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  1. Eminem & GN'R

    There's a freestyle/unreleased song called "Everybody's Looking at Me" with the lyric
  2. Asking for a PM...for a friend! #qualifiers #definitelyforme #donttellthemods
  3. My first show on the NITL tour
  4. I never understood the belief that TSI? undersold - it outsold "In Utero" in the debut week for each (and they were released around the same time). Not to mention, it's a hastily thrown together collection of covers with no original music. That narrative should've been killed immediately. That being said, the answer is that they fell out of people's collective thoughts. Before/after UYI was released there was a ton of buzz around GnR, but the controversy, change in style, and under-performance of those records (critically) had GnR fall out of fashion pretty quickly. One criticism I would have of Axl is that he should've spent more time writing songs and less time planning high-budgeted parties on the tour. He was in touch with musical trends during that time and should've leveraged it to make an album (relatively) quickly after the tour ended.
  5. Shit, I missed the yearly @Almost Famous visit?! Well anyway, thanks man! Love the boot and hope all is well!
  6. Tom Petty Pronounced Dead

    I don't care if he didn't come back from the dead - Tom Petty was the rock n roll Jesus. #RIP
  7. Just tuned in - I can't tell if his voice is exhausted or if he just doesn't have that fire like he does when he's with AC/DC. Maybe a bit of both? Very sad either way. A show like this is why you wish they reunited a decade ago...or never broke up in the first place.
  8. Apple and Amazon are among those rumored to be bidding on the rights
  9. TWINE is probably my biggest Bond movie regret out of any, other than possibly DAF and completely ignoring what happened at the end of OHMSS. The plot of TWINE is probably the most relevant of any Bond movie in the modern era. Bond finally faces someone who is his equal. Sophie Marceau. Fantastic theme song. And then they cast Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist for christ sake. So fucking disappointing...
  10. To be honest, he might look a few years older than CR/QoS, but I honestly can't tell too much of a difference between Skyfall and Spectre. As long as he doesn't age like shit he'll still look young enough to pull it off. Plus, every Bond that did more than 2 movies aged noticeably by the time the 3rd came out, save for maybe Moore.
  11. I have to disagree with that (certainly none are on the DAD level of shittiness), however he himself has been great in all the movies and has been the best thing about all of them. Please, for the love of gawd, write a decent script for his last one! Hopefully the trend of writing one good movie for one not so good movie continues (CR;QoS, Skyfall;Spectre)
  12. Daniel Craig is on Colbert tonight and just confirmed he's coming back as Bond! Edit: he also said the "slash his wrist" comment was stupid and that he was exhausted after shooting the last one.
  13. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    We just gonna ignore the fact that some news station in Miami has access to some unreleased proshot of PC from 1993?
  14. The T.V. Show Thread

  15. Not an official announcement, but the "failing" NY Times reports that DC is back for at least one more!