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  1. Cool song, nice lyrics, might be about Pat Garret and Billy the Kid, not sure.
  2. State of Grace and Atlas are the two best songs to come out of these leaks, don't know why people seem to be down on them compared to some of the other shit.
  3. I like it, like many CD songs it never takes you where you think it would. I think people looking for a song with catchy poppy hook from the CD recording sessions need to move on, “Better” was the closest and best thing Axl probably captured in that regard.
  4. I really question the advice Axl was given that these songs weren't ready for release back in the early 00's after hearing more of Hard School.
  5. Okay, NEVER MIND....... Lend you my haaaand, had to be a fool throw it all away
  6. Fuck clips, lets have the whole damn thing. Those of you that have heard this, what are the lyrics? Length of the new clip?
  7. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Wow, hot take.