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  1. GNRCentral is getting worse. Can we ban it?

    Just speculating here but I have a feeling the owner(s) became friends with the Alt Nation dude, saw how much he was making by posting click-baity horseshit, and decided to take their site in that direction as well. I find that somewhat sad considering when they first started they actually had some sort of integrity...but at the end of the day it's all about making money, I suppose.
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2

    I pre-ordered the PC version from Rockstar to get all the extra shit. Now I just need to wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to get a nice desktop on a deal
  3. Who's the Mac Daddy?

    Maybe Axl was talking about himself?
  4. Billionaire sounds like NIN does...today. My favorite leak thus far and it doesn't even have vocals on the new songs
  5. Benny and the Jets? Of course they had to add another cover lol Dead Horse and Hard School would be cool, though. Edit: and Locomotive, but I doubt they play it.
  6. Instead of putting 3+ CD's worth of shit they should've just made one "Chinese Democracy" and included the best songs of the bunch. This would've definitely been among them.
  7. Imagine if this album came out in Summer 2001 like it should've. This sounds like it would've fit in with that time...and I bet Axl didn't change much between the material then and what we got (other than having BBF add some guitar parts)
  8. Listening to these just makes me sad to think we could've (and should've) had CD in '99/2000ish. It definitely would've been received much better than the final product was, especially since the general public still gave a shit or were perplexed by the mystique still. Plus we'd probably at least have CD 2 by now, right? Right?!
  9. Old story involving Izzy

    IIRC, this is regarding the rehearsals in Chicago in '89
  10. Of course they did. They also gave Axl ~$13 million and unlimited time to complete it knowing full well Slash wasn't gonna be on it. But the Best Buy deal/Dr. Pepper thing and the leak certainlyl forced them to release it. Too much publicity and the ability to break even on what they thought was impossible? They'll do that every time...sorry Best Buy! It's funny seeing people try to defend Axl by saying it's the record label's fault CD got delayed when we literally just got pictures of numerous CD's with "ambiance" and "db levels" for songs in the year 2000 that otherwise probably sound exactly the same as the one's we got in 2008.
  11. Spinal Tap, circa 2019 Exactly. They either didn't care about Steven (or figured he wouldn't be able to play the full tour/setlist) and Izzy already confirmed they didn't want to pay him a fair share.
  12. I was actually thinking more of Slash in that post due to his then impending divorce, though Axl was definitely looking for a payday. I believe Axl even mentioned it was the Coachella invite that got the whole thing rolling, and it was likely because they got offered like $7 mil for each show.