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  1. And it's also a different sound. Slash and Izzy were more akin to the 70s classic rock bands not only in tone, but playing style. Even Duff's punk-rock influences in his bass are way different than what other bands were doing at that time.
  2. Catcher, yes. I don't think it's him on Perhaps, though.
  3. To be fair, we don't even know how Axl is dealing with all this. I mean, I know I'm getting pretty bad anxiety problems - that's why I've been posting a lot more these days, lol. Sorry about that haha Not trying to find excuses, but as we don't know anything, it's really not fair to judge by the worst case scenario. As a band: sure, they really should release something. Even if it's a 2016 proshot, but SOMETHING would be a good way to give people something to hang on in all this. Yeah, the Hammer to Fall challenge was pretty good. He's awesome. I wonder if Slash would do the same if he would get a copyright strike lol This is very accurate. It all seems very odd, but this paradoxal nature of the band got old a long time ago. And yes, I'm talking about the band, not only Axl or Team Brazil. They all have responsibility.
  4. Corporate America in a nutshell: “Universal claimed 17,000 artists were affected by the fire when they were suing for damages. Now that they face a lawsuit by their artists, they claim a mere 19 artists were affected. This discrepancy is inexplicable.”
  5. Hard rock fits well IMO. I just hate when people call it "hair metal".
  6. Yeah, "some slash stuff" to me sounds like the 90s sessions indeed. Doesn't mean there's Axl on it.
  7. It's just speculation from my part, but at this point, I think he probably already made several deals with it. And now we're talking about real hoarders, who most likely are trying to get something else. Or maybe people are afraid after what happened with Rick. Who knows. I don't.
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    I don't know. That's what I think too, but then again, maybe those tracks were leaked because they were the ones that Axl wanted to focus on for the eventual release. The Village sessions, on the other hand, are from an older source.
  9. I don't get the thing about the guy (Bird, Robert, whatever his name is). If he has no interest in GNR, it's all good. But why would he sit on those hundreds of tracks for no reason then? He doesn't have to deal with all the GNR hardcore fanbase drama. It's just a matter of how much he wants and who wants to buy it. Also, we're talking about digital files. He can sell it to more than one person with ease. I'm not saying I'm pro-leaking, I honestly think we had more than enough demos last year. Of course I'm curious and would listen, the New GNR era is my favorite. But the rehearsals video would really be interesting for me. I don't believe there's Axl singing on those, but at least seeing that band's creative process would really be fun. As an amateur musician myself, that would be really exciting to watch.
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    This is exactly my feelings. I don't think for a sec that Axl wanted to use Hardschool from all the tracks of the vault by coincidence.
  11. It's not the 1st time you try to talk like you know things. But yeah, seems kinda logical that "a lot of stuff with Slash" "has been recorded already" with Slash.
  12. The "New Album" Thread

    I think Slash may was always uneasy to play CD songs. It makes sense to me that he felt those are not GNR songs, and he don't want to "fix" it by really making them justice (save for CD and Better, I guess). If he just rework CD-era demos with his and Duff's input, it should be a different thing IMO.
  13. Yeah, that doesnt make sense. Unless it's something weird like Axl's work on what would become Fall to Pieces or something like that.
  14. Well, so you'll have to make a whole point about Europe and it's history of spreading disease around the world. BTW, the covid-19 arrived here in Brazil after rich people's vacation in Italy.