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  1. GnR wins this round 10-8 on the score cards. I just find Scott so cringe with VR live. This Axl (and most Axl's) stomps a mud hole in that ass and walks it dry. 2006 GnR is some prime real estate, if Slash and Duff would have snuck in during this period of time, who knows what would have happened.
  2. Contraband was decent IMO...Slither, FTP(Though, pathetically derivative of SCOM), Loving the Alien... That second album was just terrible. I find myself going back to Chinese Democracy far more than I ever do anything VR related(I don't at all.) I saw them once live and couldn't help but compare Scott to Axl in stage presence, he fell flat for me, prancing around, dressed like Axl in 1988. In the end it put money in the pockets of Slash, Duff, and Scott, who independent of each other are/were great artists.
  3. Voted Axl, Scott is/was a joke.
  4. Just finished it! Damn, great, great show!
  5. DJ Ashba era? Don't care, but for those that enjoy that kind of thing, I hope its cool!
  6. Am I wrong or did we not always have a TWAT demo sans Buckethead solo? Sounds familiar.
  7. Well he was jacked at the Vegas show the next year.
  8. Half way through the show, AMAZING PERFORMANCE. I know most people here hated Robin, but I love the guy.
  9. F-YOU to all the hoarding MF's out there! Whom ever is doing this, please blow up the rest of the dam!
  10. Slither... The verse after the SOLO...This is how Axl needs to do the entire damn song!
  11. I haven't heard them , but I've enjoyed reading the opinions of those that have.
  12. The fans celebrating this song are the reason Axl is ashamed of it, he grew up and some of the fans still haven't. Like he said, it's a dangerous song.