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  1. Well RIR was close to a disaster(again) But watching these videos from Jim Powers. Axl sounds strong and in a great mood. Best BHS i have heard. Well, people around here should just enjoy the big 3 together again. Yes I miss Steven and Izzy too. But soon the tour will be over and we don't know what will happen. So just enjoy the last few shows guys n girls. 😎
  2. It was about the quality. They released Appetite for Democracy and most of it sounded from bad to average. If there a few song's in Houston there not that good. I think everybody lives with it...
  3. They released Appetite for Democracy. The Houston concert and other show's from the US tour are really great. So cant see why not...
  4. He was great on I Feel Good just a couple a weeks ago and it was like hearing Axl/DC again. It's all about the way he choose to sing GNR songs. Axl and band definitely need a break after this year. No more touring for a while. Concentrate on a new record. Not AC/DC. And visit that vocal coach again.
  5. There are many reason why Axl sounded like he did tonight....
  6. 2-3 weeks of rehearsals helps a lot. I guess Angus will demand it.
  7. Well maybe its just my imaginations but I think Axl will prove that 2011 was not the real Axl....
  8. Rock in Rio live stream?

    "2017 Axl" cant be compared to "RIR 2011 Axl" ... Different league.
  9. Can these links be seen outside Brazil?
  10. Well things change guys. Remember not in this lifetime comment from Axl...
  11. Axls Best Scream?

  12. Excited About GNR future

    A greatest hits would only be fine with some new songs...
  13. Rock in Rio live stream?

    Axl must have something to prove after that RIR disaster...
  14. Rock in Rio live stream?

    2 weeks break. Good or bad for Axl? Imo they should do a small gig a couple of days before Rio...