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  1. Just search at google the general evader and you will find it at a reddit post
  2. Atlas shurgged for sure, the time i heard the intro of the song it immediately blew my mind and got obsessed with it.
  3. So soulmonster is jackie chan aka checkmate? I always thought soulmonster was a different song. about the atlas clip what a shame at the least it sounded similar to the intro i have heard some years ago which was epic.
  4. Yes yes yes finally this matches perfectly with the intro of atlas i Heard past 2006 since then im so obsessed with thhis song hope leaks complete soon.
  5. Someday atlas shrugged was uploaded to YouTube a 30 seconds snippet and immediately removed it started with an acoustic guitar and a background stormy sound like in November rain, it immediately blew my Mind, was around 2006-2007 , since then im so obsessed with this song, it has an epic intro o at least the 30 seconds sounded like the start of a epic song. i hope one day i Can hear the full song, sorry for my bad english.