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  1. A lot of those shows weren’t marathon shows time wise either. Prob all around 2hrs or a little less. The main focus was on Appetite and Chinese, even to the point of having the new band re-recording Appetite for rehearsal purposes. I remember in one of those 2002 radio interviews he talked about the one album a year, keep touring and adding in new material. Obviously that never happened and instead they just added in more Illusion material like Estranged and Civil War instead of stuff like atlas Shrugged and the General...unfortunately. They were more of a cover band in 2009+ to me than they were in 2001-2006. At that point even half the people that played on chinese were gone.
  2. Omg finally someone agrees with me on that. I’m a huge Cooper fan (seen him over 40 times) and Nita has to be the most overrated guitarist he’s ever had in his solo band in a long time
  3. Rock in Rio 2001 Video good quality?

    I think I just found that one! Split into 2 discs, each one about 4.4 GB - looks good!!
  4. Is there a good quality version of this out there somewhere? All the ones on YouTube were uploaded years ago and are heavily compressed - I've never been able to find a good copy that was a direct rip from DirectTV or wherever else it was broadcast back in the day - would love to find it somewhere. Thanks!
  5. I actually have a copy of it - the UK release has different matrix numbers compared to the US. I know this has nothing to do with the groove distortion on the US release, but I remember the US LP being scuffed up right out of the packaging with blemishes, scratches, etc. The UK copy I have looks like a pristine audiophile LP - not a mark on it
  6. The Euro release sounds so much better than the US LP https://www.discogs.com/Guns-N-Roses-Chinese-Democracy/release/1913716
  7. They’re releasing Chinese Democracy with the red hand cover. Better late than never.
  8. Because he makes his women pay for their own Appetite Locked N’ Loaded box set
  9. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    Wonder how many. I always thought it was weird when someone said years ago about 100 exist...why would they go through all that trouble at a pressing plant for only 100 or so
  10. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    How'd they find a box of them? I know they're promo copies, but wondering how many they pressed Put it on eBay as a Buy it Now for what you paid for it in stores then
  11. Should've released it all when he had the chance - would be a shame
  12. This current fire makes that one from the video look like a backyard campfire - this is bad - I live in Studio City and can't even walk outside, the air is so smoky - was just down in West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area and it's fine, drove back up to the valley and its rough
  13. Yawn. I am excited about the Alice Cooper RSD release. The full performance from their reunion show back in 2015. Wish Guns put out something similar. Like a Live EP from the tour, etc.