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  1. Where did these Bumblefoot guitar overlays originate from? Anyone know? And is it a fact that Atlas was included in that batch?
  2. I vote targeting that lazy ass Move to the City lyric video first
  3. I don't think the audience recording was spliced into the mix - it sounds more like a VHS audio drop out to me since it's very brief moments of audio glitching
  4. These have been removed - for fucks sake...
  5. I know, I’m just trying to have some light hearted humor since this band is so depressing. Maybe I need to take a trip somewhere and relax. I’ll have to check flights on GNAIR
  6. When fans have to recreate fucking songs from cell phone recordings from after parties in Vienna, you know the situation is bad. Axl has released 15 songs since 1993 (25 years) - that's pretty pathetic. Im a huge fan of GnR and the Chinese era (especially with Bucket) but like that scene in Goodfellas, I gotta turn my back Ray Liotta - Axl Paulie - me
  7. I doubt they’ll play it. That requires work. This is just to push more copies of that piece of shit re-release
  8. How bad did the CD tour do?

    Pittsburgh 2002 - about 6-7,000. They didn’t curtain off any sections and move people down, so there were empty seats all over the Mellon Arena. Bad snowstorm that night Cleveland 2006 - id say around 8,000 or so but they did curtain off the upper levels so it looked more packed than Pittsburgh show forum 2011 in LA - mostly full but a lot of people left around midnight palladium in LA 2012 - pretty full but not sold out house of Blues LA 2012 - sold out, CRAZY crowd. Guest appearances by Brain and Robin. They went on a little after midnight and played til almost 4am
  9. Even recording a covers album would require work in a studio. Won’t happen. Not in this lifetime. Safe to assume this “band” will never release a new song ever again. It’s been a decade since the last new song was released by Axl.
  10. So is it safe to say that no one actually has a copy of The General? But we know for sure Atlas exists because of the Bumblefoot guitar on the left channel etc? As in it was with oMg and Silkworms?
  11. Went to Amoeba in LA tonight and ended up grabbing a near mint promo LP of the original Robert Williams cover for $60 instead of the “remaster”. It sounds amazing. Never knew the promo was a QUIEX II Pressing which appears translucent if you hold it up to a light
  12. We will never see new music released officially, that is, as long as management can make money by repackaging a 30 year old album and by propping Axl up infront of a micstand and pushing him out onto the Donnington stage. Chinese was 10 years ago, the last album of original material before that was 1991. They've released 1 album in 27 years. Pathetic. AND, we definitely won't see any of the 30+ other songs recorded during the Chinese era, especially since Slash and Duff are back. If I were Axl, I'd put everything out there for the hardcore fans, and close the door on that chapter of the band. But what's that saying? Not in this lifetime? I've been a hardcore GnR fan for years, but I just don't see much to get excited about anymore.