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  1. Not In This Lifetime Tour: Best Moments

    The excitement in 2016 was unique...
  2. I 🙏 for an Axl and Slash appearances on Duffs solo record...
  3. There will be no more tour dates (in this lifetime)...
  4. Overdubs. Actually I think it fits Axl perfect...
  5. Not In This Lifetime Tour: Best Moments

    Where's the rumour coming from?
  6. I hope he will be fine soon... Hopefully they dont have to cancel the South African show for the second time...
  7. Ain’t It Fun

    The first time I heard it in the radio I couldn't hear it was Axl in the beginning... Love the intro with the drums coming in. Many great tracks on Spaghetti.
  8. Axl did some pretty strong shows in Europe and US last year. 2017 definitely better than 2018 so far...
  9. Maybe it comes later on. Strange because he sounds better tonight...