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  1. I've been figuring out Perhaps on the piano. Here are the chords I have so far - anyone wanna help finish this out? Verse: Bm - G - F#m/A V2: Em - D/F# - G - A Chorus: Bm - C#-D-G (sometimes with an A thrown in) Solo: A little lost on the progression, but ends on G
  2. For sure, the album needs some refinement. But the overall sound of it is spot on IMO. The songs sound alive and full of energy. Some of my excitement may be coming from being disappointed in how flat some of the songs sound on the '08 record, knowing at the core they should sound amazing.
  3. This is the album we wanted, and why fans like me stuck around so long. Like others have said, it sounds like a real band, going for it, proving something big. No telling how it would do in 2001-2 if it came out then. IMO, songs like Perhaps and TWAT could've been hits. The band did have a lot of momentum, attention and curiosity, until the botched '02 tour. Would love to hear what guys like Finck and Stinson, who put in so much damn time, think about our positive reception of this.
  4. Damn - this is the kind of song fans like me have been wanting to hear. Raspy, appetite-like voice. Aggressive guitars and drums. Solos that play off each other.