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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    Are these in ear mixes? Like Axl's when he's singing, and Slash's during solos. Because it's like two different mixes spliced together....
  2. Rick Beato

    Rick has some serious chops and knowledge and a great musical taste, amazing when some obscure-ish songs I like gets a video (Vancouver by Jeff Buckley for example). I'm sure he'd love to do some stuff on GNR. Ken Tamplin is a shill and shouts everything. Not a great singer.
  3. Hey, Great cover, really nice! I was wondering if you would release a version without Lead Guitar for a backing track for practicing to?
  4. Ive a Frank Zappa "I'm anti drugs" avatar... come on! I've posted enough of my covers, 15 years ago! Slash adds the notes he wants, because the feeling he got when he wrote the solo, is the feeling he has now, no usurper cover band can say the same,
  5. Jesus christ, you have no idea about tone, these are like ducks quacking. It's fine, you like vanilla, and if anyone dared put anything else on your ice-cream, you;d be upset. Don't tell everyone you like ice-cream though...
  6. I think the band messed up the solo, the key change didn't happen properly, but Slash changed key, and Slash had to vamp over it, and they never recovered from it.
  7. This is dogshit. This could be any number of songs, his voice sounds the same, very IRS like, and the progression is really simple, like IRS. I think Axl wrote the chord progression parts here.