironically I was about 12 when I first was getting into his music...right around the time he got arrested. Thanks Vice City! Yes...that's actually what one fan wrote and they were not trolling
  7. One of his fans defended this one reddit by saying "lots of stars do that for creative inspiration" ...no the fuck they don't
  8. I believe the MJ estate, or at least one of his nephews or cousins or something is making a counter documentary. I don't belive he did it, but I'd be willing to keep an open mind until hearing both sides of the story. Regardless, his relationship with kids was fucked up even if these allegations aren't true. I hope at some point in the future we can finally find out whether or not the allegations against him were true, but for now I'm gonna enjoy his talent with caution.
  9. You didn't need a 4 hour documentary to tell you that Edit: if you think he's even the slightest bit guilty avoid reddit. I don't think he did it but his fans are more fucked than Axl fans back in the day defending him
  10. I'm of the opinion that he was innocent but also very ignorant to social norms and basically trapped himself into a cycle of getting accused/sued by people who were looking for a handout. There's a part in the documentary where Safechuck's mother said she danced when she found out MJ had died - Safechuck himself said that he only "realized" he had been molested after Robson sued the estate (after getting denied a directing job for an MJ-Cirque du Soleil show) several years later. The 93/2005 allegations are pretty clearly from families trying to take advantage of him.