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  1. Awesome, great job. Really liked the guitars. I just posted a Better cover on YouTube, but I'm kinda afraid to share it here because you know... but I didnt see anyone even attempting to play the Buckethead parts in this song, so I tried it.
  2. Copyright Strikes....

    I just found out that I have one Copyright Strike in my channel over a reworked/remixed version of The Blues I posted several years ago. I had to pass through a fucking piracy/copyright test with an annoying Happy Tree friends video just to be able to upload another video. I hate this drama so much.
  3. Hahaha, saw some of this too back when CD came out. But with the Buckethead fans, I guess there's some bad blood about his work on GNR.
  4. Thanks man! I saw a lot of cool people playing Buckethead solos on YouTube, I bet those people can pull it off way better than I did. I just don't know why they never bothered to try the Chinese Democracy stuff besides There Was a Time. Seems like a bit of prejudice with the band IMO. It was really hard for me to get to this level, but I don't think I can do better than that now. Keep in mind that I was always the Slash/Robin kind of guitar player, this is my first time ever trying to play sweep picking arpeggios.
  5. Thanks! I tried to upload it on Sound Cloud, but that didnt work because of the copyright stuff. So I hope you can grab it before it expires or some idiot take it down, but in any case, I can send it again: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/1c7c86e1bcc3cb065db5f3121727f84a20191113122531/838186032611fd10b06761393a09940f20191113122531/f57227
  6. I think I came close enough. I already recorded an audio only version if anyone is interested, but I'll put a youtube video later this week.
  7. I think you shouldnt take the rumor so literally. And I def think you shouldnt punish the society with such a sight
  8. IMO, this obviously came from the promoter who booked the gigs. He may have asked to TB what the band would bring, and they said the plan is to play more UYI (they did with Locomotive, Dead Horse and they rehearsed So Fine), and to have some new songs (it seems like there's at least something in the air with Hard School being rehearsed). The original band members story, I dont know. Maybe another Adler guest appearance? It seems like it was the stuff that was being tossed around back then.
  9. Yes, but it actually came from the same journalist that had the scoop on GNR playing the Lollapalooza in Brazil.
  10. Fiona IS one my teenage crush haha. And she likes to release album almost as much as Axl. That says a lot about me lol Someone mentioned Sorry, I guess that would fit Lana's style? Maybe This I Love or Don't Cry? I'll try Lana's new album, but I must say I didnt mind her previous stuff.
  11. NITL is over, finito?

    I hope they release an album and still call it NITL, including with the same setlist.
  12. Hahaha those are the worst crushes. I would love to see her singing something totally unexpected but I guess it would be cool if they could've perform a cover of Fiona Apple's Limp. The passive-agressive chorus would fit well with Axl, and Lana could sing the verses.
  13. You're probably right. I just wish Lana and Axl shared the stage for something. Hopefully she already moved on about her crush haha
  14. Lana Del Rey opening for Guns N' Roses?
  15. TWAT sounds really really cool. His idea for Robin's solo was cool, I just wish he had a more epic drum fill in there. It's interesting how the main beat sounds a lot like the original sometimes. Guess the other instruments make the lead for him to get the idea. Prostitute was very strange with the slower drum and the soft snare attack threw me off hahaha. It's cool to hear though.