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  1. The Gear Thread

    Fortus took over the Gretsch Instagram page and will be talking about his new Falcon:
  2. What I can tell from my personal experience is that investors and share holders don't have such a heavy influence on the hard news. They do have on the media editorial position. It's not the same thing, though. IMO, the best scenario (like tech sites owned by mobile operators such as Verizon) is when the news not only tell the story, but they make it clear if any affiliation should be disclaimed.
  3. He was also the inspiration to Riad N' The Bedouins. IMO, both are pretty good metaphors about people and/or countries selling war and profiting from both sides. And with absolutely no regrets about it. It's not that hard to figure out that the thing is the disregard about people's lives. I don't think the Confederate jacket got used because it was just a war symbol. I agree with most of what you said, besides the "unbiased sources". There's no such a thing. Who they chose to talk to, the order, the questions and even the choice of quotes are all biased. We're not robots, that should be expected. There is, however, credible and fact-checked/sourced journalism. The best way is to keep that in mind, read/watch content from those media sources, and try to make it up on your own. So yeah, news TV are not the best, but there's a huge difference between Fox News (pretty much just PR) and the others.
  4. The Gear Thread

    What amazed me is that I didn't mess with the goat's pitch at all hahaha.
  5. The Gear Thread

    I found out how to achieve Robin Finck's exact guitar tone:
  6. For some reason, the Brazilian trending topics on Twitter right now is a hashtag #AxlRosePorFavorMeComa - Axl Rose Please Fuck Me. Is this real life?
  7. The Gear Thread

    That sounded really cool. It could actually be a new song altogether IMO.
  8. I don't, sorry. But I guess you can try to search for it on YouTube.
  9. I'm pretty sure there was a Robin Catcher solo, as Brian May joined because Axl was too attached to Robin's works. About SOD: I believe the snippet we hear in the Boston 2002 promo (not the TV version, but the radio spot) has Richard's version of the outro solo. You're right about Robin - it's the lead following Axl's vocals. But it also complements Bumblefoot solo - Robin enters at 2:47 in the album version. You can hear it too in the Brian May demo.
  10. Yeah, that's what makes the most sense to me. Another theory: not sure if their (Slash, Duff) scheduled time for the GNR tour that would be happen now had to migrate to studio work. They planned to spend the year with GNR, so all the other plans were arranged around that. And now they all have this "free time" related to GNR that couldn't be fulfilled with other side projects.
  11. From what he heard in the leaks, it seems to me that there were a lot more stuff going on, but not everybody was working with everything they had. If what this guys says is true, he was just working on the CD version that had no Bumble and/or Frank, which was their plan at least in early 2006. This is exactly the Andy Wallace mixes leaked on Antiquet were from that batch and didn't include Shacklers, Scraped and This I Love, nor any overdubs by Frank or Bumble. Also, for some reason I think Axl didn't really considered Catcher until Bumble came in and reworked it in late 2006 or early 2007. The other songs seems like a mix of some of the demos from the Village and one or two newer stuff, like The General. Still, it all dates from 2000 to 2003 at best. I believe Bucket's departure was a huge deal in the creativity process for the band, but there's no way the other guys would just sit on their previous ideas and rework them without bringing absolutely not a single new track post-Bucket era.
  12. I think people are too skeptical because of the band's history, but IMO this is the most obvious answer: he's just recording guitars - as overdubs, or even stuff from the scratch - for GNR. But also recording demos for GNR, because there's absolutely no reason why he can't do both. Because the band has much more time now - that wasn't expected -, nothing stops them to actually write and add more stuff. Maybe changing plans and including a new song or two that were not previously planned.
  13. Hope you get a reply. But I think he would be more careful to comment on an unreleased song after what happened with Catcher.
  14. Bucket. I just like his tone and style better. BBF is more diverse, though.
  15. The Gear Thread

    Do you plan to gig once this whole mess is over? I'm not sure what I would do if I still had a band. Probably would pick something like the Helix and would save the trouble of getting heavy equipment on the road.