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  1. I wonder if his tweeting style is how he texts too? That would drive me fucking nuts
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I bought the pre-order for PC (with all that extra shit) assuming I'd get a new desktop to actually play it...nope! Still haven't bought one
  3. The "this has nothing to do with Michael Jackson" thing is regarding the name of the award, which was renamed the "Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award" like the year before. I don't think it's personal about MJ, I just think it was what he represented as an artist, as he said in the 2000 RS article when talking about Slash. PS - Space Ghost (and MJ) are awesome so I have no idea what Axl was talking about Edit: here's a little clip of MJ mentioning GnR winning the award the year prior:
  4. Last Guns n Roses concert Argentina 93

    I doubt Gilby is living off the royalties of Cure Me or Kill Me...or Pawnshop Guitars in general. Maybe it was a critical hit, but it definitely wasn't a commercial one. Again, outside of festivals they played theater dates. The album debuted (and peaked) at #70 and only had 1 single.
  5. Last Guns n Roses concert Argentina 93

    What are we considering a hit single and major tour? Gilby has never had a charting single and Snakepit were playing theaters (the same ones GnR played before they hit it big) outside of festivals... I don't blame Axl for wanting to sit that out
  6. New Melissa Reese Article

    I'm kinda shocked Jesse Hughes went to the first reunion concert, given the whole "Pigeons of Shit Metal" thing
  7. Amen. Some of these are gonna be difficult to sit through - there are bad Bond films that are just stupid, yet entertaining...then there's bad one's that are simply awful because of how boring they are.
  8. I think I'm gonna do a full series re-watch soon (and maybe do a little writeup about it) - I have a feeling QoS is going to rank a lot higher than most would have it, despite its obvious faults.
  9. IIRC they ran into each other in a bathroom or something at a hotel and it didn't go as well as the later meeting did. This was right around the time Live Era came out and I think they got into it over that.
  10. Well I for one would've loved to have been a fly on the wall for an Axl Rose/Phil Spector session in the mid-90's. You fucked up, Matt!
  11. I see what people are saying...this is super gossipy and he tries to paint himself like the coolest guy ever who's always right. Still a fun read, however.
  12. God dammit, I was gonna pass on looking for this/taking the time to read it but now I feel I have to
  13. Damn, this fan edit of QoS is way better than what we got - and I liked the original PTS quite a bit. This just works so much better:
  14. Oh My God on Vinyl!

    What the fuck Russ, that setup is amazing! That might be the coolest room I've ever seen. Also you have Moonwalker and MJ's Thriller coat in there?! Dude I'm jealous!