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  1. Theoretically possible. 100% impossible.
  2. Rank The Songs on LIES

    Patience One In A Million You're Crazy Used To Love Her Reckless Life Mama Kin Nice Boys Move To The City
  3. Yeah, this. I actually really dig If the World, and the short clip of this remix from a couple of years back sounded promising. But the full thing is extremely underwhelming.
  4. Better acoustic is Bumblefoot. The 2 Ashba tracks that just leaked are studio versions of Mi Amor and Ballad of Death.
  5. Yeah, it's really a great song. Try to find the Evader mix of the 1st leak with Bumble. So good.
  6. The opening guitar riff is different and louder, but maybe that was just Bumble playing over a weaker guitar track on the right channel?
  7. Always liked this song a lot, cool to have an alternate version. Noticed the intro is a little different, very similar otherwise.
  8. Axl's raw vocal take without filters.
  9. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Cool, thanks. Hadn't seen this yet!
  10. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    No, I was just referring to previous leaks. Between the full songs and snippets, we've heard at least a piece of most of the remix tracks (if not all) now. Are there any we haven't heard even a snippet from?
  11. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Yeah, Axl slays on the vocals here. The "remix album" is a mixed bag overall but this is one (of several) tracks that are really cool, totally different style/vibe and worth checking out. What I really want to hear most of all though, is those unreleased CD2 songs. And I think I speak for many here that I would much, MUCH prefer to hear them in officially released versions. Unfortunately, GNR is not a band that releases new music, so we take what we can get.
  12. As for these new leaks, they're quite underwhelming. Really rough mixes and also incomplete since they were apparently designed to add a guitar track, drums and bass too loud and clearly work mixes. Plus probably distorted by the leaker. Nice to finally hear a studio version of Silkworms though it could still be miles away from the "finished" version. Original version of OMG is way better, though impossible to really compare to this rough incomplete mess.
  13. Going Down with Tommy on lead vocals.
  14. It really is a great show from start to finish. Always regretted missing the Skin and Bones tour live. Love the acoustic portion of the show, and this version of 'You Could Be Mine' is simply fucking awesome.