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  1. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    I watchex them live in Budapest 2006...And he was so fuckin nervous...On better he crashed guitar,,and on jungle left the stage...He probablly was mad on Axl,because Axl was late 4 hours... He is very good guitarist and only two thhings made them awsome player: 1.Solo on This I love -such amazing 2.Better...Dimply amazing song
  2. This is how Serbia rocks...Full arena in 2010...As South America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qQZ5x3zHSs&sns=em
  3. Totally agree with you...They can easilly sellout almost every European country ,and they only do 18 dates...Also places they will do are west and north... From Serbia I have to travel 800 km for the nearest place... Tjey can play Romania,Croatia,Hungary,Greece or some other European Union country... I really hope they will add some more dates
  4. Wow great place...Very big and very packed...
  5. Wow this is really huge place
  6. First post on every thread about specific shiw have a capacity of venue...For example for tonight show capacity is 19800... I think capacity of arenas Guns played were 14-15k
  7. Please Axl, hire this guy...

    Amazing...He used audio from Argentina in Jungle?
  8. What Serbs done in Croatia? 250000 Serbs left Croatia in 1995... What did Serbs do in Kosovo...1999 300000 Serbs had to left Kosovo,old Serbian provincy...And what did we have now on Kosovo? In Bosnia Serbs lived before Kolombo found America... So dickhead this is GNR forum not political forum...So Don't blame otger nations
  9. Ok,my spelling was bad... I mean on Czech Republic and Hungary...But every man with for grade in primary school know what I mean...
  10. What a Nazzi view...Every country I mentioned excist and for example in 2010 GNR in US played 5-6k shows,and in Serbia or Croatia they played fully packed place with 15k people...In Romania they played 25k shows...Also Iwatched them.in Bulgaria 2012 with 28000 people...
  11. After last billboard scores,we can see that Europe is the biggest market for Guns n Roses...And Guns n Roses didn't used whole potentional... Ok SA crowd are amazing,GNR had legendary status in NA but in Europe,in Europe they have 70000 people per show...I think after these numbers that menagment have to use it and play 20 shiws in Europe: 1. 3-4 shows in Great Britain 2.3 shows in Germany 3. 2 shows in France,Italy,Spain 4.One show in Poland ,Chech or Slovakia,Portugal,Norway,Holland,Sweden,Russia,Greece,Serbia,Hungaary,Romania,Turkey... http://www.billboard.com/biz/current-boxscore
  12. Amazing crowd...They are singing like on football game
  13. Yestrday I watched Ticketmaster and there were about 200 unsold tickets...I think show was like many other soldout