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  1. Estranged 97 Evader Versión

  2. Where are you Axl Rose?

    Its the safest way to new music from Axl. I take it any day...
  3. Well the management said SOYL was a brand new single so I guess its not in the cards in the near future. Sadly. Surely they must know what the fans want the most... 🤔
  4. I think Axl sounds a little different in Its so easy. Normally he sings it with his deep voice(not the screams). But here you can hear a more crispy voice...
  5. https://www.aftonbladet.se/nojesbladet/musik/a/4dAd5V/guns-n-roses-ar-inte-samma-band-langre https://www.expressen.se/noje/lite-for-mycket-av-allt-pa-guns-n-roses-bjudning/
  6. European Indoor Arena Shows 2019 ?

    The tour will end this year...
  7. 07/19/18 - Oslo, Norway - Valle Hovin

    VG 4/6 https://www.vg.no/rampelys/musikk/i/m6jgp0/konsertanmeldelse-guns-n-roses-mer-koselig-enn-farlig
  8. 07/19/18 - Oslo, Norway - Valle Hovin

    Same venue i guess...
  9. The unexplainable about Axls voice. Its a mystery.
  10. Great cover. It would have sound just about the same. Slash and Axl recorded there parts on differents days...
  11. Axl doesn't need any introduction... 😎😉
  12. Again, its a lack of preparations and the way he chooses to sing GNR songs. If he would he could and that is not the other way around...
  13. How bad did the CD tour do?

    The European tour in 2006 had a lot of festival dates. In 2017/18(Europe) they are playing stadiums most of the times...