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  1. Yeah, I guess "just look like you're into it" would be more accurate.
  2. I feel like, if Izzy Stradlin had come in and said he wants to be an equal member again and play rhythm guitar at every show, run around the stage, work on writing songs, etc., and be a full member for a full tour, he would have been entitled to an equal share (this is assuming the shares are equal to begin with which is unlikely, Axl & Slash likely wanted and probably deserved more). At the end of the day it's impossible to really speculate because we have no idea how much the guys in the band make, how much Izzy wanted, or even how much he wanted to participate in the tour. If he wanted to show up whenever it was convenient for him, no. Not worth an equal share. But I'm sure he would have made a lot of cash either way. Duff intimates in this interview (despite trying not to answer the question) that they worked really hard to find a solution that worked for izzy and the band, but it just didn't work out because of Izzy. Both Slash and Duff (and hell, even Axl in his 1 interview) have said this a few times, while also saying that they don't want to slag him because they love the guy. I don't think it's fair to say they chose money over Izzy, we just don't have enough info to go on.
  3. Izzy tweeted a clip of himself singing a song with cryptic lyrics that could be about Axl, and made one comment about "the loot", but he was absolutely cryptic about it. We still have no idea whatsoever, what he wanted or asked for. Did he want to play rhythm guitar for the whole tour and get an equal share? Or did he want to come and go? Izzy has only done a handful of shows in the last 20 years so I find it hard to believe he'd be up for a 3-year world tour. Still holding out hope that we get to see a limited "Original 5" tour at some point. But new music most of all. As for negativity, I skimmed through 2/3 of page 1 and wasn't going to bother listening to the interview based on what i read, but decided to click the link and ended up enjoying it a lot. So I feel like the comments did not fairly describe the interview itself.
  4. People are being too negative, this was actually a really good interview. Yeah we all wish the GNR guys would talk more about GNR. But Duff said it twice in this interview, they made a conscious decision not to do any press. It's probably an Axl thing, but they like the mystique. It is what it is. I thought his comment on It's So Easy in a previous interview was pretty silly, but the answer here made sense. Yeah, Duff is more PC now. He's also older and wiser. I do agree that he should just say it was a punk rock song and some of the lyrics were a little coarse, but honestly the best thing to do is probably just to downplay it and move on. It's also quite obvious that they simply do not want to talk in public about what happened with Izzy Stradlin. It totally sucks, I get it, we all love Izzy and we would like to know what went down, but they have all been very cryptic about it (including Izzy) so it's no surprise. If I were to interview Duff I would absolutely ask the question; I just wouldn't expect a detailed response. Overall, it's a good interview, nothing groundbreaking, worth a listen.