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  1. Is there any rumours or only speculation? 😂
  2. Damn! Adam Jones house is in danger! Thise fire is sick
  3. Because Axl is right! Trumps a jerk and if people dont get it by now, everyone who gets it needs to stand up and say something. The world is beyond laughing at this point
  4. Trumps a dick and the rest of the world know it. Stop denying that..
  5. I wonder how this sounds. If they are any goood??
  6. Hium hum.. dont keep us in the dark... what is this?
  7. So.. how do one get to hear this?
  8. Is it any good? Cant find it on youtube
  9. Would be cool to hear these 2 songs 😁
  10. @Fernando Welcome to Norway this summer! Very cool u got Ghost to open for GNR! Theyr new single (released today) Rocks! Just one question.. Wouldnt it be awesome if Tool and GNR toured together? U fix it..now! 👍
  11. Have the single leaked? Will it be on spotify tomorrow?