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  1. The AFD boxset that came out a few months ago
  2. What's the best Michael Jackson song not on Thriller?

    Agree with this. Get On The Floor is another song that doesn't get a ton of love but clearly inspired music more than 30 years afterwards. You can tell JT was influenced by it, for example.
  3. What's the best Michael Jackson song not on Thriller?

    Hmm, apparently my post about it being ironic that Slash is featured on both of MJ's "Chinese Democracy" albums didn't go through. Oh well, now it did! Also I like Off The Wall but it's among his most overrated work. The album falls off a fucking cliff after the title track (everything before it is A+ material, though) with the exception of "I Can't Help It". Almost half the album is just...for a lack of a better word...bad. Speaking of which, I saw Bad was described as having really high highs and really low lows. I would say that's actually a better description of Off The Wall.
  4. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Just got "Lost In The Dream" by The War On Drugs after watching the past season of BoJack Horseman. Anyone who has seen it will know why
  5. What's the best Michael Jackson song not on Thriller?

    Mind is the Magic is the best! I have it on my Dangerous playlist (even though he started recording it during the Bad era). Gotta disagree on the remixes though. A Place With No Name is ok but mainly because they didn't change the beat that much. Regarding the bubblegum thing - I was saying he grew as an artist as he became more independent...aka that kind of stuff isn't on his later albums.
  6. What's the best Michael Jackson song not on Thriller?

    Because it was the theme to one of the Free Wiley movies...right? RIGHT?! And because I just brought that up FW > FW2 and Will You Be There > Childhood
  7. I went with a friend who has watched a few marathon showings of Bond with me before and she literally fell asleep during Spectre at the theater. I was yawning pretty heavily.
  8. What's the best Michael Jackson song not on Thriller?

    The originals on the 2nd album were pretty good. The remixed side is a piece of shit.
  9. What's the best Michael Jackson song not on Thriller?

    Singles as in remixes? There's a ton of shit in the vaults still - every few months a few songs (in bad quality) have been leaking
  10. What's the best Michael Jackson song not on Thriller?

    I'm a big MJ stan but he's definitely had a few bad songs. The bubblegum stuff I'm talking about are the fillers on the "major 3" albums - anything involving Paul was definitely bubblegum especially. Once you start getting to Dangerous you stop hearing so much of that, but unfortunately you also get stuff like Heal The World and Childhood. Totally agree with Blood on the Dancefloor - I was gonna include it but since it was considered a remix I didn't. I actually like Invincible more than most people, I think. Speaking of Invincible, it's sad that MIchael's beef with Sony screwed over his actual best humanitarian song - What More Can I Give is much better than Heal The World, We Are The World, etc. Hopefully they release a good quality version of his solo demo on a boxset in the future. PS - it's been 4 years since a "new" MJ album...what the fuck?!
  11. What's the best Michael Jackson song not on Thriller?

    Since this is becoming an MJ thread I'm just gonna say this - as much as I enjoy Off The Wall, Thriller, etc., I like his "newer" stuff just as much, if not more. Those albums have some incredible pop music, but it's basically bubblegum pop. MJ started growing as an artist once he started getting away from Quincy (who is bitter as fuck about MJ recently). Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible still have some of that bubblegum shit, but the first two really started pushing into more creative territory. It's a shame he didn't build on that in his later career. The first 5 tracks on HIStory is the best 5 track sequence in his catalog that I can think of off the top of my head.
  12. 2018 NFL Thread |OT| The Handegg Persuasion

    Exactly. Everything went wrong for the Packers yesterday though - terrible drops, stupid management from MM, stupid penalties from the refs, etc. Go figure AP ran it up on us once more for good measure. Definitely a game that we could've won but hopefully getting it out of our system early will help us later in the year. Also I know not to bet against the Pats but I have a feeling this is gonna be the year they struggle to make it back to the SB. Similar start (for them) to 2014 when they made it, but something seems a bit...off this year.
  13. 2018 NFL Thread |OT| The Handegg Persuasion

    I swear, the refs are using the "Aaron Rodgers rule" against the Packers on purpose. Another week, another horseshit penalty called on Matthews. A legitimate roughing the passer penalty was not called on the guy who sacked...Aaron Rodgers
  14. You would think that last part would be the easiest to forgo, yet the last two movies have been amongst the worst in the entire series for those type of scenes.
  15. Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)

    Good point. I saw a "Teen's React" or some bullshit to this beef and one girl kept talking about how MGK is the future and Em is the past and that's why MGK is better and it fucking hurt my soul