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  1. I'd assume Fallon is one of those people that you'd need to be on the sauce to tolerate him. I appreciate his appreciation (a weird thing to say, btw) for GnR but I can't stand him in general. Those fake laughs are some of the worst sounds I've ever heard on live tv
  2. I feel this is true because at several 2006 gigs (including the Vegas one's I attended), Axl relayed the same story Sauce
  3. Totally agree. I don't care if GnR was one of my favorite bands - if I couldn't ask a question or two about the singular thing you're widely known for, then what the fuck is the point? I get avoiding certain subjects if they don't wish to talk about it, but I'd refuse to do the interview if I couldn't ask about GnR at all. Paul McCartney hasn't been in the Beatles for 50 years now and he still talks about them in every interview (willingly). Imagine how stupid it would be for him to avoid the thing people most want to know about... Edit: between that and the whole "pulling everything from youtube", constant touring without an album, etc....this band is starting to become a joke again, unfortunately.
  4. If we're having bitching sessions about who's playing ACL this year, how about the author of the article put their crosshairs on Cardi B, who recently admitted to drugging and robbing several of her clients when she was a stripper? Is that not worse than singing some trash lyrics on a song from 30+ years ago?
  5. Apparently the rest of the script hasn't even been finished yet. What a shitshow these new Bonds have become (on set)
  6. Sorry for the late reply but I believe he's admitted he cleaned up some parts with a re-record.
  7. Except that he re-recorded shit for Live Era and then tried to claim it wasn't the "Mahavishnu Orchestra" and claimed it was "as live as it gets"
  8. Two new pieces of info today (that I care about at least): Rami Malek is going the cast - likely to be the villain (what about Blofeld?!) Jeffery Wright is back as Felix Leiter! Also the locations are: Jamaica, Norway, Italy and London. No word on the title yet
  9. New pro-shot ? 13/04/1993 - Detroit

    Good hoax but Tracy/Roberta were not a part of the lineup during that time. Also it's clearly the Live Era audio mashed up with a different concert (likely the German one from later in the tour people keep talking about)
  10. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Go figure, right as I posted about trying to get the outfit as early as possible some people found another way to get into New Austin...in chapter 2 (if that's actually a spoiler then I'll put the tags on). Looks like people are working on figuring a sure-fire way to make it work, but if they can you should be able to complete LotE as early as mid-way through chapter 3. Playing the second half of the game with it almost seems unfair
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'm doing as many of the challenges as I can as early in the game as possible (aka chapter 2)...it's pretty stupid you can't do herbalist 9 before getting access to You can actually get the Legend of the East outfit as early as the 2nd mission in chapter 4 if you have an old patch, which I do. Gonna be fun playing the last 2 chapters + epilogue with some extra benefits.
  12. Malcolm Gladwell is a very famous/respected author - if he says he saw Axl singing SCOM on a street corner, then Axl was singing SCOM on a street corner.
  13. I could certainly see why that could change things but I doubt I'd become a vegetarian even if I watched animals getting slaughtered. Edit: I've noticed that it's hard to get accurate facts on what was and wasn't found during the raids on Neverland. There have been articles mentioning some fucked up things being found and articles saying that nothing of note was found. Not that they would, but it would be nice if the county DA/FBI ever confirmed or denied any of the rumors.
  14. That's totally fair, though I would say it's different for different forms of the medium. Playing a cover of a Michael Jackson song could still be enjoyable; playing a remake of a Charlie Chaplin movie would almost certainly not be, just to use the example. As you said, though, it's a personal judgement at this point. It blows my mind that a documentary coming out a decade after the man himself died is causing people to change their opinion (and playing of) his working when he was alive and faced multiple allegations. If people sincerely wanted to discredit his work because of allegations of this they probably should've before 2019.
  15. If they banned the work of people who did shitty things we'd likely not have any entertainment to enjoy. Hell, we wouldn't even be on this forum. One of my favorite movie stars is Charlie Chaplin (who, coincidentally, MJ also loved)...Charlie wasn't that great of a guy off screen either. I'm still going to watch his movies and listen to MJ's music.