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  1. People want new songs. This is best seen on the basis of the number of views on Youtube Shadow of your love compared to It's so easy video. It is clear that people want a new music byGNR.Shadow of your love is close to a 4 million views on Youtube, for the difference of the mega popular song It's so easy with pretty lower viewa. It's all clear.
  2. Rocket Queen 2010 (Pro-shot)

    This is not proshot...Somebody taped screen
  3. New tour dates... They sold almost whole shows and new shows will be added
  4. This will be 5th GNR show for me... Budapest 2006,Belgrade 2010,Sofia 2012,Vienna 2016 and this one... Vienna show was amazing but lot of audience was boring...I think Poland will be hotter... Bought tickets for Poland...
  5. I need a little help...I have doubt where to go Berlin or Chorzow? Chorzow will have better audience,nearest 300km,and lot of chipier... Berlin is legendary place,stadium is bigger and will be packed,audience is boring,and Berlin is too expensive.But also Berlin is legendary and historicly place... Any suggestion
  6. Totally agree...I like night shows...But as my one friend from Las Vegas said ''except South America you can fill soul on Balkan and Turkey and ofcourse Spain and Portugal"... OnVienna show last your,one woman whole show asked me for sitting...
  7. German shows and Bordoux are selling well...
  8. Drunken moments on stage

    Never seen Axl drunk
  9. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    These guys are amazing
  10. No...Coldplay grossed 241+238=479 2016 241 mil 2017 238mil
  11. https://www.pollstar.com/article/2017-year-end-special-features-134154 And 2016 https://www.pollstar.com/article/2016-year-end-special-features-130308 NItl with these official numbers are 3rd tour ever...They are better than Cold play...Can somebody edit this link with official numbers https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_concert_tours
  12. Agree.GNR had soldout shows in US with 50k...I don't get it ,too
  13. Yes ofcourse...Amazing show...
  14. I don't believe in this news... Ok I liked DJ when He was in band...Watched them live in2010 ,and he was great... But I don't see his place in new band... GUns have Slash (live legend) on lead guitar and Richard on rytham...Where do you see Dj?