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  1. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    September 10th is one of the new dates and is also my birthday...that would be a nice treat. I was also gonna see Tame Impala at the Fiserv Forum in May but I'm certain that'll get postponed (if it hasn't already)
  2. Finished both seasons of "Succession" within 2 days. Any suggestions for what to watch while we're all locked up?

    (Just noticed I passed 15 years on mygnr this month. I was 14 when I made the account...)

    1. alfierose


      I started Grey's Anatomy because it has something like 16 seasons :lol:. It was either that or Outlander.

      Succession is great. Looking forward to S3.

    2. downzy


      Ozark.  Season 3 was just released.  

    3. Wagszilla


      • Sopranos, if you haven't already watched.
      • The Wire, if you haven't already watched.
      • Dark, season 1-2.
      • Miami Vice, season 1-2.
      • 2010 Packers season from Week 16 to Super Bowl XLV.
  3. Stock Market and The Global Economy Thread

    It all comes down to how fast they can develop a vaccine and mass produce it. It's likely going to take at least a year, so this year is a wash in terms of any type of sustained recovery imo. The stimulus is just a way to delay the inevitable at this point. Different situation, but it's clear as day that businesses haven't learned from 2008-9.
  4. Stock Market and The Global Economy Thread

    I feel bad to brag because obviously it comes at a human/economic/etc cost, but I'm up 55% the past month. If we get a bill passed tomorrow it'll be pushing 60-65%. I had a 30% month last fall but blew it by getting too greedy. This time I stopped using leverage (which hopefully a lot of businesses also do but won't because we're just gonna bail them out again), withdrew half my account and am playing it much safer while waiting to see what direction this takes. If this recovery is gonna happen it needs to start from the bottom help. Get furloughed/laid off workers/small businesses help first, then help the bigger guys. Of course the priority is likely to be the exact opposite...
  5. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Wisconsin update: shelter in place starts tomorrow, Summerfest (which GnR was gonna play on July 4th) has been postponed to September
  6. Stock Market and The Global Economy Thread

    I've been using inverse ETFs as a way to hedge and I was hoping the market would open up tomorrow so I could get some puts cheaper but I think I'm going all in on SPY 4/17 $200 puts. Still hoping we're up at the open, though. Saturday evening edit: sold slightly more than half the contracts I had at the close (when SPY was dipping to the lows) - still have 20 contracts. Might sell 5 on Monday and hold the rest until later in the week as a hedge. Monday is almost certainly gonna limit down, possibly twice (aka 13%). This is gonna be another ugly week. Stay safe, everyone.
  7. Stock Market and The Global Economy Thread

    Nice, glad you did well in a very ugly week! I had a ton of 3/31 puts on SPY that I (foolishly) sold on Monday (bought them right before the close last Friday). Happy, but disappointed I didn't hold on until now. I'm also hoping for a short term bounce so I can get rid of some calls I have left over and get back to hedging. By IV getting too high I mean the implied volatility of almost every option contract on the market is getting very high, which means the price per contract is very high (because the market is dropping like a fly...I can rhyme!). The price of options contracts are based on numerous factors but implied volatility is chief among them. A recent example: there's a trader named 50 Cent (not the rapper) who appears every few months and buys a ton of VIX (the volatility index itself) calls that are way out of the money for...you guessed it...50 cents per contract. They were that cheap because the implied volatility was so low - the market was doing nothing but going up, therefore the contracts were extremely cheap. He recently threw down $7.5 million in those contracts about 3 weeks ago and has likely profited ~$750 million within a month. I should note he's been wrong in the past but it truly only takes 1 time for him to be right to make a huuuuuge profit. He had calls in early Feb 2018 when the VIX spiked then, too. In a future, calmer market I would recommend looking at individual stocks (or SPY for a safer bet) that have very low IV's going into some type of event - typically earnings, but any event that causes that stock to spike is going to make your calls (assuming that's the way you're betting) increase significantly in value. Unfortunately it doesn't look like a bounce is happening tomorrow unless Congress announces some type of significant short term aid package. Futures are showing the Dow/S&P down 700/75 points respectively right now. Edit: within an hour of posting this they're respectively up(!) 625/70ish. That's how volatile of a market it currently is...and it's only the pre-market futures!
  8. Stock Market and The Global Economy Thread

    I was too on $SPY until the IV started getting too high to make any significant money/hedge properly. I'm curious what dates/strikes/stocks you're buying puts on?
  9. Axl, Shut-Up and Sing

    Russian bot says what?
  10. Summerfest? Fuck it, I've only seem them once this tour...I'll go see them twice now
  11. Marc Canter's videos

    I'm a fan of other bands/artists and enjoy finding unheard material, bootlegs, etc. I've never seen another fan base that has such a hierarchy/hoarding problem as fans in the GnR community do. Then again, GnR themselves are one of the weirdest bands ever so I shouldn't be shocked.
  12. GNRCentral is getting worse. Can we ban it?

    Just speculating here but I have a feeling the owner(s) became friends with the Alt Nation dude, saw how much he was making by posting click-baity horseshit, and decided to take their site in that direction as well. I find that somewhat sad considering when they first started they actually had some sort of integrity...but at the end of the day it's all about making money, I suppose.
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I pre-ordered the PC version from Rockstar to get all the extra shit. Now I just need to wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to get a nice desktop on a deal