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  1. The timing of the reunion was perfect. Axl played Vegas shows and VR was finished. But I think they missed a great chance to point out 1 or 2 songs in 16/17... Crossed fingers for a new song soon...
  2. Chinese Democracy hasn't aged well IMO

    We need new music...
  3. Live Era

    LALD and Civil War are missing...
  4. Patience cough bullshit

    In 92 he sings: I sit here on the stairs 'cause I'd rather be alone cough bullshit
  5. 26 years ago today- the end

    I would say that 1994 was the last year of Guns N' Roses. The soundtrack Sympathy for the devil was the last thing they did together (as a "band")
  6. Who plays pinball machines...?
  7. I'm excited. Could mean a new single this fall... 🙏
  8. This is really positive. Slash talked about working on the new album when he was back in August. Now its only April. Is there a rumour about Terminator 6?
  9. We can only hope that the band will be in the studio before this festival tour. Then there's chance that Axl will sound good... If not there's no way Axl just will prepare for a small festival tour...
  10. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    We get nothing...
  11. I'm not too excited about this. I was hoping for a long touring break and an new album before the tour... This is the same thing we have seen for (too) many years now...
  12. Hmm well it actually surprise me a lot...