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  1. Amoeba in Hollywood has # 00000 / 10,000 and no cassette... maybe a promo?
  2. For me, I think the best run of albums is Love it to Death, Killer, School’s Out, Billion Dollar Babies. The band, Alice Cooper, released those 4 insanely good albums in 3 years.
  3. I felt that way for years with Alice Cooper. Always had a talented touring band behind him, but I saw the 4 surviving members of the original AC Group play at Alice’s show in nashville 2 years ago and the feel and vibe when those original guys walked out onstage and played THEIR songs far surpassed any virtuoso musician Alice has ever played with. No one can replicate the feel of the guys that wrote and recorded the music. And I felt the same way when steven came out at the Dodger Stadium shows in 2016
  4. Hollywood Vampires recorded most of their new album in hotel rooms while on tour, and when they aren’t on tour, Alice Cooper is doing his own tour. Guns N’ Roses are just lazy. Or perhaps the creativity just isn’t there anymore. What made Appetite so great was the fire and hunger in them. Chinese was basically all about some Victoria’s Secret model and self referential in recording the album almost. I wanted, and still do, want to hear the stuff Axl had worked on while doing Chinese. I liked oh My God, Silk Worms etc. but enough is enough. If that stuff was going to come out it would’ve 10 years ago.
  5. I doubt GnR will put anything about this on social media. BUT...if we are REALLY LUCKY...Maybe GnR will put another video of the studio version of the 32 year old song My Michelle along with live clips from professionally recorded gigs that only Team Brazil can watch while eating buttered popcorn and drinking Crystal Pepsi
  6. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I’m done with this “band”
  7. Is there a good quality version of this out there somewhere? All the ones on YouTube were uploaded years ago and are heavily compressed - I've never been able to find a good copy that was a direct rip from DirectTV or wherever else it was broadcast back in the day - would love to find it somewhere. Thanks!