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  1. Strange, but what's not strange in Axl's world?
  2. I'm with the cellphone, and I can't hear very well...but the more I listen the more I think it could be Axl, but not alone. I don't recognize clearly his voice like other times
  3. Still not sure...the vocals are good, no doubt, but I think it's not him. If this is the new material we're waiting for years I'm a little bit disappointed...we're no more in the 80s or 90s, I'd like to hear something better...from axldc or whatever this could be
  4. Doesn't sound like Axl to me...not on the lower parts, a little bit more on higher parts...hope I'm wrong. The guitars doesn't sound like Angus to me too...axldc wanna be? Xmas present or fake?
  5. REQUEST - Metal Petals.

    Hi, I've noticed that in your file from Metal Petals "Nice Boys" is missing (together with other demos I'm not interested about)! Coul you please upload that song? Thanx again!
  6. Hi, I'm looking for this... According to Zombux list (and with the help of a little search on youtube) now I know that it exists. It's a bonus track from "The Kid Stays In The Picture OST" I don't find it ... Could somebody PM me with a FLAC version of this song? Thank You !!!
  7. REQUEST - Metal Petals.

    Due to your list...completism!
  8. REQUEST - Metal Petals.

    Me too, please!
  9. Cornshuker CD Lossless source (FLAC LVL 6)

    I've just seen this...it's exactly what I'm looking for! Can someone please PM me? Thanx!
  10. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    Hi Guys! Can someone pls send me a PM with a link for this? Thank You in advance!!!
  11. Hi Guys! Is there any chance to get a PM with "The Story Vol.1" in FLAC??? I see only mp3 outside... Thank you very much !!