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  1. 2018 warm up show before european tour

    Hopefully they will. I gonna see them in Berlin.
  2. I dont know. I guess some times? Why?
  3. Week's ago can't be from a November show. He must be talking about a studio session with Axl...
  4. I go to Berlin(from Denmark). Berlin is the best city the world to travel to... The band will probably be in town a couple of days before the show...
  5. Does GNR ever tour again after 2018?

    If they're all well I think it's a sure thing. New album or not...
  6. Yes and fine. New music will have no chance if the tour continues...
  7. The Troubadour 2016 - 2 Year Anniversary

    I really thought that new music was coming. Not a new album but a single/soundtrack telling we are back. I guess not. They blew that chance...
  8. Whats next for ac/dc?

    Many sources pointing to its true....
  9. If we can't have a new GNR record the second best thing must be an Axl/DC record. The news about another Slash album. Well.......
  10. Stevie Young: "We will be back very soon!"

    It has only 300+ follews...
  11. Hmm I dont think official...
  12. A new Slash and Myles album got nothing for me...
  13. Cant wait to see Guns N' Roses and Manic Street Preachers.
  14. If he is in the studio with Angus right now and in the coming future. He could sound great in Berlin and the next shows....